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The Couch  

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(Hive Bee)
11-12-04 10:22
No 541201
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      Somebee is whacked.......     

Yee ha somebee who is definitely me is pretty whacked right about now.... cool cool cool

Just gloating cause been working hard as fuck for ages an finally got to have a break an get on da good stuff.....  Yee ha yee ha yeeha hard work pays off... [coool]

So who wants sum of this???

***Xaja fills da bowl and blazes it up...***

***Xaja takes a deep toke an offers pipe lovingly to da oda beez...***

Yup sure is nice round here at da momnet.. nice wallpaper in da lounge here, an dat pattern on the couch is fucken amazing...


I love BUSH! The pussy, not the President!!
11-12-04 12:03
No 541216
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Just what I needed, something to relax me after only 10
hours of

"seriously thishomo internet shit needs to stop" -mcrandom
11-14-04 06:39
No 541488

must smoke weed, take 5-htp and drink delsym!

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