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10-31-04 07:43
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      Bitrex in Acetone     

Swim recently bought a number of large bottles of Acetone Nail Polish Remover labeled "100% Pure Acetone" in big red letters.  Foolishly he did not inspect them closely as when he got home he noticed that they contain Bitrex (Denatonium Benzoate).  My question is: can this be used as is (after drying) to recrystalize things like P-fed and Meth?  Can Swim wash his lab ware with it, or will the Bitrex contaminate product and equipment.  I've used the search engine but this does not seem to have been addressed (possibly it is a stupid question).
(Hive Bee)
10-31-04 09:54
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      Distill the acetone.     

Usually the Bitrex sticks to the glassware upon evaporation of the solvent in question.

Why don't you distil the acetone? Bitrex will stay in the distilling flask.
10-31-04 14:15
No 538911
      Well, Swim doesn't currently have a ...     

Well, Swim doesn't currently have a distillation kit, so that, for the moment at least, is not an option.  I guess if it will stick to the glassware, using it to wash or recrystalize product is not a good idea either.  It did not occur to Swim to check the contents of "100% Pure Acetone".  Swim will have to find some other use for it or wait until he can distill it for use.  Possibly he could start a nail cleaning business.laugh
Any other advice on what to do with it or use it for would be apreciated (Swim's thinking of using it to clean MBRP and is wondering if the Bitrex would carry over to the reaction and mess things up)

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(Hive Bee)
11-01-04 00:55
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      bitrex = not consumeable     

Bitrex is very bitter! Your acetone isn't useful unless your product is distilled somewhere between start and finish. But if one of your reactions contains a distillation step, you can be relatively sure that all bitrex will stay behind (and this also holds true for distillation of product or intermediates, which is strongly recommended anyway!).

11-01-04 14:08
No 539075
      Well, Swim is hoping Satan...I mean Santa will     

Well, Swim is hoping Satan...I mean Santa will bring him a new sparkling 24/40 distillation kit for X-mas, so I guess distilling the acetone off the bitrex would be a good introductory project for him to practice his fledgling chem skills.
Thank-you for the info.  Swim, I am sure, will be glad I asked the question before he infected something important.  He was on the verge of assuming that the bitrex would dissapear when the acetone dried; obviously not the case.

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