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(Hive Bee)
11-06-04 14:49
No 540028
      NMP psychoactive?     

I've discovered that a lot of the commercial GBL contains NMP (N-methylpyrrolidinone). This NMP is metabolized into N-methyl-GABA... What I want to know is if N-Me-GABA has any psychoactive properties that I'm not aware of. I tried PubMed and TFSE, and didn't find anything on the subject.

Frequent use (around the clock for a couple of days) of GBL containing NMP results in confusion, anxiety and physical discomfort in most users, but I still would like to read up on it if there is any documented research at hand.

Any information would be great!

(Über-Führer die Ironie)
11-06-04 15:23
No 540030

I don't know about the potential psychoactivity of this compound. It looks attractive as a quick web-search proved it is available OTC as solvent. I guess you could hydrolyse it to 4-methylamino-butyric acid (NaOH or HCl). Sandmeyer nitrosation on the resulting compound would unfortunately stop at the CH3-N-(N=O)-CH2-CH2-CH2-(COOH) stage. I have no idea how this might be converted to a -OH as N-nitroso products of sec amines are stable... If it did work somehow, it would bee a cheap OTC route..

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