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(Hive Bee)
11-08-04 02:31
No 540309
      was told by supplier that h3po3 is now controlled     

does anyone else have an info regarding this? i have searched the hive and also the dea website re: new updates and have yet to find any info on this. has anyone else been told this or has anyone seen any info on any official sites concerning it?
11-08-04 12:22
No 540405
      i hope not     

just checked my supplier, and they arent showing any new, special restrictions. damn, i hope it hasnt happpened already.
(Hive Addict)
11-08-04 12:32
No 540411
      It may not be a DEA (or equiv agency if your...     

It may not be a DEA (or equiv agency if your not USA) restriction, it may be the boss at the chemical supply house putting on the restriction...

Stranger things have happened....


Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...
(Of Counsel)
11-08-04 16:55
No 540452
      no change     

The Code of Federal Regulation does not show any change in status; the substance is not a listed substance, and any "suspicious" attributes are informal at this time. No rule changes are pending regarding the substance at this time.

mostly harmless
(Hive Bee)
11-11-04 01:22
No 540945
User Picture 
      In Oz - List 1     

In Oz - it is now List 1


I recommend those interested read the updated PACIA 2004 Code of Practice for Supply Diversion into Illicit Drug Manufacture
11-11-04 17:32
No 541050
      Sodium Hypophosphite is easier to get......     

Phosphorus acid is soon to be joining the Hypophosphites and H3PO2. I know exactly which supplier is being refrenced to by the poster of this Thread. And what he says is true. And funny thing is man that this supplier will sell sodium hypophosphite with no questions asked! I guess all I can say man is that if your supplier hasn't made an about face on H3PO3 then he soon will. And the DEA is soon to make it List I.

Afterall, isn't that what this is basically being said by them stormtrooping bastards?! That they are on to H3PO3 and are pressuring the suppliers to restrict the sales of such while they-the DEA gets the formalaties followed and paperwork filed so that who knows? January 2005 they'll make an abrupt announcement?!

Hell man I got a phenylacetic acid supplier that sells the shit for $23 per 500 grams no questions asked. Granted you gotta order some other chems along with to show you're using it for it's solicited purpose.

$23 per 500 grams is insane! The thing that gets me is if you order a List I chem are you not supposed to submit proof of I.D.?! And how is that supposed to be done?! Your credit card#?! lol! Who is to saywho you are if using a money order since you have no credit card due to filing for bankruptcy or you are a starving student at University??wink

Buying online chems is a conmans' game. Because it takes the mind of a true professional conman to get the job done.

And if you ever call a supplier use a calling card so as to cover your trax in case phone records are used to trace back to you. Cause sometimes you are gonna need to make a phone call to remove any suspicions on their part about your order(s).

Thanx to this world wide web if you know what you are doing you will only need to use the brick & mortars when needing the usual solvents of the game. Luckily they sell them by the gallon and five gallon so as to make them trips twice a year.

Legalize yourself.

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