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10-18-04 12:55
      Ephedrine -> Methcathinone
(Rated as: UTFSE!)
(Balanced Ego)
10-18-04 16:27
No 536380
      yes and no (or no and yes)     

there's many (billions?) compounds with that formula. one of them is ephedrine.

ps: ephedrine related questions go into the stimulant forum...

"And you for sure cant read nor write assembler, idiot." - orgy.
10-19-04 13:43
(Rated as: UTFSE!)
(Balanced Ego)
10-20-04 08:36
No 536763

to make it blunt: there's only one ephedrine molecule.
(now i could embark on a long talk about conformations, isomers, tautomers,
kinetics, statistical quantum thermodynamics and so on, bordering on the
philosophical, but... wrong forum. sigh.)

10-21-04 10:21
No 536942
      Ephedrine -> Cat     

you mix 3gr Ephedrine HCL in 450 ml des.water and 6gr KMnO4 in 350 ml des.water is it possible to mix 30gr Ephedrine HCL in 450 ml des.water and 60 gr KMnO4 in 350ml des.water because the problem is that when you want to make a synthese with 500gr ephedrine and you have just only a 5Litre Pyrex pot it needs a lot of time when you can just make maximum 30gr at once!


Thanks to all !!!
10-21-04 17:53
No 536982
      KMno4 is a very powerful oxidizer that would...     

KMno4 is a very powerful oxidizer that would probably burn your sudo at these concentrations. chroimic oxides in the +6 state of oxid. are better suited to make cat. if you read and UTFSE youll find that the only reason you can bee semi-sucessful with this method is because of the lower temp and the dilution rate. either scale the entire opperation or get some chromium trioxide and do it
11-07-04 09:56
No 540169
      Made an oxidation yesterday     

Well yesterday Swir thougt it would be fun oxidating
the pseudo of his 120er pills ( ca 24 ) ~ 3 g Pseudo
First Problems came with the extraction : the stuff didnt
want to dissolve completely and left slime like pills on the ground of my flask i waited 4 houres .... but this state didnt change ! So i took my mixer and started mixing all up
After mixing up the resulting Foam and slime didnt want
to precapitate so i just filtered through 2 coffee filters
and ended up with a pretty milky solution , further filtrations changed nothing .ok Swir thought and prepared the KMnO4 Solution measured 16 ml of the saturated soln @ 25 ° . And added to his milky white Pseuso soln , placed the whole mess in the refrigator @ 0,5 C° and let it there for ca 11 h . when swim opende the refrigator he smelled the sweet odor of amolds extract and pistacioicecream and thought f****** damn too much oxidation !
He just wanted to see what he ended up with and so he extracted with 2 x 30 ml Et2O ( to get freebase ?) ^^
well after evaporation of the solvent he got a few ml
of an slightly yellow amolds semlling oil .
most of it should  be benzaldehyd Swir thought but lets see
what i get when i add little Hcl ok took a little bit Et2O
again gassed and evaporated and ended with yellow oil with a very little bit of some cristalline stuff in it !"
So bee careful with your oxidator !!!!!
(Hive Bee)
11-07-04 19:59
No 540232
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start by reading uncle festers thread "deconstuctions thought" first. it seems you dont even know what the fuck gak is. if you could get your psudeo clean (which you didnt) then you might bee able to make some cat. cat sucks anyway. with all the trouble to get clean feedstock these days, why would you waste your time with cat? atleast make something that doesnt leave you with a headache...tongue

Don't you think if I had something intelligent to say, it would bee in my post?
11-07-04 20:05
No 540234
      ur right....     

Well i had too much time to spend .
And just wanted to taste this stuff plus i had still some 120es at hand ( i hate to make meth with pills ,there are much more pleasant ways ) but it looks like i totaly screwed the rxn up . well shit happens . But nxt time ill first extract
the clean pseudo and the oxidate or perhaps reduce .

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