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11-06-04 17:19
No 540041
      My 'new' RXN question     

I finally found a safe supplier for reagent RP. After the RXN baked for a while(very slow increase in temp) I reached 120C outside the flask. At this point the contents usually rise with consistanr tiny bubbles. This will not happen with the new reagent, until I add a sizable amout of water (2ml). The intial ratios were 10g Reagent 9.1g Very Clean Pfed:4.6g Reagent RP:.5ml water.
Any suggestions to why this is happening and should I increase my intial water?

(Of Counsel)
11-06-04 20:59
No 540062
      inner flask temp     

Chances are the inner flask temp is just now in the 100C range. It is not going to "double" with the ratios you used. At least you should hope not.  Ware would like your ratios; I'd add a little more water to let it tend itself... but either will work. You are fine. You can increase the temp INSIDE the flask to 120C over the last eight to twelve hours by increasing the temp of the oil bath to about 140C...

mostly harmless
11-07-04 00:01
No 540083

Thanks alot, I'll try and raise it 20c. Is it worth going higher?

One other question... I use Toluol for my A/B. After my first pull it the honey and then into the water; can I reuse the NP from the first pull into the second and third?
(Hive Bee)
11-07-04 03:05
No 540115
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      Re: can I reuse the NP from the first pull...     

can I reuse the NP from the first pull into the second and third?

Yes!  This post will explain what I mean: Post 428987 (Osmium: "Saving solvents: Countercurrent extraction/washing", Stimulants)

Another little sip/ a bit deeper in debt
(Hive Addict)
11-07-04 03:43
No 540125
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>Thanks alot, I'll try and raise it 20c. Is it worth going higher?

Read this post Post 431648 (wareami: "YeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa!!!!", Stimulants) then read the whole thread at your own risklaugh

Abominator69 provided a great reply as did Geez.

I will add that Ibee never suggests using less than 0.5ml dh2o per gram of E for a LWR.
c`mere geez

A fasthot P/P is another story and Ibee is known to revisit that rxn from time to time in testing and comparison.

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout

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