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11-08-04 02:06
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      Cocaine overdose management     

Dose anyone have any experience with managing a cocaine overdose? specifically one where no one is equipped with anything except household items, what is the be thing to do, during the time it takes to get professional medical attention if it is needed, thanks.
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11-08-04 02:46
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      Call the emergency medics!     

Call the emergency medics!
Someone's life is in danger! There is no excuse not to call the docs. Imagine that person dieing, then you might end up in prison for murder.

In case the person is unconscious:
Make sure that the windpipe is unobstructed. Remove everything including dentures, vomit etc. Bring the person into this position so he/she can breathe:

Check pulse and breathing periodically.
CPR if necessary, until the medics arrive.

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11-08-04 02:50
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      At least drop him/her off at the ER.     

At least drop him/her off at the ER. That's the very least you can do.

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11-08-04 02:57
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      OVERDOSE The fatal dose of cocaine has been...     


The fatal dose of cocaine has been approximated 1.2 g, although severe toxic effects have been reported from doses as low as 20 mg.

SYMPTOMS: The symptoms of cocaine poisoning are referable to the CNS, namely the patient becomes excited, restless, garrulous, anxious and confused. Enhanced reflexes, headache, rapid pulse, irregular respiration, chills, rise in b.d. temperature, mydriasis, exophthalmos, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain are noticed in severe overdoses, delirium, Cheyne-Stokes respiration, convulsions, unconsciousness and death from respiratory arrest result. Acute poisoning by cocaine is rapid in developing.

TREATMENT: The specific treatment of acute cocaine poisoning is the intravenous administration of a short-acting barbiturate or diazepam. Artificial respiration may be necessary. It is important to limit absorption of the drug. If entrance of the drug into circulation can be checked, and respiratory exchange maintained, the progress is favorable since cocaine is eliminated fairly rapidly.

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11-08-04 03:05
No 540321
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nearly ONE hour you posted, Quality.

What's the situation now?
Describe all symptons. LT/

11-08-04 03:25
No 540325

Professional medical attention is best, but if that's impossible, rumor has it that lives have been saved in cases of hyperthermia by putting the patient in a bathtub and putting them on ice crazy

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11-08-04 03:33
No 540327
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      Hosptal EMS time!     

Cocaine Kills!
Nothing to do but call for immediate EMS help.
That's 911 in US.
No home poison control center.
If symptoms haven't fully developed  then they could call poison control for interim medical advice until ambulance arrives.
Heart attack or stroke are serious risks within three days after cocaine overdose.
There is no, Don't GO in this case!

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11-08-04 03:46
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      That really sucks...     

But that is the only remedy.
Noone would be seeking this info for themselves!
Ibees stood on that threshold a few times and he was too kooked to care about help, although it did scare the shit out of him....there was nothing he could do!
That's why I say this must be for someone other than the poster.
Ibee followed up with medical treatment after the worst case because his chest felt like it would cave in the next day!
No LE was involved at the ER and they just treated it as potential cardiac arrest...ran tests and released.
Ibee told the ER techs what had occured!
This is a fine line between life and death and never would I suggest anybee set themselves UP for a fall.
But even if this was a close call and the patient recovers....he's still in danger if the amount consumed or the %age was high.

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
11-08-04 03:47
No 540329
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      Victim is hopefully     

already in hospital.

Question: In case of a cocaine overdose, the user should best and as quickly as possible swallow sleeping medicines or tranquillizers.
Answer: Incorrect. The agitation that comes with an overdose of cocaine could indeed be combatted with benzodiazepines but the individual should better not selfmedicate with benzodiazepines. Due to the slow absorption by the blood the effect of sleeping medicines and tranquillizers is delayed. In a panic situation, the person might easily take too many pills and suppress his/her breathing.

 8. A cocaine overdose can cause a heart attack.
Correct. An overdose of cocaine can manifest itself in two ways: 1. chest pains and 2. epileptic attacks. In the first case, heartbeat and blood pressure rise rapidly, which can lead to a heart attack.

9. During an epileptic attack due to a cocaine overdose, you must try to keep open the mouth by inserting an object.
Incorrect. Putting something in the mouth does not help and might cost the helper a few fingers. It is also not too good for the teeth of the victim. Better call an emergency number and protect the heavily convulsing victim by laying him somewhere on the ground where he cannot get hurt. Put a pillow or jacket under his head. When the convulsions have stopped, put him in a side position with the upper leg bent and the lower leg straight, the head straight or slightly bent backward.

10. The combination of heroin and benzodiazepines increases the chance of a cocaine overdose.
Correct. With heroin and benzodiazepines in his blood, the cocaine user feels very relaxed, which makes a second helping of cocaine very tempting. The relaxation, however, is only pretence. In reality, the heart is doing overtime and the next 'line' could well be the last.

Looking for more, but surprisingly little to find in short time, when the best info can be life saving. Damn, lots of these sites want you to login etc, idiots! LT/

(Hive Bee)
11-08-04 03:47
No 540331
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Cocaine overdose is treated as a medical emergency. Sedation with agents such as diazepam (Valium) is recommended for the agitation, irritability, seizures, and hyperexcitable state. This also helps control the rapid heart rate and elevated blood pressure. If the body temperature is elevated, this is brought down with cold water, fans, cooling blankets, and acetaminophen (Tylenol). Specific therapies are geared to the specific complaint or system involved. For example, if the cocaine overdose has led to a true heart attack, clot-dissolving medications called thrombolytic drugs may be used. Further testing with a cardiac catheterization (a test that places a long catheter in the leg artery to take pictures of the heart's arteries to see if they are blocked) may be done. If this test shows a blocked vessel, a balloon angioplasty (a procedure using a small balloon to open up the blocked artery) may also be done. Treatment depends on the presenting complaint and organ system involved.

Get them to an ER immediately!!!


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11-08-04 03:58
No 540333
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      I don't care where you live     

It doesn't matter where you live, there is not much you can do at your house to prevent multiple organ failure.  The pathophysiology associated with cocaine overdose is very complicated and involves almost every organ system. 

Make sure you can maintain an airway, monitor cardiac output, hopefully you are familiar with rescue breathing, or CPR if needed.  Beta Blockers can be used, along with benzo's if you have access to them and know what you are doing, (I assume you do not as you are looking for help online) Make sure you tell Emergency Services EVERYTHING!!! what they took, what you did in order to keep them alive up to now, i.e. if you administered beta blockers, or gave them ANYTHING to counter their symptoms.  Inform emergency services of their breathing rate, pulse, temperature, general appearence, anything that will let them know what they are in for.

There should be a sticky thread on OD'ing that states, if you think someone is OD'ing the last place in the world you should look for information is the hive.  That being said we should compile some information as to what bees can do until help arrives, or the victom is brought to the hospital.  Sort of a preventative measure, if everyone has a good grasp as to what to do before something like this happens perhaps the crisis can be minimized to an extent.

I will try to do what I can in the future but that does not help anyone out now frown

I hope to hell Quality you are not still in front of your computer screen....


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11-08-04 04:16
No 540341
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      Survivors guide

a survivor's guide

    There are many drugs available and when mixed together they can cause all sorts of complex reactions within the body. Some can make people very drowsy, others can lead to people being very tense and panicky. Some drugs have caused people to overheat and become severely dehydrated. In some situations people can take too much or have a bad reaction to a drug and fall unconscious.

    What follows are some guidelines for administering basic first aid..

    Do you know how to..

                Take someone's pulse?

                    Give mouth to mouth resuscitation?

                Place somebody in the recovery position?

                        Save lives?

    If people are tense and panicky..

    This can occur with many drugs including hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms, but it also happens with upper drugs like amphetamines and ecstasy as well as with high doses of cannabis. If someone is really tense and panicky on drugs, take the following steps:


            Calm them down and reassure them.

                    Establish what drugs have been taken.

        Talk quietly and explain that the panicky feeling will gradually go as the effect of the drug wears off.

            Keep them away from loud noises and bright lights and overly inquisitive spectators.

        Help them if they hyperventilate. When someone breathes very quickly and gasps for breath, they often get dizzy and feel sick. This can be alleviated by getting the person to breath evenly into a paper bag. This will help calm the person down and restore a normal pattern of breathing.


If people faint or lose consciousness..

    First aid for drug overdose is essentially the same as for any unconscious person. This can happen with downer drugs like alcohol, heroin and tranquillisers but is also common with solvents (glue and gas) and poppers and can happen to people who react badly or overheat on amphetamine or ecstasy.

    If this happens take the following steps:


            Call 999 for medical assistance.
            Check their breathing.
            If they are not breathing, be prepared to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
            If they are breathing, place the person in the recovery position.


            Loosen any tight clothing that might restrict their breathing.

                Never let a sleepy or unconscious person to drink or be sick.

        Keep them warm by use of blankets or a coat (but not too warm). This does not apply if loss of consciousness is caused by overheating.

            When the ambulance crew arrives, give them as much information as you can, such as which drugs have been taken, when, etc.


If people are drowsy but conscious..

If someone is really drowsy take the following steps:

                Check they are breathing. If so, place the person in the recovery position and keep talking to them.

            Don't put them to bed (People have been put to bed in a drowsy state only to be found dead the next morning).

                        Talk to them, stay with them.

                    DO NOT give any drinks.

            Call 999 for medical assistance if necessary!


If people overheat or dehydrate..

    This tends to happen with drugs like amphetamine and ecstasy when people physically exert themselves. These drugs raise body temperature especially if people use them whilst dancing in hot places, like night clubs.

        The warning signs include..


                    Cramps in the legs, arms and back.


                            Failure to sweat.


                Headaches, dizziness and vomiting.


                    Suddenly feeling very tired.


            Feeling like needing the toilet but not doing much when you go (urine becomes too concentrated).




It can be prevented by..

            Avoiding amphetamine or ecstasy in the first place. Not dancing for long periods of time.

            Talking regular rests and resting in a cool area.

            Drinking water, fruit juice or a sports drink at about the rate of one pint an hour (no more), sipping the drink regularly and avoiding alcohol.

            Drinking or eating something that keeps the salt levels in the body up. Salty snacks, fruit juice, fizzy drinks and sports drinks will all help to keep the body provided with the minerals it needs.

            Wearing cool clothes and not wearing a cap will help.


If someone is overheating.*

                    Call 999 for medical assistance.


                Move the person to a cool area - possibly outside.

            Move them to an air-conditioned room if possible and stay with them. People who overheat may have a fit or pass out.

                    Administer cool, non-alcoholic drinks if conscious.


                Splash them down with luke warm water to cool them down, cover in wet cool sheets and/or fan them.

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11-08-04 04:33
No 540344
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      Good start LT...     

Due to the wide variety of complications and various stages, especially when drugs are used in combo, i.e...Alcohol and any lifethreatening overdose drug, as is the case most often with cocaine, it's tough to get antidotal interim treatment info from the medical professionals. I'm sure if we dig deep enough into some medical journal cases and such....we should be able to provide a comprehensive overview.
I'll provide some research if it's needed or I'll help compile the info for sticky if it will help.

I don't have direct access but I have my off the beaten track ways of nailing down sources.

Let me know if I can be of service.

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11-08-04 04:35
No 540345
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      Treatment of Acute Intoxication and Withdrawal     

Treatment of Acute Intoxication and Withdrawal from Drugs of Abuse.
Adapted or excerpted from: The Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment, second edition. Editors: Marc Galanter, MD and Herbert D Kleber, MD.

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11-08-04 04:39
No 540346
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      more on the recovery position     

Place the arm furthest from you at right angles to their body.

Take the arm nearest to you and place it across the person’s chest.

Get hold of the near leg, just above the knee, and pull it up, keeping the foot flat on the ground.

Keep hold of the near leg just above the knee, and while supporting the person’s neck and shoulder, roll them away from you, and onto their side.

The person’s face should be pointing towards the ground.

Open their airway by tilting their head back and lifting the chin. This will make sure they can breathe easily.

Make sure that both the hip and the knee of their upper leg are bent at right angles.


If they stop breathing give 5 breaths of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in 10 seconds.

Giving ‘mouth-to-mouth’

1. The person should be lying flat on their back.

2. Remove chewing gum or anything else you can see in their mouth and then lift their chin.

3. Pinch their nostrils together, using your first finger and thumb.

4. Take a deep breath and make a good seal around their lips with your mouth.

5. Blow steadily until you see their chest rise.

6 . Take your mouth away and let their chest sink right back down.

7. Repeat steps 3 to 6.

If you are giving EAR (‘mouth-to-mouth’) and find that:

the person’s chest is not rising

check to see that you have extended the person’s neck (this opens the airway); or
they start breathing

roll the person onto their side and place in the recovery position.

When you have completed the 5 breaths, check for a pulse. You can locate a pulse by placing your index and middle fingers in the groove of the person’s neck, between the adam’s apple and the muscle of the side of the neck.

If there is no pulse, start Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) straight away.

To start Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) you need to:

1. Find the place where the ribs meet the breastbone, and lay two fingers there.

2. Put the heel of your other hand on their breastbone, just above where your two fingers are.

3. Place your first hand on top of this hand, locking your fingers together.

4. Keeping your shoulders above the centre of the person’s chest and your arms straight,
4. press down on the chest to a third of its depth.

5. Release the pressure, but keep your hands where they are. This is a chest compression.

6. Do 15 chest compressions within 10 seconds.

7. Give two breaths of ‘mouth-to-mouth’ within 5 seconds.

8. Continue ‘mouth-to-mouth’ and chest compressions at the rate of 15 compressions and two breaths
8. (within 15 seconds), until help arrives.

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11-08-04 05:07
No 540350
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11-08-04 17:34
No 540455
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      Don't Forget PoohBearium's Fate     

Don't forget what happened to the Poohb. He was given the drugs that help clear the coke from your system and then released without notification that he should temporarily not drive. But he did drive and he died!

Post 505041 (PoohBearium: "poohbeariums death", General Discourse)

can't flush this
11-09-04 03:51
      For several different reasons,
(Rated as: insignificant)

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