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11-10-04 21:38
      Newb checking in
(Rated as: UTFSE!)
11-13-04 06:23
No 541344
      UTFSE isnt something bees just say for fun     

yes the search engine is a great way to find info, i sudjest you start with a paper in rhodiums site and then UTFSE for any thign your unsure of. cince you are indeed a Neophyte it would be best not to deviate for any establisted methods. Any who why 2C-I? why not 2C-B? just real fond of research chems?
11-14-04 18:50
No 541535
      2c-B versus 2c-I     

In regards to why choose 'I' over 'B'...  I've not tried B, but am well versed in 2C-I...  I like it alot...  From what I have read, it would seem that there is a heavy body load to 2C-B.  (something I'll pass on if given the chance)

Cognitive Libertarian

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