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(Hive Addict)
11-02-04 18:12
No 539234
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      can anyone give a pdf / djvu conversion tutorial ?     

Hey bees, can any bee give a quick method of how to scan and save images/documents to pdf or djvu files(whichever is best) .........what resolution should i scan in? my options are,( on a hp scanjet 5470c):
                    true colour (16.7 million colours)
                    256-colour(optimized palette)
                    256-colour (web palette)
                    spot colour (16 colour)
                    Black and White (bitmap)
                    Black and White (scalable)
                    Editable text (ocr)
                    Text and Image

How does one go from the scanned image to a useable pdf/djvu file? Disk space is not too much of an issue.

editThanks anyway bees but i think I got it.......maybe the tutorial would help another bee.

chemically enhanced.
(Chief Bee)
11-03-04 00:24
No 539285
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      Read this thread: Post 494604     

Read this thread: Post 494604 (Lilienthal: "DjVu Files (better than PDF)", General Discourse)

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