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11-10-04 19:20
No 540883
      Just a friendly reminder...     

To bee CAREFUL. swims dog just finished the first success in a while with all the new gackshit latley. well after much care and patience in all steps, finally waiting the slow water evap out, and acetone wash etc, SWIMs dog decides to get careless reaching for the pipe and knoks all the lovley powder into the carepet!!!!!

after much sticking of the carpet with packing tape, and washing said packing tape strips off with methanol. SWIMS dog had a lousy .6 left from 1.8 before the mixup.


edit: not to mention now i have to rent a damn steam cleaner in case the forensics guys ever feel the need to pick my carpet apart.DAMMIT
(Of Counsel)
11-10-04 22:28
No 540922
      just do this...     

1) Cut a square out of the carpet with a razor blade where the dope fell
2) Use MeOH to rinse out the dirt and meth from the carpet
3) get carpet tape and tape the square of carpet back to the rest of the carpet
4) blame the whole episode on someone else.
5) Filter the methonal, evap, and enjoy what you recover.
6) Remember not to do this again.

And no, I am not being completely facetious. Its a good idea to get the meth up because a drug dog might find the spot, get hyper, and alert on everything in your house.

One square of carpet versus a thorough police search?


mostly harmless
(Hive Addict)
11-11-04 00:20
No 540940
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      A HaHa Funny Story     

A shithead dealer swim's buddy used to know used to make his big buys with a collective of other local dealers (an informal workers union of sorts) and when acquiring a new batch of product they would usually check into a cheap hotel to divvy up their merchandise and to give it the first good and thorough quality control testing.

As the dividing process commenced one of the union members slipped out to get some ice as the others stood hypnotically transfiXed upon the white sparkly ritual taking place before them.

Soon a loud pounding at the door of their room interrupted the magic of the moment and a loud and gruff voice from outside yelled "POLIcE, OPEN UP!!!!" In a panic the crystal substance which had been the focal point of the rites being performed was soon intermingled and redistributed quite evenly amongst the threads of the carpet on that hotel room floor.

When someone finally dared opened up the door they were all both relieved and simulatneously mad as hell. The guy who had gone for ice poked his head through the door into the room and said "just joking".

They could have really used your carpet slashing trick Geez as they barely recovered anything usable out of that carpet.

PS. This group of shithead dealers was quite notorious for blatantly overcutting the product plus a long list of other underhanded shithead dealers tactics. So it's quite fitting that this happened to them.

They are in fact the individuals that provided swims buddy with the impetus to learn to become fully self sufficient from the likes of them if you catch my "grow your own" drift here.

can't flush this
(Hive Bee)
11-11-04 01:06
No 540942
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Swib knows someone that spilt EVERYTHING over the floor just after the (largish) reaction finished and cooled.  Before it soaked into the floor, the quick thinker got a large bathroom towel and absorbed up the reaction fluid. 

Then proceeded (with much cursing) to rinse the reaction fluid out of wet towel and proceed as normal.  Yield loss was small in relation to the disaster - and the gear was top notch. 

No one was ever told that the saviour-towel had been used and soiled before the disasterblush
(Of Counsel)
11-11-04 02:21
No 540951
      you never know...     

You never know how dirty a kitchen floor really is until you mop up the honey you spilled and look at what you have when you've rinsed it out of the towels used to mop it up....

gives you great respect for the purification power of the acid/base extraction method, for sure.

mostly harmless
11-11-04 09:17
      AIN'T that the truth geez :-))!
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11-11-04 10:00
      Oh shit!
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(Ancient Alchemist Delux)
11-11-04 13:08
No 541019
      make a vacuum cleaner     

Make you a vacuum cleaner with a flask and a two hole stopper. One line running to the bottom of the flask is your picker upper tube and the other just inside the stopper is the tube ya hook up to your aspirator or any vacuum source.. No fuss no muss..

Tighten Up!  (UH)
(Of Counsel)
11-11-04 16:01
No 541032
      Doesn't work, coach...     

I've tried it, coach... I collected urine over time, and after heavy weekends of insane abuse... and it just never worked for me. I at least tried! laugh

mostly harmless
(Hive Bee)
11-11-04 16:42
No 541044
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      a ballon works...     

if i drop shit, which ive been known to do, i get a ballon. blow it up and get your girlfriend to rub it on her head (i got no hair, alright) and hold it over the area you dropped the powdered substance. put a piece of tape on the back of the ballon and stab it with a pin. as it deflates, the product will fall from the ballon. granted you will get some other shit, too. you have to do this quickly, as humidity and hydroscopic substances dont mix well-i.e. mud, or static wont work... just a suggestion thats worked for me.

Don't you think if I had something intelligent to say, it would bee in my post?
11-11-04 18:16
No 541055
      I used a balloon and static elec once..     

Nice! I just posted about using a balloon too man and didn't even see yours man!!

And Hell yeah that property of electricty called magnetism and opposite charges attract works in this instance!!

Powders' positive charge makes it defy gravity when you run that emition of negative charge just above it!

I don't beleive in dogs in the house but do for cats and so I always use my personal room for my drums and jams and such. Cause this happened only once and the dope was on the front and about 7/8ths of an ounce went into the shaggiest carpet circa 1977 there ever was!!

Had to get the carpet rake and run that balloon but did pull up 4/8ths of the seven. Powder got rocked after that!wink lol!

Jesus was a Jedi

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