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11-03-04 22:36
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      Shelf Life Formic / H202     

Swim is a benzo bee, but due to the musings of ocoteacymbarum and Chromic's HCL take on the pinacol he wants to play with the performic again.
He has some formic in the Amber glass bottles that is nearly 3 years old and some h202 in the black plastic hdpe container that is the same age, will these still be effective?
11-04-04 04:10
No 539584
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      at the very least titrate the H2O2     

Perform an iodometric titration on the H2O2, UTFSE for the procedure regarding that, I think I might have even been the one to post it, if not I am sure Rhodi has it on his site, or it can be found somehere on the hive if not pm me. 

Formic Acid 80%+ in my experience has always been supplied in HDPE with vented caps, and not glass. Again UTFSE for Formic Acid, Glass, and it burning someones house/barn down. 

I with out a doubt would not perform the reaction without at least calculating how much H2O2 by titration.  I once had a failure due to very old H2O2.  Even though it may proclaim that it is a stabilized solution, the stability of the solution is not expected to be stable over the course of three years.  Especially if it has not been stored at 2-8C



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