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(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
08-30-04 21:18
No 528313
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      Boosting The Efectiveness of Benzos     

In my dreams, I've been getting a buzz off klonopin every week to avoid addiction. Besides booze and pot, how can I really improve the the buzz. I can already hear the wise-ass responses, but I still have hope that someone can at least try to help. Thanks in advance! Peace!cool

Love My Country, Fear My Government
08-31-04 05:08
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      I don't know how easy or hard tolerance is to...     

I don't know how easy or hard tolerance is to achieve here, but gabatropin (phenibut) attaches to a different part of the GABA receptor than benzos. The two seem to have potentiating effects (e.g. you see stars). My superstack is alcahol, pheni and a bennie, and theanine and kava to chill me out. Just my retarded stack- but I gurentee wicked sleep. Too much alcahol will cause you to go into a coma. I stick to like 1 shot.

Sometimes I think I'd be better off dead. No, wait, not me, you.
(Hive Bee)
08-31-04 14:22
No 528501
      my advice...     

... benzos are shitty drugs to get really high off.
This phenibut thing might work but normal GABA doesn´t do shit with benzos. G&benzos knocks you out like a general anaesthetic but without much fun involved.

If you prefer oral benzos better stick to 1-2mg flunitrazepam.
IV/IM benzos are a whole another world but some people find it difficult to obtain them. Pill extractions are a no go cause the binders involved and beside midazolam and the few other benzos with moderate h20 solubility even for someone experienced with galenics it´s a pain in the ass to get diazepam&friends into a proper solution.

If you have access to benzo inj. solutions, midazolam gives the best rush. Inject 25-50mg slowly IV to avoid bolusinjections. Be 100% sure that you hit the vein properly, the necrosis risk is quite high but lower as with barbs.Do it slowly cause the benzylalcohol is at least a bit tissue irritating.

diazepam IM is a bit disappointing: onset at around T+10-15minute but not as euphoric as it should be, in comparison to other pharmaceuticals the resorption is IM not that good. 10-20mg are comparable to 40-60mg oral.

injected benzos nearly always induce amnesia and lead to strange behaviour like some bees reported from alprozolam§ethanol, so be careful if you have a tendency to
do stupid things while under the influence of psychoactive compounds ;-)
( I think i remember some of your trip reports sounded pretty loco to SWIM  ;-))

If injection is no option for SWIY but you like the GABAnergic effects of benzo you should give barbs a try.
Believe me barbs in a sufficient dose are highly pleasurable and will give you a very peaceful and relaxing buzz that you couldn´t reach even with excessive benzo doses. Long and ultra-long  acting barbs aren´t of much recreational value so stay away from methylpento-/pentobarbital.

Pentobarbital and secobarbital are the right choice!
ultra short acting barbs like thiopental or thiamylal are even better!

Cause of the stress they put on ya liver and the hangover they shouldn´t be used more than 1 time a week anyways.

I hope this isn´t too offtopic but give it a try!

Hive bee por vida!
(Hive Bee)
08-31-04 14:51
No 528507

Similar to what aragorn eluded to, benzos by themeselves aren't much fun.

They seem to be at their best when combined with other substances. For me in particular it's CNS stimulants I love to mix these with benzos, and they are a godsend for when the go wears off.

I usually won't dose myself unless I have both handy.

Anyway, this doesn't really potentiate the benzo effect, but it feels really good (which is simply what you're looking for, no?)

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country did to you.
(Hive Bee)
08-31-04 15:12
No 528513

Do you really use benzos along with CNS stimulants?

Don´t get me wrong: for comedown they are a gift but
the GABAnergic effects counteract much of the euphoria induced  by stimulants if you use them from the start. Especially with meth this selective reduction of dopamine release is highly appreciated in the aftermeth
and feels better than benzos alone ever could but  for the first several hours stimulants should better stay lonely in your system (maybe with the exception of G).

Please clarify ;-)

Hive bee por vida!
(Hive Bee)
08-31-04 16:04
No 528524
      Yes, yes I do     

You raise some very good points I didn't actually know, and pharmacologically you seem to understand much more than I about this particular class of compounds smile.

I do not start off by taking both stims and benzos immediatly togethor, as I do understand that would be detrimental to my goalsmile. While I am a huge fan of combining psychoactives to achieve a pleasureable effect(especially stims/benzos). I also am an advocate of getting the cleanest psychotomimetic effect out of a drug.

To clarify, I'm saying I like to take a compound and let it be metabolized, and only after getting a good feel for it in its pure form, will I alter my 'trip' with other substances (even pot, booze, or tobacco are abstained from, for usually like 3 hours).

I only eat these drugs, so I would usually take a xanax when the rush from the speed wears off.(4-5 hours later?)

I feel this is most important for compounds like Speed, MDMA, and other amphetamines. I smoke much cannabis, but I do not like the effect at all with these drugs, untill they wear off.

Psilocybin, LSD and other psychadelics I usually have a hard time not smoking grass during the comeup, but thats just me and I love pot with tryptamines. smile

I wholeheartedly agree, for the first several hours stimulants should be alone in the system smile

I've never fucked around with G, I really want to and hopefully will sometime.

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country did to you.
(Hive Bee)
08-31-04 17:58
No 528538

... sounds like a very responsible user. SWIM could never understand how some people could eat 10pills a night along with booze and dank.

You´re right some drugs are simply not made to combine them with others. For example meth doesn´t go well with 
any other upper type drug and even opioides suck on MA while  they are fun with coke.
The great exception is G:
SWIM drinks about 5-10 doses of 2,5-4g (as GHB-salt) on meth. ALthough swim is in general a cautious drug user his highest daily G dose was 50g+ and the  highest single dose 20g NaGHB. But G is another story...

Beside cocaine most other stimulants (without hallucinogenic properties) suck: amphetamine is pure bullshit, methylphenidate is okay but if you are looking for a great synergism try amphetaminil (2-[(α-Methylphenethyl)amino]-2-phenylacetonitril)and smoke a simple cigarette to it. The nicotine feels so incredible good with it that it´s beside ma and coke SWIMs favorite stim.

SWIM bioassays pychedelics and dissociatives more out of scientifical curiousity than out of recreational purposes,
I never liked them much - way too selfreflectory and the loose of selfcontrol is even worse.
2cb is the only psychedelic i like cause even hallucinations are present my mind stays clear and i don´t feel like a insance clown ;-)

BTW: When it comes to benzos oral applications is the right choice, beside the IV rush the don´t get any better.
I had one extraordinary incident on my first 2mg flunitrazepam with a nearly ++++ on the shulgin scale without any pychedelics involved but never reached that state again. Optical interferences like double-vision are fun too, but not worth the stress you put on your body with high benzo doses.

Personally i don´t like xanax that much; beside flunitrazepam good ol´ diazepam ist still my favorite, only when you have to get up early in the morning shorter acting benzos like alpro or midazolam are a good alternative.

one more question:

Have you also made the experience that for other (and even weaker) stims like meth benzos doesn´t work that good for comedown?
For example even after a moderate dose raceamic amphetamine
SWIM could use 2-3fold the benzo amount he needs for the aftermeth  and he still couldn´t go to sleep. The same goes for serotoninergenic drugs like the MDX family...

The pharmacological cause is known by SWIM
 but i haven´t found a downer which fits my needs when it comes to other stims than ma and coke.  Any suggestions?

So that´s enough - this thread turns into a tweaker PM type  dialog ;-)

have fun!

Uprise, uprise time for revolution open your eyes!


(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
09-01-04 22:32
No 528957
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"IV/IM benzos are a whole another world but some people find it difficult to obtain them."

  I'm one of those people. I can get some nice short-acting benzos, but I can't get the suckers to dissolve in hot dH2O. I have a friend that IMed bromazepam in 50/50 vodka/water, and he loved it. I miss the days when short-acting barbs were very available. I used to get some oversea co.'s to special order the stuff, but I'm rejected every time I make the request these days. The states are really tightening their grip and being a real buzz-kill. I've ordered codeine tabs twice in the past few months, and both times I got a nasty-gram from customs. I don't know if this is just with my favorite pharmacy or if this bull-shit is widespread. Finding barb sources is getting harder for me, so any help would be much appreciated(PM me)! Peace!coolcool

Love My Country, Fear My Government
(Hive Bee)
09-01-04 23:41
No 528976
      Re: I don't know how easy or hard tolerance is     

I don't know how easy or hard tolerance is to achieve here, but gabatropin (phenibut) attaches to a different part of the GABA receptor than benzos. The two seem to have potentiating effects (e.g. you see stars). My superstack is alcahol, pheni and a bennie, and theanine and kava to chill me out. Just my retarded stack- but I gurentee wicked sleep. Too much alcahol will cause you to go into a coma. I stick to like 1 shot.

WTF... do you play russian roulette as well? Or is this combo safer than it sounds?

Anyway, I came in here to suggest l-theanine, and am interested to learn that there are multiple GABA receptors (saw this in another pubmed article today, when they mentioned GABA-A, and I was like, whoa, there's more than one GABA receptor).

So differently divine...
09-02-04 02:28
No 529015
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      The Hive
(Rated as: good read)

The hive itself contains a wealth of information concerning GABA-A and GABA-B receptors and their respective agonists/antagonists. , I do not recall any information regarding GABA-C however that is probably due to the fact that  it is not really that "on-topic" for our purposes.

For further information on GABA receptors read this.

Mary Chebib and Graham A R Johnston
Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, 1999, 26, 937-940



     Unipolar Mania, It's good for life... laugh
(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
09-02-04 02:45
No 529019
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      the most..     

The most I have is neurontin - gaba pentyn.tongue

Love My Country, Fear My Government
(Hive Bee)
09-02-04 18:38
No 529176
      (Keep in mind I'm asking this before ...     

(Keep in mind I'm asking this before downloading the PDF since I HATE Acrobat on my POS non-upgradeable machine, and the doc is only GABA anyway)

Are there any good charts which document the various receptors and their subtypes (? that the word for like 5HT1a vs. 1b vs. 1c etc.) of the brain receptors?

I will go looking posthaste, but so far have been searching on pubmed (yes, I have a pubmed fetish) and found not much, and on google, found a short paragraph, but it only listed like one broad thing for each receptor (e.x. 5HT3 was listed for emesis, and I'm sure it does more than that, right? and there were no 1a, 1b, etc. subtypes).


So differently divine...
10-02-04 05:42
No 534107
      Grapefruit boosts the effects of xanax     

I was reading this post and expected to see the grapefruit/xanax thing mentioned. Especialy since it mentions on most rx bottles not to mix xanax with grapefruit. I had read that before they started putting it on the bottles.Something in a medical journal about some kind of chemical similarity. Eat a grapefruit and or take the xanax with real grapefruit juice. I don t know how this works with other benzos. Btw if you have no acess to benzos, grapefruit or green tea can be very relaxing in themselves.

(Hive Addict)
10-02-04 09:51
No 534138
      That's because alprazolam is metabolized by...     

That's because alprazolam is metabolized by the enzyme cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4), and grapefruit inhibits this enzyme in the intestine, but apparently not in the liver.

fear fear hate hate
(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
10-10-04 02:29
No 535135
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      cyclosporine therapy     

I remember reading about the CYP3A4 enzyme a while but it was strictly in regards to DXM trip boosting. That's why I ingest GF juice 2 hours before and during the trip, with the exeption of a few beers.wink I wish the article went into what substance in GF juice does this, but instead, I learned how to save money on cyclosporine therapy. Oh well, people in hell want ice water.tongue What about saving money on beer?laugh I'll save that for another post. Peace!cool

Love My Country, Fear My Government
10-12-04 05:08
      Injecting benzos in vodka...
(Rated as: insignificant)
10-13-04 01:50
      No Need..
(Rated as: off-topic)
10-27-04 20:51
No 538140
      Ahhhh the good old days...     

Ahhhh the good old days... speed mixed with GHB and MDMA+G were the best times of my life. Not only the euphoria was incredible, but also there was no comedown. Too bad that it's hard to find G nowadays.
(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
11-10-04 19:30
No 540887
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      "Too bad that it's hard to find G ...     

"Too bad that it's hard to find G nowadays."

  A retarded goth-turtle in my dreams said, "Yeah, I'm bummed-out by that also. A while back, someone tried a scaled-up bromate/THF - GBL synth; The bromate salt was added too fast and not enough cooling was provided; reaction vessel cracked-open and a large bromine cloud formed. Needed gallons of water to dilute it..Depressing.frown"

Love My Country, Fear My Government
(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
11-10-04 19:54
No 540890
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      Yeah benzos kind of suck; They'll stop a ...     

Yeah benzos kind of suck; They'll stop a panick-attack, but they definately don't give the euphoria of a tab of methaqualone dissolved in your favorite drink. After that, lay-off the booze so it won't cloud the unique effects of the drug. - Plus, you don't want to have respiratory failure, or gag on your own vomit and end-up in the hospital with a case of pneumonia. Wish I had more info on active analouges and more methods of producing precursors.

Love My Country, Fear My Government

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