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(Hive Bee)
10-09-04 01:59
No 534993
      Imitation Sassafras Oil?     

I know that trying to get any precursor from imitation sassafras oil is a waste of time, but I can’t find out what chemical(s) it’s made from. Any bees know what it contains?

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(Chief Bee)
10-10-04 22:45
No 535243
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      Noone here will help you make fake precursors.     

Noone here will help you make fake precursors.

The Hive - Clandestine Chemists Without Borders
(Hive Bee)
10-11-04 02:46
No 535272
      If that was someone's intent I would ...     

If that was someone's intent I would definitely consider that to bee a good thing. wink I'm just curious to find out what it is. Was searching forever... no luck. crazyfrown

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(Hive Bee)
10-11-04 20:07
No 535389
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      fake sassy in the gc/ms     

Buy some and practice your analytical chemistry on it.

Better loving through chemistry.
(Hive Bee)
10-12-04 03:57
No 535460
      analytic chem is cool     

...or practice some chromatography.  requires no expensive equipment.
(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
10-18-04 06:31
No 536303
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      soluble in water     

Whatever it is, it's soluble in water, and it smells more like bubble gum than real sassy oil - That's my experience.

Love My Country, Fear My Government
11-05-04 14:26
No 539855
      Without knowing a good, reliable and safe...     

Without knowing a good, reliable and safe source, I got samples of sassafras oils from three sources from the Internet and none of them is the same.  One is almost just the stuff used for pure favoring.  It smells just like 'root beer'.  The other two have different smells, but the smell is similar to some of the pills I had taken.  I checked the congenealing points and found that the first one that smells like 'root beer' stays clear even at -2 deg C.  It must contain no content that I desire or very little.  The other two has congenealing points of about 6 deg C and 4 deg C respectively.  I guess they must contain what I am looking for.  I have not done any distillation to get the desired content as I still do not have every piece of equipment for vaccuum distillation. 

Today, I went back to the sources for the last two samples that I have, hoping to buy some more.  They no longer have anymore available.frown
(Hive Bee)
11-05-04 19:28
No 539875
      Yeah... all the oils I checked that where...     

Yeah... all the oils I checked that where intended for food use didn't contain any safrole. Some say "Safrole Free" on the bottle, but most don't. I assume none of these contain safrole as it's listed as a carcinogen. Well... there are other ways... check Rhodium's page. wink

Crank is part of this complete breakfast.
11-06-04 16:13
No 540035
      Cinnamon oils is very common and very ...     

Cinnamon oils is very common and very accesible where I live.  I noted that one could synthesize what we are after from Eugenol but I am a new bee taking my time on the more known path.  I also bought some seeds of Piper hispidinervium and in the process of germinating them hoping to cultivate them for their oils.  I am also trying to get some Piper auritum but have not gotten the access yet.  I also found one source in France that sell SAS oil, but the minimum order is 1Kg.  I am afraid of getting that large order shipped to where I live.crazy
(Hive Bee)
11-07-04 12:12
No 540178
      If that source in France is a source i ...
(Rated as: good advice !!)

If that source in France is a source i know(and i know only one source in France) it's snitch and will inform DEA if you order SAS from em.
11-08-04 01:57
No 540298
      Thanks a bunch. I only found one source from...     

Thanks a bunch.  I only found one source from the net that is located in France.  If we all know that this source will inform DEA, should we name it so that other bees would not fall to this trap?

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