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(Chief Bee)
08-03-03 15:38
No 393859
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      Bees In Heaven     

This is a collection of links to the official Hive obituaries of deceased members:

Post 350684 (Rhodium: "Half-a-Pint - RIP", General Discourse)
Post 325096 (bobthebuilder: "Synthia - RIP", General Discourse)
Post 286062 (Rhodium: "ChemGrrl 1967-2002", The Couch)
Post 294064 (hookedonhydro: "Vinny C's Wife 1981-2002", The Couch)
Post 477671 (wonka: "whitefluf has passed, an update 10 months late.", The Couch)
Post 505041 (PoohBearium: "poohbeariums death", General Discourse)

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