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(Hive Bee)
10-30-04 19:44
No 538767
      Piracetam + Amphetamines...     

...I was wondering if anyone else had any experiences with piracetam + amphetamines (most likely), or any detailed documentation of the interaction (not likely, I've looked)?

I've noticed that while piracetam makes amphetamines 2-3x stronger, and makes them last longer, it also changes the ratio of the 'cardiovascular/peripheral effects':'mental effects/euphoria', if you will. It seems that to get to the same euphoria level, you need less, but the peripheral stimulation is far more, and the effects aren't the same. More overheating, strung out/tired while still wired, etc.

SWIM is on Adderall XR for ADD, and uses them for lectures/study, but also occasionally for recreation (not very often at all). He also was taking 2-4g of piracetam per day. However, even when using the Adderall at therapeutic doses, he had to crush the XR beads so they wouldn't last so long they'd keep him up/reduce his sleep quality.

Since then, he's decided to cut out the piracetam, and simply use piracetam after neurotoxic drug binges to 'repair' the brain, or with PEAs, since they compliment nicely. Dunno if that'd work since it takes time to build up pirac. in the brain though.



Any comments, experiences, thoughts, suggestions?

So differently divine...

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