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11-03-04 19:09
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      Ketone color change     

Smiw made up some ketone acording to the bright star write up.  It was distilled the same day as the wacker was preformed.  It was a bright yellow color same as any pictures that he has seen.  And it was tested on his tounge and made it numb.  When he put it in the frezer for storage it turned a bright pink.  This is his second BS wacker and the first time it turned a muddy orange brown in the freezer.  But he was able to make the honey from the first batch.  Any suggestions on what he should do would be great.
(Hive Addict)
11-04-04 12:41
No 539641
      ketone goes all sorts of fucked up colours but     

ketone goes all sorts of fucked up colours but i do admit, i havnt seen bright pink before, could you upload a pic?

I dont pay any attention to the ketone colour anymore, as long as the reaction went fine and it distills at the right temp, sure, seems fine.

Go right ahead and aminate! (if your still concerned distill again, or if you have some NaI use the complexing method as per rhodi's - distill is pref)


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11-10-04 20:32
No 540902
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HEy now,

PInk isnt a good thing.Are you sure there wasnt anything in the bottle that discolored it?Redistill or throw some activated carbon in there.That might just work to absorb your color problem.tongue

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