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(Hive Bee)
11-02-04 16:09
No 539221

Does anybody heard about fenbutrazate ?
i utfse n found nothing but i think it can be a very good stimulant, and it's seems weird to me that a such compound that's as good as speed is so unknown.
Any informations on phenbutrazate pharmaco or synthesis is welcomed.

An other thing : captagon (fenetyline) is a stimulant that has a structure close to ephedrine and it looks easy to be synthetised by ephedrine hydrogenation, just an idea.
Any comments, info on captagon synthesis will bee greatly appreciated.


(Hive Bee)
11-03-04 02:07
No 539309
      in regards to fenbutrazate: its a ...     

in regards to fenbutrazate: its a "sympathomimetic amine" meaning, well fuck idunno what that means. i know that you can find some info on rhod's site under propylhexedrine and with that you can google the shit outta it. from what im readin it comes outta nasal inhalers.

Don't you think if I had something intelligent to say, it would bee in my post?
(Hive Bee)
11-04-04 02:00
No 539551
      some more...     

Synonym. Phenbutrazate
б-Ethylbenzeneacetic acid 2-(3–methyl–2–phenyl-4-morpholinyl)ethyl ester
A viscous oil.
Soluble in methanol.
Fenbutrazate Hydrochloride
Synonym. Phenbutrazate Hydrochloride
A fine white crystalline powder. M.p. 154°.
Slightly soluble in water; soluble in ethanol and acetone; practically insoluble in ether and benzene.
Partition Coefficient.Log P(octanol/water), 4.4.
Colour Tests.Liebermann's Test—red–orange; Marquis Test—yellow (slow).
Thin–layer Chromatography.System TA—Rf 72; system TB—Rf 47; system TC—Rf 78; system TE—Rf 86; system TL—Rf 67; system TAE—Rf 88. (Acidified iodoplatinate solution, positive.)
Gas Chromatography.System GA—RI 2670.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography.System HA—k 0.3.
Ultraviolet Spectrum.Aqueous acid—252, 257 nm (A11=10b), 261, 267 nm.
Infra–red Spectrum.Principal peaks at wavenumbers 1715, 1100, 1200, 690, 760, 1020 cm−1 (KBr disk).
Mass Spectrum.Principal ions at m/z 69, 56, 71, 91, 261, 84, 119, 70.

Don't you think if I had something intelligent to say, it would bee in my post?
(Hive Bee)
11-05-04 09:22
No 539827
      thank you, jboogie, but i had already found it     

thank you, jboogie,
but i had already found fenbutrazate on the merck;
what i'd like to know is its :
1)dosage 2)effects 3)synthesis ?

about captagon :
From Shulgin : "fenethylline [Captagon, 16], which was first prepared some 10 years ago, and is now easily available in Europe as a nonprescription analeptic agent. It is apparently cleaved metabolically in humans into theophylline (a weak stimulant closely related to caffeine) and amphetamine, and it has been shown that the action of the parent drug may be correlated to the production of amphetamine in vivo..."
(Hive Bee)
11-05-04 12:31
No 539847
User Picture 
      fenethylline from ephedrine!?     

fenethylline looks good and i'm sure it's not hard to synthesise from ephedrine...

So basicly what you are saying is, that you would synthesise methamphetamine from ephedrine, somehow demethylate it to amphetamine and then somehow atach the ethyltheophyline on it?
And all this only to synthesise fenethylline in order to it being metabolised in amphetamine in vivo? While amphetamine itself would be a required precursor.
Well, whatever reason you have to do something like this is way beyond my wildest imagination.
It is even far beyond my imagination the synthetic path you envision that makes you say: "it's not hard".

“The real drug-problem is that we need more and better drugs.” – J. Ott
(Hive Bee)
11-05-04 14:57
No 539860
      OH F*** !!! Excuse me i was stoned and i did a     

OH F*** !!! Excuse me i was stoned and i did a "simple picture google search" and found an amphet pic but i did not realised that it was not fenetyline!!!
i have now corrected my post

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