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10-17-04 23:41
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      What?!? 4-Methylaminorex degrades?!?     

My life is over!  Goodbye cruel world!  Where are you Jack Kevorkian when you're really needed?   Start that IV drip NOW!  I just received the most devasting news...that 4-methylaminorex (aka U4Euh, aka 4MAR, aka Ice) degrades at room temperature!  Please somebody tell me it isn't so. If it is true, is there any way to combat this?  Do both the freebase and salts degrade at RT?  Does one form degrade less slowly? Please respond quick... a life depends upon it!

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.
(Chief Bee)
10-18-04 00:07
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      What is your source for this information?     

What is your source for this information? If it's anecdotal information, then I bet that the substance was not pure and had either acidic or basic impurities in it.

The Hive - Clandestine Chemists Without Borders
10-18-04 03:32
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      Totally anecdotal     

It was totally anecdotal.  Thanks Rhodium! God Bless.

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.

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