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06-02-04 02:42
No 510820
      xylene mixtures     

I recently found a gallon of xylene, ethyl benzene, and methyl isobutyl ketone. Xylene and ethyl benzene sound like they can be interchanged for pseudo extractions but i dont know about the mibk. Can i use this mixture in place of plain xylene for extracting pseudo? im most likly going to be using the straight to e method. thanks for your help!
(Hive Bee)
06-02-04 03:09
No 510826
      what are the relative % of each?     

what are the relative % of each?

if you find that the xylene content is low and it would be more usefull to just go and buy xylene, its commonly availible in hardware stores.

you could frac still the xylene out but once again it depends on the % content of each component in the mix.

Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...
06-03-04 00:42
No 511103
      where does it say %?     

I used the fucking search engine but i didnt find anything. I dont see anywhere were it states the preceent of xylene in the mix, is there a way to find it out the precent of the xylene with another number??? I wish i could find xylene around here, but everything is mixed; cleaners of all types and solvents. thanks for your help
06-03-04 02:35
No 511135
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      think about this     

I think one may reasonably expect that ketone to behave like acetone or methyl ethyl ketone. The mixture probably won't be nonpolar enough to extract well. Just my thought.

We'll all meet someday...on the other side
(Hive Bee)
06-03-04 10:59
No 511197
      MIBK not very polar     

MIBK is not very polar.  It is only mildly soluble in water.  However this can be used to separate it from xylene/ethyl benzene if the percentage is low enough. It is soluble about 1.9g/100g in water.  MIBK has a good probability of interferring with a pseudo extraction, but you never can tell it might be the miracle solvent for some formulation.
(Fragile ego)
06-05-04 16:06
No 511628
      That would bee a good mixture for pill washing     

That would bee a good mixture for pill washing as (pseudo)ephedrine is not soluable in any of the solvents.  Unlike pure xylene this mixture should bee dried because MIBK has the capability to hold some water.

Most xylene has around 15% ethylbenzene in it anyways, its a natural byproduct of industrial xylene production. - The Exception to the Rulers
06-06-04 04:17
      ill give it a try
(Rated as: off-topic)
06-06-04 12:17
      well swims come from augusto fontini of the...
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(Hive Bee)
06-06-04 15:38
No 511794
      'I know i should start a new thread for this...'     

'I know i should start a new thread for this but...'

Then why didn't you? The rules about posting are amazingly simple.

Buying cold pills, and extracting them with some crap you found in the hardware store are topics for the stimulants forum.

Simple, yes?
06-08-04 04:50
No 512149
      my apologies     

sorry about the off topic question. as far as on topic, the mixture works wonderfuly as a non polar solvent! thanks everyone!smile
11-07-04 12:41
No 540179
      Pill Extraction and wasshing     

could you please give me some advice on how to extract actifed with xylene. ?????????

(Hive Bee)
11-07-04 14:05
No 540185
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      Re: how to extract Actifed with Xylene?     

how to extract Actifed with Xylene?

We'll one can't simply extract pseudo with xylene alone as pfed isn't soluble in it.  So if one put simply put Xylene on some ground UP pillz, then all you could expect would be for it to pull some gakks like povidone.

However xylene is often used when abee prefers to A/B his pseudo.  Here is a link to EvilScripter69's working cure Post 535119 (evilscripter69: "Ghetto FB extraction w/ 80% + returns", Stimulants)

Also UF's hydrolysis works as well and one may bee able to sub. xylene for toluene.Post 501189 (UncleFester: "publishing emergency", Stimulants)

Another little sip/ a bit deeper in debt

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