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09-27-04 08:50
No 533365
      Red Bull / Taurine ???     

swim wanted to know which extraction to do on a solution 85% Sudo and 15% Taurine need to extract the sudo out of the Taurine , swim never came across that mixtures before. can that be extracted ???crazy. Taurine is out of RED BULL drinks , its not Toluene what we all know Taurine , swim was just  going to do the basic straight E or A/B then titrate it , swim  just wanted some other suggestions .

I Am A Information Junky.. Knowledge Is Power
(Hive Bee)
09-27-04 11:09
No 533372
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      I gots to ask...     

How does one come by pseudo/taurine mix?? Or did you have some sort of accident??

I'm not trying to get you post sources or anything, just curious is all....tongue


I don't have a drug problem! ...I've got heaps.
(Hive Bee)
09-27-04 11:31
No 533373
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      Taurine from red bull, and pseudoephedrine?     

Taurine from red bull, and pseudoephedrine?
I just did a search for Taurine and Pseudo in google, didnt come up with anything so im guessing you slipped up somewhere.
Provide all the details and we'll help you out.

Your an individual just like everyone else.
09-27-04 21:33
No 533441
      thai redbull has amphetamine     

and nicotine, probably taurine and glucuronolactone b's etc just like the one here except for the amphetamine and nicotine... well put it this way, when i bought what were apparently the last of the thai redbulls that got into australia. I wasn't smoking tobacco at the time so the nic was nasty...

anyone know if they still even sell it in thailand, with all this business of shooting meth cooks and dealers?
09-27-04 21:48
No 533443

The thai red bulls disapeared from the local shop about a year ago but they're back....Smith st Collingwood, Melbourne...Asian grocery near Moor you get in trouble for revealing sources of red bull? me thinks not...
(Hive Bee)
09-28-04 05:12
No 533510
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      I saw some refrences on the net to the thai...     

I saw some references on the net to the thai red bull, its in the glass bottle yeah.
But could'nt find any ingredients.
Besides, even if it did have pseudo in it, i doubt there would be anywhere near enough to make it worth while.
Plus the cost of one of these drinks compared to the amount of pseudo in it?shocked

Your an individual just like everyone else.
09-28-04 05:59
No 533513
      how would one get it in if that way was the...     

how would one get it in if that way was the only way, its not something premixed what everyones talking about,..anyway guys thanks deliberately puts Psuedo into Taurinecoolcool

I Am A Information Junky.. Knowledge Is Power
(Hive Bee)
09-28-04 10:03
No 533537
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      Well if its just pseudo and taurine i guess...     

Well if its just pseudo and taurine i guess you could just evap the lot and see what you get. If the taurine evaps clean then you will be left with just the pseudo unless their was something else in it.
If the taurine doesnt evap clean then dissolve the lot in water, add a NP bring the PH up to 13 and work up normally.

Your an individual just like everyone else.
09-28-04 19:47
No 533613
      it's amphetamine     

it has listed on the ingredients something at 10mg and something at 20mg i vaguely recall, and the person who sold it to me said it was amphetamine in it and it certainly woke me up... The ingredients was written in thai, it'd be cool for someone to get it translated and popped onto this thread for interest's sake.

Not advised to nonsmokers, nicotine makes a nonsmoker feel nauseated.
(Hive Addict)
09-28-04 21:31
No 533638
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      arent the penalties for possesion of     

amphetamine in thailand pretty severe?I cant see them allowing this openly? seriously doubt it is pseudo it would taste like shit.Its probably just caffeine.

chemically enhanced.
(Hive Bee)
10-01-04 04:10
No 533997
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      Ok I see now...     

SWIX thinks experiment probably pretty important here. You don't wanna take risks only to have it all turn to shit because you can't get a clean sep. Traditional methods should work thou I guess. Obviously a/b ain't gonna work because taurine is an amine, but it should fraction under vacuum distillation or something. And then there is solvents. SWIX is guessing that sulfonic group will have some properties that could be exploited here. Do some ground work first dude...


Reality is just a crutch for people who can't handle drugs...
11-10-04 15:29
No 540836
      Thai Red Bull is more popular abroad than in...     

Thai Red Bull is more popular abroad than in Thailand.  They are still quite available but not as popular as other brands.  To my knowledge, it does not contain amphetamine, but it sure does contain a lot of cafeine. 

It is also true that the penalty for possesion of amphetamine is quite severe, especially since the government declared the war on drug a couple of years ago.  Therefore, I don't think that they dare putting amphetamine in it. 

Next time I will buy one and see what they put as ingredients and will share the info with our fellow bees.
(Hive Bee)
11-10-04 21:02
No 540906
      Red Bull Energy Drink - The Review...     

Red Bull Energy Drink - The Review

Red Bull Energy Supplement
Category: Int'l Energy Drinks; Packaging: 150ml glass

Right from the start, Red Bull Thai edition looks quite different than its US or European counterpart. Packaged in a 150ml glass bottle and labeled as a liquid vitamin supplement, the packaging definitely presents the product in a different light than the stock 8.2 oz can that energy drinks usually come in. As for the taste, the core flavor is the same as the other formulations, but this one is not carbonated and is much sweeter than the others. Not too mention that the taste is actually palatable. Overall, much better than the US formulation. Give it a try.

I've heard of nicotine in another engergy drink from asia that arnold shwartzinager? hawks on commercials, but amphetamine, come on
11-11-04 15:43
No 541027
      Thai Red Bull Ingredients - if you care to know     

I got a Thai Red Bull (which is called THEOPLEX-L)in 100ml glass bottle.  Here are the ingredients(please pardon my translation)

Sucrose 16g
Taurine 800mg
Caffeine 0.05g
Inocitol 20mg
Dexpanthinal 5mg
Citric acid 0.66g
Vitamin B3 20mg
Vitamin B6 3mg

Of course there is no amphetamine.

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