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11-09-04 06:59
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      CINCHOPHEN ?     

What this ? Non opioid analgesic like acetaminophen? Find in book "Recreational Drugs professor Buzz"
chapter Analgesic

Cinchophen. (Method 1, U.S. Pat. 1, 676, 862.) A solution of 18.5 g of aniline, 21 g
benzaldehyde, in 400 ml of ethanol is refluxed for 1 hour. Another solution of 8.9 g of pyruvic
acid in 50 ml of ethanol is added and the boiling reflux is continued for another 11A to 2 hours.
On coling the cinchophen separates. To purify read below.
Cinchophen. (Method 2, Brit. Pat. 17, 725.) A solution of 150 parts isatin, 120 parts (most
all formula using parts, refers to parts by weight) acetophenone, see the precursor section of this
book for synthesis, and 200 parts 33% aqueous potassium hydroxide is refluxed for several hours.
The solution, after boiling, becomes clear and is coled. Dilute with water precipitate the
cinchophen by adding acetic acid. Mp: 213°-216° C.
Cinchophen has a tendency to produce severe liver damage and should be used with caution.
Dosage, 300 to 600 mg with 2 to 5g sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and a pint of water.

(Novatophan, Tolysin, Neoquinophan)
This drug is synthesized like cinchophen, method one, above. The only difference is the starting
material is p-toluidine instead of aniline. It is used for the same purpose as cinchophen, but is
claimed to be much les toxic, even though the dosage is stoped after thre days, just like
cinchophen. The mp is 74° and the dosage is 300 to 600 mg, with baking soda and water taken
in conjunction.

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