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11-06-04 01:41
No 539944
      Salt Weights     

Hi all,

I am still experimenting with DXM because I like it, and I'm new to chemistry and the extraction from syrup is easy and a good first experiment.

My question though revolves around salt weights and dosage.

I extract the DXM by basifying, extracting with naptha, then gassing the naptha with HCL to precipitate the DXM. Works good. What I am wondering though is the amount of DXM (by weight) in the final product.

For example, lets say a 'dose' of DXM is 300mg. Given the following weights (thanks indole_amine):

dextromethorphan hydrochloride 307.86 g/mol
dextromethorphan hydrobromide 352.31 g/mol

Does that mean that to get the same amount of DXM in a 300mg dose of DXM HBR would take 262.15mg of DXM HCL?

Probably a dumb question I know, just want to make sure. (also that would explain last weekend crazy ............. )

11-06-04 02:13
No 539949
      Yup, with your example dextromethorphan ...     

Yup, with your example

dextromethorphan hydrochloride 307.86 g/mol
dextromethorphan hydrobromide 352.31 g/mol

Taking 352.31 grams of the hydrobromide salt is the same dose of taking 307.86 grams of the hcl salt.

But i think different salts get absorbed into the body at different rates and some not so good as others (i think, another bee can help on this)
11-06-04 02:41
No 539956
      get more for less     

by spaceing out the dosage (oral... in caps) you can take less and get a better high (one of the metabolites of DXM (not DXO) will inhibit DXM form metabolizing into DXO, thus the second dose will stay dxm and be more halucinagenic) SWIM likes 200 followed by 200-300 45 min later (sigma plateu laugh) or just do like 150 followed by 150 45 min later for a less intence experiance

plz dont waste drugs
11-06-04 03:52
No 539970
      more for less     

Well, SWIM usually likes a dose of about 540mg, done as 270, then another 270 a bit later.

This other guy I know (a real idiot tongue ) managed to do a succesfull extraction and get himself a few grams of DXM HCL and thought he should try it out. He started out with a single dose of 500mg and a few hours later 'topped it off' with a single dose of 650mg. He realized several hours later that this was much too big a dose shocked Especially since that is equivalent to more than 1.3 grams of DXM HBR.

This guy spent 12 hours fried with the last 6 trying to piss. He told me that it was not very fun at all. He is going to back to his regular dose (after a little break).

I think I am going to split up my powder into lots of 218.5mg (250mg HBR equiv) and 87.4mg (100mg HBR equiv).

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