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The Couch  

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(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
11-11-04 01:51
No 540948
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      Rapist Commits Suicide..(Warning; crude and stupid     

On november 9, Bart Simpson escaped from the Springvale Correctional Facility, raped his sister, then shot himself in the head. His corpse is back in prison, serving a term not to exceed 200 years for the part he played in the murder of himself.bart_the_rapist.jpeg

Love My Country, Fear My Government
(Hive Bee)
11-12-04 00:06
No 541118
      What is...     

Rape without a healthy dose of forcible sodomy? Y'know, if you want to be a proper villain, the best degenerate you can be, you have to go whole hog. Plus, Lisa's a little know-it-all hippie cunt anyway. She'd FOR SURE be against the war in Iraq, and as we all know, courtesy of Fox News, the White House, etc. etc. being against the war is being against the troops. Even if several of your friends and family members are over there fighting, getting hurt, and in one case getting killed, you're still nutthin'-but-uh-terrist.

"Ifn yew don' lahk et heer, why doncha go tuh Iraq!" (or Afghanistan, or Russia, or Iran, or North Korea, or underdeveloped nation-state antagonistic to the US of your choice) Funny how those redneck assholes never seem to say, "If the current social and intranational climate is not to your liking, why not abscond to Sweden?" (or Canada or The Netherlands or Germany or France or non-U.S. Western nation of your choice)

But then again, that would presuppose that the people who commonly voice these sentiments are possessed of a keen intellect, knowledgable about the world, and in good command of the English language. Bloody unlikely animal, in my opinion. Plus it would erode the basal-level emotional content of their impassioned rhetoric. And what's a non-thinking dolt to rely on, if not his or her emotions?


I'm xMOJOx I am. xMOJOx I am, I am.

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