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(Hive Bee)
11-05-04 10:57
No 539835
      Does cause loss of potence in the long term?     

I wonder: Does amphetamine use cause loss of potence (sexual ability in men) to some extent? I mean not during the rush, but in the permanent long term.
(Hive Bee)
11-05-04 11:37
No 539842
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      not for swis     

swis is a 25yr meth user.  has he at times had a problem with potency during use?  yes!mad  was this permenant?  hell no!cool  swis has realize that first off the erection begins in the mind, and then travels south.  this is also what swis has found:  if he lets the amount of meth in his body drop below a certain level, and goes to sleep before refueling, after his first ingestion of meth upon awakening, his erection is a little hard (no pun intended!) to come by.shocked  after getting his level back to what he calls normal,  erections are there even while reading the obituariestongue!  swis must say though, that he allways has a constant amount of meth in his body, and strives to keep it at his "normal level". for some odd reason, swis is able to do this, and still eat/sleep on a regular basis, however, doesnt recommend this for everyone.tongue  he will, on occasion, completly detoxify himself for 2wks, and then immedietly "get normal again"cool  speaking of erections, swis gotta go wake the ol'lady!wink

may the meth godz smile upon me or i shall sleep long time

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