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10-18-04 15:22
No 536366
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      240 exctraction     

Swim grinded up all his pill and added a suffficient amount of  MeOh.  Let it sit for a will then fillter.  However when dried the psuedo is blue.  I have tryed acetone washed to no avail.  Im not really worried about color but it would be nice to know how to get some of the other bullshit out.  Oh yea its a birch baby so I could just add it to some dry IPA and go.    any suggestions.  Oh yea I think swim pulled about six oz out of all those goddamn boxes
(Hive Addict)
10-18-04 16:36
No 536382
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A rinse with tetrachlorethylene should rid you of some clinging shit. Trichlorethylene will also help if tetra is not available.

can't flush this
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10-18-04 22:51
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      Good advice Chemo...     

The tetra will remove some nasty poly's, but if eudragit is present, there is no way around doing some extra fancy footwork to bring back the goodz gaak-free.
UncleFesters KOH method in the "Deconstructionist Thought" thread or EvilScripter's Best Extraction thread.
Prepuce worked very hard as well on helping develop the latter method!
Post 499089 (UncleFester: "deconstructionist thought", Stimulants)
Post 529156 (evilscripter69: "Best extraction method. well tested", Stimulants)
It's recommended to stop now and do either of the above
But if that isn't an option and SWIM wishes to proceed...this is what Ibee can offer to alleviate most but not all gaaks.
If it's not known if eudragit is present(usually isn't known until it's exposed), pass all the meoh extracted goodz through a fine sieve strainer after drying and scraping up! Recrush what won't pass through the strainer(mortar&pestal) then pass.
It needs to bee fine powder to expose all the polys to the tetra.
Do a tetra wash with 3 times the amount of pillmass, volume-wise. If drypillmass equals'll need 160ml tetra for the wash.
Add tetra to Pillmass and stir thoroughly let sit 30 seconds....stir again...get funnel setup with one single coffee filter lined in the basket.
Pour the tetra/pillmass into funnel and filter off tetra.
Spray down the inside of the filter with tetra(spraytube provided with cans)so all pillmass is on the bottom.
Take filter/Pillmass out of funnel and Squeeze off excess tetra carefully.
Open filter and break up the pillmass over plate and spread pillmass out to dry.
When completely tetra smell will be present.
Pour Dried pillmass into tall jar with headroom to allow 10 times the volume of pillmass=440ml meoh.
Add alcohol and stir!
Let settle til clear! 3-4hours
Pull and put through fine filtration(charminplugged filterlined funnel) and collect and evap at roomtemp.
Repeat alky pulls until yield is close to expected.

If eudragit is present in this will make post-rxn work-up a will also cut intial final yield by 50% for about 3 days until the eudragit falls out. The rest can be pulled after that time.
It's best to steamdistill in cases such as that to get higher yields and cleaner end-result.
It will teach what to avoid in the future.
And again...The other better option is to take what's on hand now and do either UF's or EvilS's method on it.
That way eudragit is sidestepped...present or not!
Good Luck!
Keep us posted!

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
(Hive Addict)
10-18-04 23:05
No 536475
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      Oh Yes...forgot..     

Maj: Was just reminded by reading a Geez post something that might prove benefitial. In between the tetra and the alky an MEK light boil on the pillmass.
If color rides into the MEK...repeat until no color is witnessed.
Let Pillmass dry completely then alky pull!

Geez....any thoughts???

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
(Of Counsel)
10-19-04 00:19
No 536489
      on MEK     

Pseudo is more soluble in MEK than acetone. I would suggest limiting the MEK boils to two. MEK, naptha, then  MEK again is also a good option. MEK seems to break some things loose nothing else does. Once broken loose, natpha seems to dissolve some of these as well without dissolving pseudo. Then maybe a second MEK to get rid of more nasties, and the remaining naptha in the pill mass.

mostly harmless
(Hive Bee)
10-19-04 16:07
No 536621
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      A note to re-iterate what Geez said.     

If you are lucky enough to have pre-eudragit two forties, then what Ware said is more than enough,wink(better to have too much as not enough right?)  The eudragit rants you read should speak for themseleves.

A note to re-iterate what Geez said.  MEK will do things acetone won't!  In other words go fucking get some. 

As far as the Naptha no experience than post-rxn NP, where it is seems to now bee superior to anything else.

Makes me stand UP/move around

(Hive Addict)
10-19-04 22:21
No 536688
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Thanx Gluebee69!

Ever since OrangeII gaak came on the scene the naptha family has played a key role in extraction...
That is what set Ibee off in the Naphthenic Salt direction and discovering the usefulness of JapDrier....with the latter added cautions about ridding heavymetals residue blue tinting.
I'm happy that geez added his sage advice of interspersing the MEK rinse with the naphtha.
It's not an area of Ibee's latest researches but some branching out never hurts and is employed when Ibee is able!
We know the days of a single universal cure aren't likely but the added suggestions, aside from trying a tried&true method work in favor of those that need to gear up aqusition-wise for those sure-fire methods.
Again...Good Luck!
And keep the knows to the grindstone!

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
(Hive Addict)
10-20-04 02:16
No 536718
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      While we're at it...     

It seems that some things we factor into FINE points and clandestine lab practice only come as the result of backtracking and troubleshooting failures in extraction!
It's taken quite a while to drive home the importance of finely crushing pills in order to expose all surface areas and the finest granules to contact with solvents.
Auto-Grinders and blenders are fine but they just don't perform as well as the old fashioned manual, hand blistering, "Mortar and Pestal".

The other area that seemed equally lost in translation, and equally important was the act of passing the finely ground powders through a very fine seive strainer.

These Fine Points increase success rates marginally...but yield is yield and when yield loss is added together from the many steps and processes involved in todays extractions, it makes for a huge chunk of lost time and money....

The other area that is seldom mentioned...Ibee's guilty the importance of using clean uncontaminated utensils and labware!
For instance...Ibee learned quite some time ago that using that strainer...everything he put through it was dry so never paid much attention to cleaning it!
Plus wetting something that is always used for dry material just makes for extra work and waiting for stuff to dry...

Okay...when passing polyridden GUP's through the strainer...Ibee would just move on to the next step...and when all was dry after the poly removal steps....he'd go for the strainer to employ another pass before the solvent extraction step!
Failing to clean the strainer and contaminating the de-polyed, ready for solvent extract good stuff!
OUUUUUCH! When it was realized that the gaaks were still present in small amounts!
So just a little reminder...Keep it clean in awe that you do!
If bees are in a hurry to get to the's easy to overlook things so obscure as this!
At least Whack the strainer on a hard surface a couple times if you're like cats and fear water!laugh
Ibee finds that if the first pillmass pass was semi-moist in the slightest...Dry Whacking just won't get yer polys off!shocked
Use fast drying solvents or alcohols to clean with!
Ibee always uses SS metal strainers for this practicewink
Just some helpful hints from HELL-U- Kitchen!

Carry on!

Here's one for methyl_ethyl....
A spin off Post 536030 (methyl_ethyl: "thanks for the laugh", Newbee Forum)


Couldn't resist!

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
(Hive Bee)
11-07-04 08:12
No 540152
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      Small correction     

Thanks, Ware, for remembering SWIP. For the record his work  was not part of a collaborative effort. SWIP came up with SPD and proposed initial processing with ammonium hydroxide. But using it on a variety of pills, he couldn't come up with a way to apply the ammonia that worked consistently.

ES's contribution was to invent a way to perform SPD that better lends itself to large quantities, and to begin the process using the tetra trap, which was pioneered by ahgreich and others, or with ammonia. It should be noted that beginning with either tetra trap or ammonia will not work on white or green 60's in SWIPs neighborhood, but at last check both techniques do still work with 120s.

SPD still holds promise as a good final cleaning method, but the feedstock has to be rid of certain gaks before it is begun. If the pfed freebase is at all wet or oily don't bother to try SPD until that problem is solved. A good test is to place a pinch of pfed freebase in a test tube and heat gently. If it vaporizes at a low temperature and no beads of oil form on the tube, it should be ready for SPD. If oil does form on the walls of the tube, all you know is that you got it too hot. If you keep the heat moderate but the freebase won't vaporize, it's most likely gummed up with eudragit, and you're going to have to find a way to deal with that before continuing.


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