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11-08-04 09:50
No 540388
      General thinners naptha & toluene mix, usable?     

Labeled as "General Thinners" - liquid hydrocarbons:
naptha (medium aromatic) 30 - 60% / Toluene 30 - 60%.

Labeled as a greese/wax remover:
Naptha (light aromatic) ?%
Naptha (medium aromatic) ?%

Swim spotted these 4L tins in a aussie department store & was wondering if there good for anything? pill extractions or post RXN?

Swim also has a good supply of tetra & was wondering if it can be used in place of xylene for post rxn uses with equal or better results?

Thanx, hope someone can help swim along with his research.
(Hive Bee)
11-08-04 13:48
No 540435
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      Re: Swim also has a good supply of tetra & was     

Swim also has a good supply of tetra & was wondering if it can be used in place of xylene for post rxn uses with equal or better results

Yes.  TCE also makes for a great solvent to wash your post rxn fluid with.wink  Just remember that Tetra will lay on the bottom as opposed to Xylene which will bee on top.   So it goes without saying TCE doesn't titrate well, but is great for gassing as it usually needs no drying.

As far as the Toluene and Naptha mix, swim can't comment on their usage together.  The two are quite different strength solvents.   Tolly being more aggressive than Naptha.  The Naptha must bee hot to hold much meth and doesn't pull as much trash as opposed to the Tolly. 

Naptha has long been a favorite for post-rxn for this bee, due to it's ability to not pull alot of trash.

Another little sip/ a bit deeper in debt
(Of Counsel)
11-08-04 15:41
No 540448
      Ready made solvent     

Sounds like a ready made solvent for pseudo precipitation techniques!

IT will work for extraction, but you would likely find that naptha, alone, heated, does a cleaner job of extracting just the amine.

mostly harmless
11-09-04 06:34
No 540589

But would the naptha i mentioned be anywhere near as good as vm&p? (light & medium aromatic?? whateva that means).

They seem a lil too convenient to me, sold off the shelf in a popular department store, no-one to ask questions, could they be fubar'ed to prevent use of this kind?

Swim's plannin to distill both the eph & post rxn to ensure no gakk comes through, swim will use tetra for post rxn , but could swim get away with using the tolly/naptha mix in place of xylene to clean his pills, during basing & to distill? crazy
(Of Counsel)
11-09-04 15:09
No 540650

Yes, you could. You may not like the results. A mix of solvents will dissolve more things than any single solvent, after all. Keep in mind what you have you don't want to pull, as well as what you want to pull, from that reaction fluid. Hot naptha is good solvent because its not a good solvent. That is neither a riddle nor a mystery, but it makes perfect sense in this application.

mostly harmless
(Hive Bee)
11-09-04 21:02
No 540694
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      Almost any non-polar will work     

Almost any non-polar will work to some extent. SWIX has even resorted to turpentine in emergencies. As the others have mentioned you get a lot of other crap coming through so clean-up becomes important. Those cheap paint thinners containing xylene sometimes have some nasty impurities, so again, clean-up is important. n-hexane is ok too, same issues really.

SWIX used overkill when using 2nd choice solvents, like couple litres per batch to ensure all the goods was got... wink

(Ancient Alchemist Delux)
11-11-04 17:12
No 541049

There are better naphthas than others. The VM&P is a way better solvent than HV naphtha. Swim picked some of this up by mistake and it was defiantly not getting the job done.. Even when Na was placed under it for storage it would send thousands of microscopic bubbles to the surface originating from the Na. The VM&P never did that.

Tighten Up!  (UH)

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