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11-06-04 02:30
No 539953
      acetic anhydride synth ( acetone&co2)     

I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this ever, but after a lil' searching, couple'a key words changed, the patent Patent GB237302 popped up,.

I believe this will have a wide impact on otc chemistry as we know it,.

I couldn't believe it myself, but when the vapour of acetone and co2 are heated, Acetic anhydride is elegantly formed,.
Plus, it's isolation and purification coudn't be easier,.

I am proud to bring this news, and reallize all the goodies that can be made with AA,.

The AA war is over, - 06/11/04

(Chief Bee)
11-06-04 02:42
No 539957
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      Acetone + Acetic Acid -> Acetic Anhydride     

It's not especially new - UTFSE for "ketene lamp"

The Hive - Clandestine Chemists Without Borders
11-06-04 03:19
No 539963
      not the same (acetone + Co2=AA)     

The patent, describes heating the vapours of acetone & Co2,
the ketene involves a lamp, and no co2,.

Have you read the patent?

Running a tube of co2 through boiling acetone, is a hell of a lot different than the ketene method, maybe the chemistry is vaguely similar, but this is simple, and rquires no electricity,.
11-06-04 04:24
No 539978
      Industrial Processes
(Rated as: good read)

It's clear that you haven't read the patent thoroughly, pressure catalyzed processes aren't practical for the average bee, but some do have the capability wink The keten lamp is far more practical for the average bee, it also utilizes acetone, and doesn't require pressure laugh If you keep researching the topic, you'll many more industrial process patents like the one you found:

Patent GB237302

for example

Patent GB309577

Patent GB425973

and Patent GB668268


Chemistry is our Covalent Bond
(Hive Bee)
11-06-04 07:38
No 539998

The critical temperature is 31,3° C and the critical pressure 72,9 bar

If you work with the above patent, you need a lot of technical security systems.

11-09-04 05:29
No 540582
      excuse me,     

With out me having to be rude, I suggest all bee's re-read the patent,
Pressure is not necessary, got damn, there are some pompus and vacant monopolies of arrogance hijacking, once what used to be a fine place,.

so there, no pressure,



forget it,.
(arrogant bee of the day)
11-13-04 08:14
No 541350
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      You got me under pressure!     

Acetic anhydride is obtained by the action of acetone upon p carbon dioxide in excess, preferably under pressure. In the presence of water, acetic acid is formed. Substances may be present which are known catalysts for the reverse reaction, e.g. the oxides and carbonates of lithium, calcium, barium, strontium, magnesium, zinc, cadmium, iron, aluminium, chromium, uranium, manganese, thorium, zirconium, titanium, cerium and tin; other substances which have the same effect are charcoal, silica, Portland cement and metallic copper. Temperatures of 250-450 DEG C. are preferred. According to the example, carbon dioxide under pressure is bubbled through acetone and then passed through a tube heated to 350 DEG C. and containing wood charcoal or manganese carbonate mounted on pumice; acetic anhydride, together with unchanged acetone, separates out from the product on cooling and the uncondensed gas is recirculated. If an aqueous solution of acetone be employed, or if steam be injected into the system, the acetic anhydride becomes wholly or partially converted into acetic acid.

He's right! Pressure's never even mentioned!(Well, more than twice anywho!)

It's not really me, it's Android in disguise!

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