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(Hive Bee)
11-12-04 22:52
No 541290

I am interested in this antitussives effects. supposedly has effect upon the sigma opioid receptor. PCP "like" in action. I dont think this is a legal cough medicine in the states, so does any bees in the real world have a clue? information is for an article I am writing for called "cough syrup kids" about dumb punkers like me who have used "industrial" drugs as a form of enthoegenesis.

(Hive Bee)
11-13-04 03:28
No 541322
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      dunno if this helps....     

Medline (PMID=8208792)

Tortella, FC; Witkin, JM; Musacchio, JM."CARAMIPHEN - A NON-OPIOID ANTITUSSIVE WITH POTENT ANTICONVULSANT PROPERTIES IN RATS".European journal of pharmacology.1988;155:69 (#J41220) the link doesnt give the paper, but if you have access to a campus library it shouldnt bee that hard to find

Medline (PMID=10640321)

sorry if this is useless, it sounded like it might help a little...crazy

Don't you think if I had something intelligent to say, it would bee in my post?
(Hive Bee)
11-13-04 16:16
No 541386
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      Some Caramiphen Info     

Here are a few more tidbits on caramiphen turned up by a quick Google search.

Caramiphen doesn't seem to show up under the most common combinations of ingredients found in US over-the-counter cold medications.

According to Dorland's Medical Dictionary, Caramiphen is anticholinergic, which would give it hallucinogenic / deliriant effects similar to datura alkaloids:

Caramiphen (ca·ram·i·phen)  an anticholinergic with actions similar to but weaker than those of atropine (q.v.).

Caramiphen edisylate,   caramiphen ethanedisulfonate,   an ester of caramiphen, with the anticholinergic effects of the base; used as an antitussive, administered orally.

The sigma receptor is no longer considered an opioid receptor.  Sigma ligands can have antidepressant or psychotomimetic effects.  They are also neuroprotective and anticonvulsant.  Caramiphen seems to be about 5 times less potent than dextromethorphan at inhibiting convulsions based on a sigma mechanism.

Sigma ligands like Caramiphen do not seem to substitute for dextromethorphan in rats.  "These results suggest that dextromethorphan produces its discriminative stimulus effects by blocking the NMDA
receptor channel and not via actions on sigma receptors or mu receptors."

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