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11-05-04 21:19
No 539894
      another stupid fucking question about pfed     

alright, so after swim has read and studied all relevent threads and info from various sources, it still seems that there is some sort of debate over pfed extraction because of the ever evolving efforts of pharm co.'s to keep bees from getting that oh so vital ingredient for their honey. It seems as though the more swim reads about everyone's ideas for extraction, the more confused he is as to what will damn near for sure work. He has been doing trial and error with just about every method he has read on the hive so far with some success and a few screw ups from left over gaks, povidone, etc. that hurt him pretty badly financially. Swim has hardly anything to spare in the way of funds, so he would like to see what the most up to date method was for extraction of super clean pfed from whatever generally easy to find pills here in the u.s. such as suda's or generic equivalents from wally martinez. I know this question may seem heinously idiotic but with the ever changing ways of deterrence from big brother, a newbee can have somewhat of a hard time keeping up with his ever growing yet still limited knowledge. Thanks for any info even if its just telling me to fuck off. I probably deserve it. crazy
11-05-04 21:56
No 539905
      did you see this yet?     

Ghetto FB extraction w/ 80% + returns Post 535119 (evilscripter69: "Ghetto FB extraction w/ 80% + returns", Stimulants)
evilscripter69 <-- lookit up

shadow man keeps me company
11-05-04 23:16
No 539923
      that one slipped past me I guess...     

perhaps swiws has been spending far too many consecutive sleepless nights going back and forth between dreaming, his job, and staring at a comp screen. (multi tasking hell)tongue he had that one written down in his personal notes but never did actually give it a shot. As always, thanks for the much needed reminding info that might just get swiws back on track. He only hopes that he can someday be as skilled as his elder bee examples. cool
11-06-04 02:15
No 539950
      How hard is it to post threads in the right...     

How hard is it to post threads in the right forum?

"Stimulants  Amphetamines, iodine, red phosphorous, pseudo-ephedrine, and the like"

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