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(Hive Bee)
11-09-04 00:34
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      Question on Oxone/NaBr bromination     

SWIW is planning to run a bromination experiment on 1g of 2C-H, using the Oxone/NaBr in MeOH method.

Well, I found this :

"However, most commercial sources of oxone are composed of "buffer" mixtures (approximately 15% sodium carbonate, according to some information I found online)."

I know that the Oxone I have ( OTC source ) has a basic pH, I assume it is buffered. The pH of the reaction is basic, I think this should be OK, but I am concerned with the buffer ( sodium carbonate ? ) maybe reacting with the 2C-H or what else.

The Oxone seems OK : I run a small experiment, mixed a bit of Oxone and NaBr in MeOH, turned yellow, after washing with water, poured down my kitchen sink, it was smelling like iodine, but stronger, burning my nose, had to open water and leave kitchen for a while. Looks like the Oxone is OK, but not sure about the buffer.

Could someone please give me some help fast ?


(Hive Bee)
11-09-04 12:53
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      Oxone seems ok     

Your Oxone seems fine, altough bear in mind that brominating 2c-h freebase most likeley will not work, if your trials dont work you could try using a protonated environment using for example GAA as solvent.


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