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(Chief Bee)
11-01-04 22:29
No 499541
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      Archive of "Wanted References" Volume 2     

This Digest only covers articles posted in April 2004 or later. For articles posted in March 2004 or earlier, as well as further information about what this digest is all about, please refer to Post 436354 (Rhodium: "Archive of  "Wanted References" Volume 1", Novel Discourse)

Please PM me if any of the links below expire, so that I can remove them from this list.

Retrieved by Rhodium:

For Ganesha:
Psilocybin induces schizophrenia-like psychosis in humans via a serotonin-2 agonist action. (Added 04-07-04):
Vollenweider, F. X., Vollenweider-Scherpenhuyzen, M. F., Babler, A., Vogel, H., & Hell, D.
NeuroReport 9, 3897–3902 (1998) (

Zur Kenntnis des Tetranitromethans, V. Mitteilung.
Tetranitromethan als Nitrierungsmittel (II)
(Added 04-22-04):
E. Schmidt, et. al.
Chem. Ber. 55, 1751-1759 (1922) (

Preparation of Aromatic Iodoacetyl Derivatives by Direct Iodination with a Potassium Iodide-Potassium Iodate-Sulfuric Acid System (Added 05-10-04):
Okamoto, Tsuyoshi; Kakinami, Takaaki; Nishimura, Tetsuo; Irwan-Hermawan; Kajigaeshi, Shoji
Bull. Chem. Soc. Japan 65, 1731-1733 (1992) (

[4-Methoxyphenol --72%--> 2-Hydroxy-5-Methoxybenzaldehyde --61%--> 2,5-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde] (Added 05-21-04):
K. Y. Chu, J. Griffiths, D. Ward, J. Chem. Research (Miniprint), No. 10, pp 3701-3721 (1981)

[Hydroquinone --benzylchloride--> p-benzyloxyphenol] (Added 05-21-04):
Billy L. Allwood, Billy L. et. al, J. Chem. Soc. Chem. Commun. 14, 1061-1064 (1987)

For Osmium:
Synthesis of monodisperse Au, Pt, Pd, Ru and Ir nanoparticles in ethylene glycol (Added 08-07-04):
Bonet F.; Delmas V.; Grugeon S.; Herrera Urbina R.; Silvert P.-Y.; Tekaia-Elhsissen K.
Nanostructured Materials 11(8), 1277-1284 (1999)

For Lego:
Selective hydrogenation of aromatic and aliphatic nitro compounds by hydrogen transfer over magnesia (Added 04-22-04):
Kijenski, J.; Glinski, M.; Wisniewski, R.; Murghani, S.   
Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 59 (Heterog. Catal. Fine Chem. 2),  169-76 (1991) (

Direct Synthesis of Molecular Self-Complexes in the Indole Series (Added 09-27-04):
A. N. Kost, M. A. Yurovskaya, A. S. Vyazgin, and A. Z. Afanas'ev
Chem. Heterocycl. Comp. (Engl. Transl.) 921-925 (1980)
Khimiya Geterotsiklicheskikh Soedinenii, No. 9, pp. 1222-1226 (1980)

Abstract: A method for the alkylation of 3-unsubstituted indoles by means of 1-(ω-haloalkyl)pyridinium salts via the Friedel-Crafts reaction with the aid of complex catalysts, viz. complexes of zinc, tin and titanium chlorides with pyridine, was developed. On the basis of a study of the electronic spectra of the resulting 1-(3-indolylalkyl)pyridinium salts it was shown that they are molecular self-complexes. The stabilities of the molecular self-complexes were investigated as a function of the length of the alkyl chain and the character of the substituents in the indole ring.

Friedel-Crafts alkylation of indoles (Added 09-27-04):
Budylin, V. A.; Ermolenko, M. S.; Kost, A. N.
Khimiya Geterotsiklicheskikh Soedinenii  No. 7,  921-924 (1978)

Abstract: Indoles I (R = H, Me; R1 = Bu, MeCHEt, Me2CHCH2, Me3C, PhCMeEt) were prepd. in 30-85% yield by alkylation of the resp. indole with R1X (X = Cl, Br) in the presence of ZnCl2-dipyridine zinc chloride.  The activity of the halides increased in the order: primary, secondary, tertiary.  Alkyl bromides were more reactive than alkyl chlorides.

For Armageddon:
Indium/Ammonium Chloride Mediated Selective Reduction of Aromatic Nitro Compounds: Practical Synthesis of 6-Amino-Chrysene (Added 04-22-04):
Bimal K. Banik, Michelle Suhendra, Indrani Banik, and Frederick F. Becker
Synthetic Communications 30(20), 3745-3754 (2000) (

Thiamin Analogs. IV. 4(5)-Methyl-5(4)-(beta-hydroxyethyl)-imidazole (Added 04-29-04):
Sidney W. Fox, Herbert Sargent, Edwin R. Buchman
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 67, 496-497 (1945)
(Reduction of an oxime to an amine using Sn/SnCl2/HCl)

Ammonium Salts of Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids (Added 06-21-04):
Saverio Zuffanti, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 63, 3123-3124 (1941)

For Vitus_Verdegast:
Total Synthesis of (±)-Gigantine and its O-Methyl Ether (Added 04-07-04):
A. M. Choudhury
Chemistry & Industry (London), 578 (1971) (

Application of transcerebral, weak (1 microT) complex magnetic fields and mystical experiences: are they generated by field-induced dimethyltryptamine release from the pineal organ? (Added 04-07-04):
Hill DR, Persinger MA.
Percept Mot Skills. 97, 1049-50 (2003) (

During the last 15 years weak, complex magnetic fields have been applied across the two cerebral hemispheres at the level of the temporoparietal lobes of more than 500 volunteers. Most of these subjects have reported visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive sensations as well as experiences of detachment from the body of 'sentient beings'. Similar but more intense experiences were reported by Strassman in 2001 for volunteers who were injected with N,n-dimethyltryptamine, a compound Strassman hypothesized as the primary mediator of these experiences. If this speculation is valid, then subjects who are exposed to the very weak, complex fields known to elicit similar experiences should display significant increases in the metabolites of this compound within their blood.

Synthesis of [a]annulated carbazoles from indol-2,3-dione (Added 05-25-04):
Egle M. Beccalli and Alessandro Marchesini, Tullio Pilati
Tetrahedron 49(21), 4741-4758 (1993) (

For demorol:
Nickel boride/hydrazine hydrate reduction of aromatic and aliphatic nitro compounds.  Synthesis of 4-(benzyloxy)indole and alpha-alkyltryptamines. (Added 06-21-04):   
David H. Lloyd, David E. Nichols
J. Org. Chem. 51(22), 4294-4295 (1986) (

For Nicodem:
Synthesis of β-Phenylethylamine Derivatives. VII.
The enantiomers of erythro-1-(4'-hydroxyphenyl)-2-(1"-ethyl-2"-phenoxyethylamino)propanol-1)-propanol-1
(Added 05-25-04):
J. Van Dijk and H. D. Moed
Rec. Trav. Chim. 80, 573-587 (1961) (

A Novel, Potent, and Selective NR1/2B NMDA Receptor Antagonist
(Added 09-03-04):
Z.-L. Zhou, S.X. Cai, E.R. Whittemore, C.S. Konkoy, S.A. Espitia, M.Tran, D.M. Rock, L.L. Coughenour,
J.E. Hawkinson, P.A. Boxer, C.F. Bigge, L.D. Wise, E. Weber, R.M. Woodward, and J.F.W. Keana

J. Med. Chem. 42, 2993-3000 (1999)

For Java:
Mild Conversion of Alcohols to Alkyl Halides Using Halide-Based Ionic Liquids at Room Temperature (Added 05-17-04):
Ren, R. X.; Wu, J. X., Org. Lett. 3(23), 3727-3728 (2001)
Supporting Information (

A Simple Method for the Reduction of Carboxylic Acids to Aldehydes or Alcohols Using H2 and Pd/C (Added 06-21-04):
Falorni, M.; Giacomelli, G.; Porcheddu, A.; Taddei, M., J. Org. Chem. 64, 8962-8964 (1999)

The enantioselective hydrogenation of N-acyl dehydroamino acids (Added 06-21-04):
Topics In Catalysis 5(1-4), 3-23 (1998)

For Fallen_Angel:
Analgesics. II.
The Grignard Reaction with Schiff Bases
(Added 07-30-04):
Robert Bruce Moffett, Willard M. Hoehn
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 69, 1792-1794 (1947) (

The Reaction of Grignard Reagents with Schiff Bases (Added 07-30-04):
Kenneth N. Campbell, C. H. Helbing, M. Patricia Florkowski, Barbara K. Campbell
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 70, 3868-3870 (1948) (

For Saddam_Hussein:
In vitro O-demethylation of the psychotomimetic amine, 1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylphenyl)-2-aminopropane (Added 07-30-04):
Jonathan S. Zweig, Neal Castagnoli, Jr.
J. Med. Chem. 20, 414-421 (1977) (

For Psyloxy:
The Bromination of Phenolic Methyl Ethers with Hydrogen Bromide using Sodium Tungstate and Hydrogen Peroxide as Oxidant (Added 09-27-04):
Paul Bezodis, James R. Hanson and Philippe Petit
J. Chem. Research (S) 334-335 (1996) (

For josef_k:
Your wanted ref Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 21(12) 1327 is incorrect, the other article follows here:

Synthesis, Molecular Structure, and Absolute Configuration of 1-α-Phenylethyl-3-(2-Cyanoethyl)-4-Piperidone (Added 09-27-04):
G. V. Grishina, et al., Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 21(12), 1362 (198?)

For Stalin:
Hallucinogens and Narcotics Alarm Public (Added 10-06-04):
Chemical & Engineering News, Vol. 48, pp. 44-45, Nov. 9 (1970)

Retrieved by Azole:

For Rhodium:
Two independent syntheses of amphetamine from the pre-war Soviet Union, in Russian.

Synthesis of β-Phenylisopropylamine (Phenamine) (Added 04-29-04):
O. Yu. Magidson and G. A. Garkusha
Zhurnal Obshchei Khimii (J. Gen. Chem. (USSR))
, 11, 339-343 (1941).

PhCH2COOH + Ac2O (cat. AcONa) --> P2P (50-55%); P2P + HCONH2 --> N-formylamphetamine;
N-formylamphetamine + 40% H2SO4 --> amphetamine (50-55% from P2P); separation of enantiomers via bitartrate salt.

A New Method for the Preparation of 1-Phenyl-2-aminopropane (Added 04-29-04):
B. R. Bobranskii and Ya. V. Drabik
Zhurnal Prikladnoy Khimii (J. Appl. Chem. (USSR))
, 14, 410-415 (1941).

PhCH2CN + EtOAc + 1 eq. EtONa --> PhCH(CN)COCH3 (86%); PhCH(CN)COCH3 + aq. H3PO4, 150°C --> P2P (76%);
P2P + HCOONH4 --> N-formylamphetamine; N-formylamphetamine + aq. HCl --> amphetamine (56% from P2P).

Über Diastereomerie V). Diastereomerie und Krystallsymmetrie des Ephedrins (Added 06-21-04):
H. Emde und F. Spaenhauer
Helv. Chim. Acta
, 13, 3-9 (1930).

Preparation of homomyristicinic acid (Added 06-21-04):
G. Y. Moltrasio and D. Giacopello
Org. Prep. Proc. Int.
4(1), 13-18 (1972).

Examination of the essential oil from the fruits of parsley (Added 06-21-04):
S. A. Alimukhamedov, N. A. Maksudov, M. I. Goryaev, and F. S. Sharipova
Khim. Farm. Zh.
6(9), 15 (1972).
(journal written in Russian)

   The essential oil obtained by steam distillation of crushed seeds of parsley at 2 atm pressure was separated into 2 fractions which were analysed by GC. The oil was shown to contain apiole (57.6%), myristicin (10.8%), allyltetramethoxybenzene (0.8%) and terpenes: α-pinene (9.1%), camphene (0.3%), sabinene (6.3%), α-terpinene (1.8%), limonene (3.1%), γ-terpinene (0.2%) and p-cymene (2.8%). The derivatives of phenols were characterized by oxidation into apiolaldehyde (m. p. 101-102 °C) and tetramethoxybenzoic (m. p. 85-86 °C) and myristicinic (m. p. 206-207 °C) acids.

   I pretty much disbelieve the whole article. The authors claim that they separated the essential oil of parsley into the "phenolic" fraction (myristicin, apiole, and allyltetramethoxybenzene) and the neutral fraction (various terpenes) by means of 5% solution of KOH as if there were phenolic hydroxyls in apiole etc.

For Ganesha:

Ueber Paraoxyphenol und einige vom Hydrochinon derivirende Aldehyde und Alkohole (Added 06-21-04):
A. Hantzsch
J. Prakt. Chem.
, <2>22, 460-476 (1880).

Reimer-Tiemann formylation of 4-ethoxyphenol (yield 40-45%).

Deoxygenation of Some 3-Oxo-steroids by Chlorotrimethylsilane and Zinc (Added 04-07-04):
P. Hodge and M. N. Khan
J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans. I
1975, 809-811.
<Ketones are deoxygenated to olefins using Zn/Me3SiCl.>

An Improved Synthesis of (±)-Dihydroactinidiolide (Added 04-07-04):
G. V. Subbaraju, M. S. Manhas and A. K. Bose
Tetrahedron Lett.
, 32(37), 4871-4874 (1991).
<A 3-hydroxylactone adsorbed on SiO2 is dehydrated under MW irradiation.>

Synthesis of anthracyclinones. Part 1. Regioselective alkylation of 5-hydroxyquinizarin. (Added 04-22-04):
L. M. Harwood, L. C. Hodgkinson, J. K. Sutherland, and P. Towers.
Can. J. Chem., 62, 1922-1925 (1984).
<1,4-Dimethoxybenzene/propionic acid/polyphosphoric acid (70°C, 2h) gives 2,5-dimethoxypropiophenone>

Synthesis of Vanillin (Added 04-22-04):
G. V. Chelintsev and B. N. Rodnevich
Zhurnal Prikladnoy Khimii (J. Applied Chem. (USSR))
, 8, 909-911 (1935).
<Patented methods of vanillin synthesis are reviewed. Optimized conditions for the synthesis of vanillin from guaiacol and glyoxylic acid are given. Electrosynthesis of glyoxylic acid from oxalic acid is described.>

For sYnThOmAtIc:
The Reimer-Tiemann Reaction (Added 04-22-04):
H. Wynberg and E. W. Meijer
Organic Reactions
, 28, 1-36 (1982).

For synthon:
O-Monoalkylation of hydroquinone with alcohols (Added 07-02-04):
A. G. Rybin, A. V. Orlov, E. N. Zil'berman, M. Z. Barskova
Zh. Org. Khim.
, 27(9), 1828-1831 (1991).
(journal written in Russian)
Partial translation can be found in Post 516970 (azole: "yet another O-monoalkylation of hydroquinone", Novel Discourse)

For Nicodem:
Farmacologia della 3-fenilazetidina e di alcuni suoi derivati (Added 07-02-04):
G. Bianchi, G. Maffii
Il Farmaco, Ed. Sci.
, 21(2), 131-154 (1966).

Article in Italian. 473 kB (w/pictures).
   The pharmacological properties (adrenergic) of substituted 3-phenylazetidines have been studied. 3-Phenylazetidine (L 2051) shows both excitatory and inhibitory effects on the β-sympathetic receptors: in small doses it produces increase in heart rate and contractile force; this effect is antagonized by dichloroisopropylarterenol. In high doses the drug reduces the effects of isopropylarterenol, and inhibits the inotropic action of epinephrine and arterenol. A biphasic action of L 2051 may be demonstrated also on the site of the α-receptors. The pharmacological activity of L 2051 may depend, at least in part, on histamine liberation. These various activities of L 2051 were found isolated in some of its derivatives.
   There is no synthetic part in the article. The derivatives of 3-phenylazetidine were synthesized according to the following publications:
Liebigs Ann. Chem., 626, 114 (1959); ibid., 639, 157 (1961); ibid., 647, 83 (1961).

Related information found by Kinetic: Patent GB872446

1-[3-(2-Alkoxyphenoxy)-3-phenylpropyl]piperazines and some related compounds (Added 04-07-04):
V. Valenta, M. Bartošová and M. Protiva
Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun.
46(5), 1280-1287 (1981).

Synthesis of α-functional nitrocompounds by the nitration of activated carbonyl derivatives in two-phase system (Added 04-07-04):
V. P. Kislyi, A. L. Laikhter, B. I. Ugrak, and V. V. Semenov
Izv. Akad. Nauk, Ser. Khim.
1994(1), 76-79 (in Russian).

Ethyl 2-nitroacetoacetate as a new synthon for ethoxycarbonylnitrile oxide (Added 04-07-04):
V. P. Kislyi, A. L. Laikhter, B. I. Ugrak, and V. V. Semenov
Izv. Akad. Nauk, Ser. Khim.
1994(1), 103-105 (in Russian).

Synthesis and Muscarinic Receptor Binding Profiles of Antagonist Benzotriazole derivatives (Added 10-02-04):
B. Cappello, G. Greco, E. Novellino, E. Perissutti, V. Santagada, C. Silipo, A. Vittoria, R. Di Carlo, R. Meli, and G. Muccioli
Il Farmaco
, 48(7), 907-918 (1993).

Studio di alcuni derivati del nucleo benzotriazolico (Added 10-02-04):
R. Calvino, V. Mortarini, A. Serafino
Il Farmaco, Ed. Sci.
, 35(3), 240-247 (1980).

Derivati amminoalchilici del benzotriazolo. Nota II.(Added 10-02-04):
F. Sparatore, F. Pagani
Il Farmaco, Ed. Sci.
, 20(4), 248-258 (1965).

Derivati amminoalchilici del benzotriazolo. (Added 10-02-04):
F. Sparatore, F. Pagani
Il Farmaco, Ed. Sci.
, 17(6), 414-429 (1962).

Synthesis and Investigation of Some Derivatives of Benzimidazole.
VII. Phenothiazine Derivatives of Benzimidazole.
(Added 10-02-04):
N. A. Mukhina, V. M. Pechenina, L. P. Grebenshchikova, V. M. Kurilenko, L. S. Rogova, T. M. Vysokovskii
Khim. Farm. Zh.
, 10(9), 51-55 (1976). (journal written in Russian)

For Bubbleplate:

Ergot Alkaloids. XXXIII.
Epimerization of the Simpler Amides of D-Lysergic, D-Isolysergic and 1-Methyl-D-lysergic Acids
(Added 10-02-04):
Cerný and M. Semonský
Coll. Czech. Chem. Commun.
, 34, 694-698 (1969).

Mutterkornalkaloide XIX.
Über die Verwendung von N, N'-Carbonyldiimidazol zur Synthese der D-Lysergsäure-, D-Dihydrolysergsäure(I)- und 1-Methyl-D-dihydrolysergsäure(I)amide
(Added 10-02-04):
Cerný and M. Semonský
Coll. Czech. Chem. Commun.
, 27,  1585-1592 (1962).

For Vitus_Verdegast:
Total synthesis of (±)-gigantine (Added 04-07-04):
G. J. Kapadia, G. S. Rao, M. B. E. Fayez, B. K. Chowdhury and M. L. Sethi
Chemistry and Industry (London) 1970, 1593-1594.

Synthesis of the Tetrahydroisoquinoline Alkaloids (±)-Tepenine, Tehaunine, and (±)-O-Methylgigantine and Revised Structure of Gigantine (Added 04-07-04):
G. J. Kapadia, M. B. E. Fayez, M. L. Sethi, and G. Subba Rao
Chem. Commun. 1970, 856-857.
<Ref. 3 from the article below.>

Total synthesis of (±)-gigantine and its O-methyl ether (Added 04-07-04):
A. M. Choudhury
Chemistry & Industry
(London) 1971, 578.
<An independent synthesis. Again, no experimental details are given.>

A short and efficient method for the preparation of α,p-dimethylstyrene from citral (1) (Added 04-07-04):
D. H. R. Barton and S. I. Parekh
Synth. Commun.
, 19(19), 3353-3361 (1989).

For armageddon:
Alkaloids of an Ipomoea Seed commonly known as Kaladana in Pakistan (Added 07-02-04):
C. I. Abou-Chaar, G. A. Digenis
, 212, 618-619 (1966).

For psyloxy:
Synthesis of 3,4,5-trimethoxybenzaldehyde (Added 07-02-04):
P. S. Manchand, P. S. Belica, and H. S. Wong
Synth. Commun.
, 20(17), 2659-2666 (1990).

Preparation of tosylates of phenols and acidic alcohols (Added 07-11-04):
S. E. Wentworth, P. L. Sciaraffa
Org. Prep. Proc. Int.
, 1(4), 225-228 (1969).
Tosylation with TsCl/acetone/aq. NaOH.

For java :
A concise synthesis of (R)-(+)-phenylalaninol from (1S, 2S)-(+)-thiomicamine (Added 08-07-04):
Maria D. Rozwadowska
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry
, 9(9), 1615-1618 (1998).

Reduction of Fluorenonecarboxylic Acids to Fluorenecarboxylic Acids (Added 09-03-04):
D. C. Morrison, J. Org. Chem., 23, 1772-1774 (1958).
Reduction of the keto group in fluorenonecarboxylic acids with HI(aq)/redP/AcOH (EtCOOH) is described.

For Disciple:
Zur radikalischen Hydroxylierung von Indol (Added 08-07-04):
J. Gartz
, 40(5), 356 (1985).

Indole underwent radical hydroxylation by treatment with H2O2 in a phosphate buffer contg. FeSO4, ascorbic acid, and EDTA disodium salt under N2 for 2.5 min. After the unreacted indole was extracted with ligroin, the water phase was further extracted with CH2Cl2 to give a mixture of products containing 50% 4-hydroxyindole, 30% 5-hydroxyindole, 10% 6-hydroxyindole, and 10% 7-hydroxyindole.

Retrieved by 7is:

For Ganesha:
Directional lipophilic character in a series of psychotomimetic phenethylamine derivatives (Added 04-07-04):
David E. Nichols, Alexander T. Shulgin and Donald C. Dyer
Life Sciences Volume 21, Issue 4 , 15 August 1977, Pages 569-576

Human pharmacology of ayahuasca: subjective and cardiovascular effects, monoamine metabolite excretion, and pharmacokinetics. (Added 04-07-04):
Riba J, Valle M, Urbano G, Yritia M, Morte A, Barbanoj MJ.
J Pharmacol Exp Ther. (2003) Jul;306(1):73-83.

The chemistry of terpenes––I  The effect of hydrogen ion concentration and oxygen upon the acid catalysed cyclization of citral (Added 04-07-04):
D. A. Baines, R. Alan Jones, T. C. Webb and I. H. Campion-Smith
Tetrahedron Vol 26, Issue 20 (1970) p. 4901-4913

5-Hydroxytryptamine2-family receptors (5-hydroxytryptamine2A, 5-hydroxytryptamine2B, 5-hydroxytryptamine2C): where structure meets function (Added 05-10-04):
Roth BL, Willins DL, Kristiansen K, Kroeze WK.
Pharmacol Ther. 1998 Sep;79(3):231-57

For josef_k
Enamines: recent advances in synthetic, spectroscopic, mechanistic, and stereochemical aspects––I (Added 05-17-04):
Peter W. Hickmott
Tetrahedron (1982) 38(14): 1975-2050

Enamines: recent advances in synthetic, spectroscopic, mechanistic, and stereochemical aspects––II (Added 05-17-04):
Peter W. Hickmott
Tetrahedron (1982) 38(23): 3363-3446

For armageddon:
Calcium hypochlorite-mediated oxidation of primary alcohols to methyl esters (Added 08-07-04):
Chriss E. McDonald, Lois E. Nice, Anthony W. Shaw and Nestor B. Nestor
Tetrahedron Lett., 34 (17) , (1993) 2741–2744

For Nicodem:
Novel IKK inhibitors: beta-carbolines. (Added 09-06-04):
Castro AC, Dang LC, Soucy F, Grenier L, Mazdiyasni H, Hottelet M, Parent L, Pien C, Palombella V, Adams J.
Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2003 Jul 21;13(14):2419-22.

Retrieved by Nicodem:

For Ganesha:
Ring-substituted beta-methoxyphenylethylamines: a new class of psychotomimetic agents active in man. (Added 04-07-04):
Lemaire, Jacob and Shulgin. 
J. Pharm. Pharmacol. 37, 575-577 (1985) (
(Experimental: Post 413294 (GC_MS: "Ring-substituted beta-methoxyphenylethylamines", Methods Discourse))

Medicinal chemistry and structure-activity relationships of hallucinogens. (Added 10-18-04):
Nichols, D.E., and Glennon, R.A.
In: Jacobs, B.L., ed. Hallucinogens: Neurochemical, Behavioral, and Clinical Perspectives. New York: Raven Press, 1984. pp. 95-142.

Retrieved by dioulasso:

For Nicodem:
Ana Serpler
Farmacia (Bucharest) 16, 1968, 617-620.

Retrieved by lugh:

For GC_MS:
A New Hallucinogen: 3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenyl-β-Aminopropane
(with notes on a stroboscopic phenomenon)
(Added 09-03-04):
Peretz, D. I., Smythies, J. R., and Gibson, W. C.
J. Mental Sci., 101, 317 (1955)

For Ganesha:
Zur Kenntnis des Tetranitromethans, II. Mitteilung. (Added 04-22-04):
Tetranitromethan als Nitrierungsmittel (I)

E. Schmidt, et. al.
Chem. Ber. 55, 1529-1537 (1922) (

Reimer-Teimann on p-ethoxyphenol (Added 07-02-04):
Ansar, M.; Ebrik, S.Al.Akoum; Mouhoub, R.; Berthelot, P.; Vaccher, C.; et al.
Eur.J.Med.Chem.Chim.Ther.; 31; 6; 1996; 449-460

For sYnThOmAtIc:
Ozone concentration determination w/ aq. KI (Added 05-10-04):
Mudd, J. B.; Leavitt, R.; Ongun, A.; McManus, T. T.
Atmos. Environ. 3, 669 (1969)

For BOS:
Alcohol to aldehyde using Ca(OCl)2 (Added 07-06-04):
C.Y. Meyers, J.Org.Chem. 26, 1046 (1961)

For Armageddon:
Chlorination of aromatic systems with trichloroisocyanuric acid under polar and free-radical conditions (Added 07-06-04):
Eric C. Juenge, D. A. Beal, W. P. Duncan, J. Org. Chem.; 19 70; 35(3); 719-722

Benzylchloride from toluene (various conditions) (Added 07-30-04):
Journal of the Chemical Society  3727-9 (1958)

For josef_k:
N-Alkyl-4-Piperidone Transamination (Added 07-11-04):
Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. (1985)21(12): 1355-1361; 1362-1368
Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 21(10): 1132-1136 (1985)
Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 19(11): 1197-2001 (1984)

For Lego:
Boletus manicus Heim. (Added 07-11-04):
Thomas B.
J Psychoactive Drugs. 2003 Jul-Sep;35(3):393-4.

N,N-Dimethylation of a tryptamine with HCHO/NaBH4 (Added 07-11-04):
Journal of Labelled Compdounds and Radiopharmaceuticals,  38(11), 1021-1030 (1996)

Applications of phase transfer catalysis to arenediazonium cation chemistry. (Added 05-10-04):
Gokel, George W.; Ahern, Michael F.; Beadle, James R.; Blum, Lorna; Korzeniowski, Stephen H.; Leopold, Ahuva; Rosenberg, David E.
Israel Journal of Chemistry 26(3), 270-6 (1985)

For Embezzler:
Synthesis of 1,4-Butanediol by Catalytic Reduction of 2-Bromo- and 2-Iodoethanol with Homogeneous-Phase Nickel(I) Salen Electrogenerated at Carbon and Mercury Cathodes latest addition (11-01-04):
Butler, A. L.; Peters, D. G. , J. Electrochem. Soc. 144, 4212–4217 (1997)

For Rhodium:
Alexander T. Shulgin (Added 06-21-04):
Experientia 19, 127 (1963) and Experientia 20, 366-9 (1964)

The Identification of Cathinone in Khat (Catha edulis): A Time Study (Added 09-03-04):
Lee MM, J. Forensic. Sci. 40(1), 116-121 (1995)

Complex stimulus properties of LSD: a drug discrimination study with α2-adrenoceptor agonists and antagonists (Added 09-03-04):
Marona-Lewicka D., Nichols DE, Psychopharmacology 120(4), 384-91 (1995)

LSD and structural analogs: pharmacological evaluation at D1 dopamine receptors (Added 09-03-04):
Watts VJ., Lawler CP., Fox DR., Neve KA., Nichols DE., Mailman RB, Psychopharmacology 118(4), 401-9 (1995)

Nitroaliphatic Compounds - Ideal Intermediates in Organic Synthesis? (Added 09-27-04):
Dieter Seebach, Ernest W. Colvin, Friedrich Lehr, Thomas Weller, Chimia 33, 1-18 (1979)

Retrieved by Fogged:

For demorol
The Mechanism of the Sandmeyer and Meerwein Reactions (Added 09-03-04):
Jay K. Kochi, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 79, 2942 (1957)

For Captain_America:
Concearning theories of indoles in schizophrenigenesis (Added 10-02-04):
Turner, W.J et al., American Journal of Psychiatry 112, 466-467 (1955)

The prior article was included since it was on the same page for the edification
of those that have more confidence in modern medicine than is warranted crazy

For Potter:
A Simple Method for the Removal of Phenolic Hydroxy-groups (Added 10-02-04):
W. Lonsky, et al., J. Chem. Soc. Perkin. Trans. 1975, Part 1, №2, 169-170
(Vanillin -> 3-MeO-Benzaldehyde)

For Rhodium
Methamphetamine synthesis via reductive alkylation hydrogenolysis of phenyl-2-propanone with N-benzylmethylamine (Added 10-18-04):
Harry F. Skinner, Forensic Sci. Int. 60(3), 155-162 (1993)

Spectral distinction between cis- and trans-4-methylaminorex (Added 10-18-04):
A. W. By , B. A. Dawson , B. A. Lodge and W-W. Sy, Forensic Sci. Int. 43(1), 83-91 (1989)

For Lego:
Conversion of α-Amino Acids into Nitriles by Oxidative Decarboxylation with Trichloroisocyanuric Acid latest addition (11-01-04):
Gene A. Hiegel, Justin C. Lewis, Jason W. Bae
Synth. Comm., 2004, 34(19), 3449-3453

Retrieved by moo:

For psyloxy
Aromatic hydroxylation by a new cupric nitrate-H2O2-phosphate buffer system. (Added 05-17-04):
Nasreen, Aayesha; Adapa, Srinivas R.
Organic Preparations and Procedures International, 32(4), 373-376 (2000). 

For Organikum:
Decarboxylation Studies: I (Added 09-27-04):
R.Davis and H.P.Schultz
J.Org.Chem., 27, 854 (1962)

Retrieved by Kinetic:

For Rhodium
Active Amino Acids. V*5. Synthesis of Optically Active alpha-Aminoalcohols by the Reduction of alpha-Amino Acid Esters with Sodium Borohydride (Added 06-21-04):
Chem. Pharm. Bull., 13 (8), 995-1000 (1965)

Cupric Oxide as an Efficient Catalyst in Methylenation of Catechols (Added 06-21-04):
Chem. Pharm. Bull. 16 (3), 523-526 (1968)

For psyloxy:
Heterogeneous catalysts in the preparation of 2-aryl-1,3-dinitropropanes from beta-nitrostyrenes or benzaldehydes (Added 09-03-04):
Angélica Fierro, Marcos Caroli Rezende, Silvia Sepúlveda-Boza, Miguel Reyes-Parada and Bruce K. Cassels
J. Chem. Research (S)
, 2001, 294–296

For Starlight:
Mild and regioselective oxidative bromination of anilines using potassium bromide and sodium perborate (Added 09-09-04):
Didier Roche, Kapa Prasad,Oljan Repic and Thomas J. Blacklock, Tet. Lett. 41, 2083–2085 (2000)

Oxidative Bromination of Aromatic Amides using Sodium Perborate as Oxidant (Added 09-09-04):
J. R. Hanson, S. Harpel, I. C. R. Medina and D. Rose, J. Chem. Res. (S)432-433 (2000)

For Captain_America:

Reaction of a halogen and magnesium with alcohols and complex esters. V. Reaction of iodine and magnesium with alcohols (Added 09-27-04):
M. T. Dangyan
Chemical Abstracts
1941, 6925

Reaction of iodine and aluminium with ethers and alcohols (Added 09-27-04):
M. T. Dangyan
Chemical Abstracts
1941, 4050

Retrieved by SpicyBrown:

For demerol:
Formylation of the dimethoxybenzenes using phosphorus oxychloride and N-methylformanilide (Added 06-21-04):
Armiger H. Sommers, R. J. Michaels, and Arthur W. Weston
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 74(21), 5546(1952)

Retrieved by java:

For Rhodium:
Genetic and pharmacological evidence of a role for GABA(B) receptors in the modulation of anxiety- and antidepressant-like behavior. (Added 06-21-04):
Mombereau C, Kaupmann K, Froestl W, Sansig G, van der Putten H, Cryan JF.
Neuropsychopharmacology 29(6), 1050-62 (2004)

Although there is much evidence for a role of the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the pathophysiology of anxiety and depression, the role of GABA(B) receptors in behavioral processes related to these disorders has not yet been fully established. GABA(B) receptors are G-protein-coupled receptors, which act as functional heterodimers made up of GABA(B(1)) and GABA(B(2)) subunits. Using recently generated GABA(B(1)) -/- mice, which lack functional GABA(B) receptors, and pharmacological tools we assessed the role of GABA(B) receptors in anxiety- and antidepressant-related behaviors. In the light-dark box, GABA(B(1)) -/- mice were more anxious than their wild-type littermates (less time spent in the light; reduced number of transitions). GABA(B(1)) -/- mice were also more anxious in the staircase test. Conversely, acute and chronic treatment with GS39783, a novel GABA(B) receptor positive modulator, decreased anxiety in the light-dark box and elevated zero maze tests for anxiety. On the other hand, GABA(B(1)) -/- mice had decreased immobility (antidepressant-like behavior) in the forced swim test (FST). These behavioral effects are unrelated to alterations in locomotor activity. In confirmation of the genetic data, acute and chronic treatment with CGP56433A, a selective GABA(B) receptor antagonist, also decreased immobility in the FST, whereas GS39783 did not alter this behavior. Taken together, these data suggest that positive modulation of the GABA(B) receptor may serve as a novel therapeutic strategy for the development of anxiolytics, whereas GABA(B) receptor antagonism may serve as a basis for the generation of novel antidepressants.

For Lego:
Possible mechanism for the neuroprotective effects of L-carnitine on methamphetamine-evoked neurotoxicity (Added 07-30-04):
Virmani A, Gaetani F, Imam S, Binienda Z, Ali S.
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2003 May;993:197-207; discussion 287-8.

The protective role of L-carnitine against neurotoxicity evoked by drug of abuse, methamphetamine, could be related to mitochondrial dysfunction (Added 07-30-04):
Virmani A, Gaetani F, Imam S, Binienda Z, Ali S.
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2002 Jun;965:225-32

Enantioselective Henry Reaction Catalyzed by Salen-Cobalt Complexes (Added 09-03-04):
Youichi Kogami, Takahiro Nakajima, Taketo Ikeno, Tohru Yamada
Synthesis, 2004, 1947-1950

A novel metal promoter for the Sandmeyer reaction. (Added 09-03-04):
Research Disclosure  (1985),  252  171.

For Merbst:
Optimization of the Synthesis Of Oxycodone and 5-Methyloxycodone (Added 07-30-04):
Arch. Pharm. Med. Chem. 329, 325-326, 1996

For Disciple:
Physical characterisations of the New Bis (N-Phenylpiperazines) (Added 09-06-04):
A.W.Baloch and M.Iovu, J.Pharm.Univ.Kar.3(2) 89-94, 1985

Retrieved by Captain_America:

For fallen angel:
Enantiomers of Diastereomeric cis-N-[1-(2-Hydroxy-2-phenylethyl)-3-methyl-4-piperidyl]-N-phenylpropanamides: Synthesis, X-ray Analysis, and Biological Activities (Added 09-06-04):
G. A. Brine, P. A. Stark, Y. Liu, F. I. Carroll, P. Singh, H. Xu, R. B. Rothman, J. Med. Chem.; 1995; 38(9); 1547-1557.

Retrieved by Lego:

For Rhodium:
Die Synthesen des Ephedrins, des Pseudoephedrins, ihrer optischen Antipoden und Razemkörper (Added 07-02-04):
Ernst Späth, Rudolf Göhring
Monatsh. Chem., 1920, 319-338

Retrieved by Vitus_Verdegast:

For Organikum:
Ueber die Oxidation des Cymols und Isopropylbenzols durch Chromylchlorid, ein Beitrach zur Cymolfrage
W.v. Miller & Rohde
Chem. Ber. 24, 1356-1362 (1891)

Zur Kenntnis der Etard'schen Reaction
W.V. Miller & G. Rhode
Chem. Ber. 23, 1070-1082 (1890)

Retrieved by jsorex:

For Rhodium:
The adulteration of drugs: What dealers do to illicit drugs, and what they think is done to them (Added 09-13-04):
Coomber, Ross, Addiction Research 5(4),  297-306 (1997)

The notion that street drugs have been adulterated/diluted by dangerous substances such as Vim, Ajax, ground glass, brick dust and even rat poison is common. Moreover, it is a practice believed to be true by those involved with the researching of drug issues, the treatment and rehabilitation of drug users, the policing of drug users and the educating of drug users (R. Coomber, 1996) as well as by the users themselves. This paper shows, through survey of 31 admitted or convicted drug dealers, that it is also thought to happen and be perpetrated by those who are deemed to be responsible for such adulteration/dilution: the dealers themselves. This, however, does not accord with the forensic evidence, or, as are the concerns of this paper with the practice or experience of individual drug dealers. This paper suggests, on the evidence of interviews with drug dealers at different levels of the drug distribution chain that less adulteration/dilution actually occurs than previously thought and that when it does happen "on the street" it is of relatively benign character.

Cadmium chloride–magnesium–water: a new system for regioselective transformation of conjugated nitroalkenes to ketocompounds (Added 09-13-04):
Manobjyoti Bordoloi, J. Chem. Soc. Chem. Commun., No. 11, 922-923 (1993)

For indole_amine:
Catalytic enantioselective addition to imines (Added 09-27-04):
Kobayashi, Shu, Ishitani, Haruro
Chemical Reviews. Easton: May 1999. Vol. 99, Iss. 5; p. 1069 (26 pages)

Retrieved by gsus:

For Rhodium:
Behavioural Effects of 4-Alkyl-2,5-Dimethoxyamphetamines (Added 09-27-04):
RD Morin, JR Smythies, Experientia 31, 93-95 (1975)

Rapid TLC identification test for khat (Catha edulis) (Added 09-27-04):
T. Lehmann , S. Geisshüsler and R. Brenneisen
Forensic Science International 45(1-2), 47-51 (1990)

Synthesis of deuterium labelled drugs of abuse for use as internal standards in quantification by selected ion monitoring. I.
Methamphetamine: 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine (DOM); phencyclidine (PCP); and methaqualone
(Added 09-27-04):
Fentiman A.F. Jr.; Foltz R.L., J. Label. Compounds Radiopharm. 12(1), 69-78 (1976)

Synthesis of deuterio-l-amphetamine, d1 sulfate (Added 09-27-04):
Foreman RL, Siegel FP, Mrtek RG.
J Pharm Sci. 1969 Feb;58(2):189-92.

The Synthesis of a New Homologue of Mescaline (Added 09-27-04):
Hey, P., Quarterly Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Vol. 20, 129-134 (1947)

Use of MDA (the Love Drug) and methamphetamine in Toronto by unsuspecting users of Ecstasy (MDMA) (Added 09-27-04):
Kalasinsky, KS; Hugel, J; Kish, SJ
J. Forensic Sci., Vol. 49, No. 5, 1106-1112 (2004)

Synthesis of methaqualone and its diphasic titration in pure and tablet forms (Added 09-27-04):
Soliman F.S.G., Shafik R.M., Elnenaey E.A.
J. Pharm. Sci. 67(3), 411-413 (1978)

11C-labeling of indolealkylamine alkaloids and the comparative study of their tissue distributions (Added 09-27-04):
Takahashi T, Takahashi K, Ido T, Yanai K, Iwata R, Ishiwata K, Nozoe S.
Int J Appl Radiat Isot. 36(12), 965-9 (1985)

A protocol for the evaluation of new psychoactive drugs in man. (Added 10-06-04):
Shulgin AT, Shulgin LA, Jacob P 3rd., Meth and Find Exptl Clin Pharmacol. 8(5), 313-20 (1986)

A protocol is presented that has proven effective in the determination, in man, of the psychotomimetic potency and qualitative nature of action of a new drug. It involves a minimum of animal screening, but relies heavily upon the use of experienced human subjects. This procedure has been successful in the discovery of over 200 novel CNS-active agents.

Synthesis of High Specific Activity 1 2 3 I-Labeled N-Isopropyl p-Iodoamphetamine via Organoborane Chemistry (Added 10-06-04):
RS Varma & GW Kabalka
J. Labelled Comp Radiopharm., 23, 1244-1245 (1986)

Structure-Activity-Relationships Of MDMA and Related-Compounds - A New Class Of Psychoactive-Drugs (Added 10-18-04):
Nichols DE, Oberlender R, Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci, 600, 613-625 (1990)

[Synthesis of α-methylthio-acetone] (Added 10-18-04):
S. Iriuchijima, K. Tanokuchi, K. Tadokoro, and G. Tsuchihashi
Agr. Biol. Chem., 40, 1031 (1976)

Identification of Some Chemical Analogues and Positional Isomers of Methaqualone (Added 10-18-04):
Dal Cason TA, Angelos SA, Washington O
J. Forensic Sci. 26(4), 793-833 (1981)

The drug 2-methyl-3-ortho-tolyl-4-quinazolinone (methaqualone) and 15 chemical analogues and positional isomers were synthesized and identified by spectroscopic techniques. The series of analogues studied includes the compounds formed through substitution of hydrogen or halogen atoms in place of the methyl group of the 3-tolyl substituent in methaqualone. Additionally, the substituent's positional orientation of ortho, meta, or para is considered. Infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance, and mass spectra of the compounds are distinctive, and reference spectra are provided. Gas-liquid and thin-layer chromatographic systems for analysis of the compounds as well as melting point and ultraviolet data are discussed.

The Cocaine Diastereoisomers (Added 10-18-04):
Allen AC, Cooper DA, Kiser WO, Cottrell RC
J. Forensic Sci. 26(1), 12-26 (1981)

The Characterization of Some 3,4-Methylenedioxyphenylisopropylamine (MDA) Analogs (Added 10-18-04):
Dal Cason TA, J. Forensic Sci. 34, 928–961 (1989)

A Fatality Involving U4Euh (Added 10-18-04):
FT Davis and ME Brewster
J. Forensic Sci. 33, 549-553 (1988)

For Ganesha:
Evaluation of 3,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA) as an Adjunct to Psychotherapy (Added 09-27-04):
C. Naranjo, A.T. Shulgin, and T. Sargent
Med. Pharmacol. exp. 17, 359-364 (1967)

For Nicodem:
Sigma compounds derived from phencyclidine: identification of PRE-084, a new, selective sigma ligand (Added 09-27-04):
TP Su, XZ Wu, EJ Cone, K Shukla, TM Gund, AL Dodge and DW Parish
J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 259(2), 543-550 (1991)

For java:
Hydriodic Acid (Added 10-18-04):
Fieser & Fiester, Reagents for Organic Synthesis Vol.1, 449, 1967

For Vitus Verdegast:
Analgesic Activity Profile of a-Allylphenethylamine HCl (Aletamine) (Added 10-18-04):
I. Shemano, J.T. Hitchens, S. Goldstein, J.M. Beiler
Arch. int. Pharmacodyn., 172, 251-259 (1968)

for 7is:
Improved pharmacological activity via pro-drug modification: comparative pharmacokinetics of sodium gamma-hydroxybutyrate and gamma-butyrolactone (Added 10-18-04):
Lettieri J, Fung H-L, Research Communications in Chemical Pathology and Pharmacology 22(1), 107-118 (1978)

Although gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) rapidly converts to gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) in vivo, the lactone gave significantly more prolonged hypnotic effects than GHB when equimolar doses were compared both parenterally and orally in rats. Plasma drug concentrations were higher after GBL administration through both routes, consistent with the observed differences in the pharmacological activity of these two compounds. Oral GBL was absorbed much faster than oral GHB, with the dual effects of decreasing potential first-pass metabolism and elevating plasma drug concentrations to the region where capacity-limited elimination is operative. Parenteral GBL produced a slower initial drug plasma clearance than parenteral GHB. In spite of the rapid metabolism of GBL to GHB, the apparent tissue distribution of these two compounds may be different.

for Captain America:
Ueber einige Oxydationsproducte des Alkohols latest addition (11-01-04):
H. Debus, Ann. 100, 1-19 (1856)

Ueber einige Umwandlungen der Oxalsäure latest addition (11-01-04):
A.H. Church, Ann. 130, 48-53 (1864)

Retrieved by indole_amine:

For Barium:
Catalytic debenzylation. The effect of substitution on the strength of the O-benzyl and N-benzyl linkages (Added 10-18-04):
(R. Baltzly and J. Buck), J. Am. Chem. Soc. Vol 65 (1943) pages 1984-1992

effects of amines on O-benzyl group hydrogenolysis (Added 10-18-04):
(C. Bronislav and R. Bartsch), J. Org. Chem. 49 (1984) 4076-4078

Retrieved by hypo:

For captain_america:
[2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromoacetophenone] latest addition (11-01-04):
Synthesis of the C-glycoside fragment of nogalamycin and some nogalamycin precursors.
Bates, M. A.; Sammes, P. G.; Thomson, G. A.
J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans. 1, 3037-3045 (1988)

Retrieved by stalin:

For Rhodium:
Weakly Basic Impurities in Illicit Amphetamine latest addition (11-01-04):
AM van der Ark et al.

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