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(Hive Addict)
10-30-04 23:14
No 538819
      Police brutality/ crowd control     

I'm sure everyone has heard of the innocent bystander college girl who was killed by a pepper spray bullet during the red sox game.  The police have admitted fault there. 

Yesterday, I was at a city and college sponsored "tailgating" party at a downtown location.  Of course, after a few hours of drinking, frat boys from both sides can get a little rowdy.  About 50 ft. away from me, I guess a fight broke out and the po-po decided to mace and tazer people in the fight.  However, they were very heavy handed in their use of crowd control.  I, not even realizing there was a fight because it was so far away, didn't even see the huge stream of mace coming down from the sky at me right into my eyes and all over my face.

Is this type of soviet cold war era crowd control legal?  It was quite painful and I was blinded for 2 hours.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?
(Hive Bee)
10-31-04 02:58
No 538852

in the rowdy little redneck town i live in, cops are big on tasers and peppermace. i good friend of mine was killed after being tasered because he wouldnt spit the coke out of his mouth. they maced and tasered him multiple times. he suffered a heart attack and died- im not saying the coke had nothing to do with the heart-attack, but the LE behavior was a little extreem.
the police also seem to favor emptying out the bar by short blasts of pepper spray in the back door at last call. its fucked up, but im not one to take on the po-po.

(Hive Addict)
10-31-04 03:25
No 538855
      Whats a pepper spray bullet?     

Whats a pepper spray bullet? and a huge stream of mace coming down from the sky? helicopter dropped mace?!?!

In australia the cops have little spray bottle things of pepper spray but we dont have tasers....
Sounds extreem yeah, if my vision is correct of them mass dropping mace on entire crowds that is a bit much....

Bloody hell...

Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...
(Hive Bee)
10-31-04 03:46
No 538859
      This is the the launcher used in boston: ...     

This is the the launcher used in boston:

The primary effect of the FN 303 is trauma. The shock delivered is 24.5 Foot Pounds (15J/cm sq) which directly neutralizes the aggressor. Secondary effects can be delivered via chemical payload chosen according to mission requirements.

This is what the projectiles look like:

Rear payload: Orange dyed non-toxic glycol base +10% OC (pepper) concentrate at 2 million S.H.U.

And to keep this on topic - there's been a hubub about missuse of tasers around where swim is lately.

..we've got to help each other out Cause this is how we all survive..
(Hive Bee)
10-31-04 03:49
No 538860
      they are nasty!     

its a 38mm shell that burns like a smoke bomb.The most common compounds are known as chloroacetophenone (CN) and chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile (CS). they have a special gun for lobbing the casings, they can bee launched just like a morter or from an over/under on a M16, also. they weigh almost a pound and can fog out a full city block.
the police also use large canisters of pepper spray that blast streams of liquid death. they also have a device that looks somewhat like a weed blower that blows a smoke stream of maceout the front like the mesquito?(gnat) control truck.

(Hive Bee)
10-31-04 03:57
No 538863
      speaking of riot control...     

speaking of riot control...

(Minister of Propaganda)
10-31-04 04:41
No 538865
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      Where can I get one of those     

It looks like it has a high center of gravity and would be easy to tip over if it took a fast turn.

Here are some more riot control toys

Milk rots your brain.
(Hive Addict)
10-31-04 11:36
No 538904
      holy shit.... thats all i have to say about...     

holy shit....
thats all i have to say about that....
One of the few times i have thanked for living in aus and not usa....

But i do like the idea of the 'offensive features' of the car/tank/truck (?) in the video...


Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...
(Hive Bee)
11-03-04 02:13
No 539313
      US authorities and "Crowd Control"     

Some choice examples of how US authorities have implemented "Crowd Control" in recent history:

Miami: the Florida State Highway patrol were trained on "Riot Control" in advance

Illegal strip searches of Activists in California:

For some background:

Medical effects of Riot Control agents:

Take a look at the FUTURE of "Crowd Control":

Of course just like the Drug War, the US likes to influence foreign lands:

Further interesting reading:

Here's another site with "interesting" riot-control equipment:

What does this all mean?
In my own opinion it means that thanks to corporate interests, GREED and CORRUPTION, the right to assemble peaceably in political demonstration is as extinct in America as the right to a reasonable expectation of privacy, or the protection against warrantless search and seizure of property (
(Hive Bee)
11-06-04 07:31
No 539996
      Tasers in Australia     

ApprenticeCook - "In australia the cops have little spray bottle things of pepper spray but we dont have tasers...."

Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, some police here DO have tasers now. They are not standard issue, yet, but they are certainly being trialled, and will be implemented more broadly if the trial goes 'well'.

Given the Victoria Police's trigger-happy attitude, using such non-lethal means as a taser will reduce casualties from use of their firearms crazy

Trial of Stun-Guns (tasers) in Victoria :

(Hive Addict)
11-06-04 13:13
No 540025
      oh man now thats just going to be a pile of...     

oh man now thats just going to be a pile of fun, of all people, the trigger happy vic police with non-lethal (most of the time!) weapons.

Now they wont even have to think before they shoot, oh wait, they already dont... shocked haha


Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...
(Comandante A)
11-07-04 01:59
No 540099
User Picture 
      Such is Life     

I have been wronged and my mother and four or five men lagged innocent and is my brothers and sisters and my mother not to be pitied also who has no alternative only to put up with the brutal and cowardly conduct of a parcel of big ugly fat-necked wombat headed big bellied magpie legged narrow hipped splaw-footed sons of Irish Bailiffs or english landlords which is better known as Officers of Justice or Victorian Police who some calls honest gentlemen but I would like to know what business an honest man would have in the Police as it is an old saying It takes a rogue to catch a rogue and a man that knows nothing about roguery would never enter the force an take an oath to arrest brother sister father or mother if required and to have a case and conviction if possible.....

Ned Kelly, The Jerilderie Letter, 1879


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