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11-05-04 23:39
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      p2p in the past     

swiws has only been into amph's for a few years but has a few much older friends who will sometimes mention how great p2p was back when it was much more available in the area. He is wondering if his compadres are talking about something else or what because the info he has read so far about p2p seems to show that it is just an active precursor used in various synth methods and isn't safely consumable in its purest form.shocked Please forgive swim's blatant lack of knowledge on this subject but he is still a newbee and is basically wanting to learn more about certain things that may change the aim of future dreams. Also, before he gets totally slammed here, swim has yet to share any of his product with said friends as he feels that the standards are terribly high and he wouldn't think of sharing anything that wasn't the absolute best he knew he could come up with. wink

oh boy, dumya's at it again!
(Hive Bee)
11-06-04 00:59
No 539938
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      Its a precursor     

1-phenyl 2-propanone (hence p-2-p)

Not active by itself and probably toxic, I don't know. But its a precursor to amphetamine or meth. Extasy counterpart is MD-P2P.

Reason your friends liked it so much was because its very easy to turn to meth/amph. Once upon a time you could purchase p-2-p from chem supplier, but its long since been jumped on by authorities. Then making it from phenylacetic acid was required, still very easy to do much to delight of speed chemists/cooks. Now phenylacetic acid (PAA) is schedule 1 so not so easy to get.

These days little more work required.

(Wonderful Personality)
11-07-04 15:56
No 540209
      Not to forget that racemic methamphetamine as...     

Not to forget that racemic methamphetamine as made from P2P is a much nicer drug, more activating and not so terrible mindspoiling than d-meth made from (pseudo)ephedrine.

so near, so far......

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