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(Hive Addict)
11-12-04 02:59
No 541146
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      Are you a complacent F***? Take the test! :•ю     

Complacent Fs Unite: A Petition to Congress

A Petition to Congress requesting an investigation into the Presidential Election of 2004


"There's a difference between interest and commitment.
When you're interested in doing something,
you do it only when circumstance permit.
When you're committed to something,
you accept no excuses, only results."

-- Art Turock

"I believe life is constantly testing us
for our level of commitment,
and life's greatest rewards are reserved
for those who demonstrate
a never-ending commitment to act
until they achieve.
This level of resolve can move mountains,
but it must be constant and consistent.
As simplistic as this may sound,
it is still the common denominator
separating those who live their dreams
from those who live in regret."

-- Anthony Robbins

I'm almost against contesting the eRection resultsviagra.gif cause I'm eagerly anticipating watching this adminsitration fry their own asses in the soup of corruption and greedy criminal control they are shoving down the throats of "We The People"!
But In light of us being seen as a bunch of complacent Fucks willing to sit by and helplessly watch the course of events unfold without action, here's a chance to speak out against a fixed election and the pricks about to be blindsided and bitchslap.gif the freakazoids into the aWAREness of just how complacent "We The People" can be when we're pushed to the edge!tongue

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
(Hive Addict)
11-12-04 03:26
No 541149
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      We The People!     

To:  United States Congress
TO: All members of the Congress of the United States of America; all Senators and Members of the House of Representatives

A Petition to immediately and without delay open a joint investigation into potential wrongdoing in the Presidential Election of 2004, specifically to investigate the potential of voting machine manipulation or purposeful malfunction, especially electronic voting machines manufactured and supplied by Diebold, Inc.; Electronic Systems & Software (ES & S); Sequoia Voting Systems, and others, and also to identify and investigate all allegations of improper conduct by election officials, workers, observers, challengers and operatives and employees of both major parties concerning the voting process including intimidation, dissemination of improper information, manipulation of registration records, improper handling of actual voting ballots and, in general, any and all potential improprieties which could have led to improper or inaccurate election results.

Such inquiries should not be limited to any particular state, precinct or district but strive to examine the voting process in any and all areas in which there is even the slightest indication of impropriety, but especially in the states of Florida, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas and New Hampshire, and not limit such investigation, and expand such investigations to cover Senatorial races as well, especially those in Kentucky, Florida and South Dakota.

We, the undersigned, request that our elected representatives act in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America in a legal, impartial and expedient manner for an open hearing before the people of the United States and if such wrongdoing, illegal practices, manipulation of voting records or processes is of such a nature to indicate egregious or extensive tampering, alteration or misappropriation of the voting process that the violators be brought to justice and remedies, potentially including a nationwide audit, recall, recount or new election be imposed by your bodies.

We feel it is our patriotic duty to request such action from you, our elected officials, and your duty to respond in a responsible manner


The Undersigned

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
(Hive Addict)
11-12-04 03:50
No 541151
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      From Downtown Magazine Site (UPDATES)     

For Updates, go here

Rick Gagliano | begun 11/10/04 and developing
11/11/04 8:00 PM Eastern:

As noted below, the first donations have come in, and I'm hopeful that enough will follow to allow this petition to make its way to the halls of Congress. Despite the mainstream news media ignoring the petition and glossing over the controversy - actually tonight on NBC they tried to completely eviscerate it with "experts" and a statement by John Kerry - the force of our voices will not diminish, but rather, grow louder!

 Ralph Nader has weighed in, saying in no uncertain terms that the election was flawed. He called on the Kerry/Edwards campaign to keep their promise to have every vote counted, saying, "Our offices are being flooded with faxes and e-mails asking for assistance in resolving these irregularities ‚ a lot of them are citizens who voted for you. You must now take action to give our nation the fair accounting it deserves from the 2004 election and to protect democratic processes in future elections. Although your party extended considerable funds and manpower to unconstitutionally drive us off the Ohio ballot, in the spirit of good government, I urge you to make this effort now."

Nader has filed for a recount in New Hampshire where irregularities and inconsistencies in voting were detected on a large scale. (Full story) (

After this update is posted, I will be contacting Nader's office and urge him to sign our petition publicly, which would be just the kind of high-profile statement needed to get the media to PAY ATTENTION!

26809 and counting.

UPDATE, 11/11/04 7:42 PM -
Donations have begun to come in. We are on our way!

11/11/04 4:00 PM Eastern: CLOSING IN ON 25,000 SIGNATURES

By the time most of you read this, the petition will have amassed 25,000 signatures. As the numbers grow, it will become increasingly difficult for the media and Congress to ignore the outpouring of interest in a demand for answers.

Since the last update, I received a call from David Owen at He informed me that their technicians were in the process of removing as many of the spoof signatures as they could locate. If you know the numbers of certain signatures that should be removed, the process for contacting is explained on our FAQ Page (

Also, I was informed of certain printing costs. The following is from the donations page and it eplains the expenses involved:

I just got some numbers from The cost of printing out the names and addresses by them is ONE CENT 1¢ PER NAME. That's very reasonable, but the question is, how many names will there be by the time this needs to be sent to Congress?

First, the key date is December 7, by which time states must determine any controversy relating to the appointment of electors. So, the petition must be delivered to Congress prior to that date. By December 1, 19 days from now, the petition should have at least 300,000 signatures, possibly many more. One solution is to print out a portion and deliver the rest of them via email (a link to the petition should suffice) to each individual Senator and Member of the House. That should suffice. Still, the printing of just 100,000 signatures will cost $1000. Shipping the official copy will be an additional expense. is located in Oregon, while Downtown Magazine and I are in Rochester, NY. At 100 signatures per page, that's 1000 pages, so shipping will not be awfully expensive. I am figuring around $100.

Then I have to arrange a trip to Washington, DC, and take the petition with me. That trip should cost another $500 - $1000 (depends on how I go and hotel rates). I can drive it - it's about an 8-hour trip. Flying would be preferable.

So, just to get me and the petition with 100,000 signatures on it (we need at least that many just to be significant), will run in the neighborhood of $1500 to $2000. It's not a huge sum, but enough to be a burden. Naturally, more signatures means more cost, but I'll spend whatever I have at the time in order to get the maximum number of signatures on a petition that I deliver.

There are other costs, such as those below, that I have not included in these calculations. To date, exactly ZERO DOLLARS have been contributed.

The need is real.

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
(Hive Addict)
11-12-04 12:44
No 541221
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      Not posted yet!     

I realize others have made mention of this site,
I didn't see the book link posted here.
I haven't read the book yet as I just found it today but will read it later today.

This is an excerpt from the Black Box Voting Book's introduction.

Black Box Voting © 2004 Bev Harris • ISBN 1-890916-90-0
This free internet version is available at
(each chapter in the left frame partway down the mainpage)

Black Box Voting: “Any voting system in which the mechanism for recording
and/or tabulating the vote is hidden from the voter, and/or the mechanism
lacks a tangible record of the vote cast.”
The term “Black Box Voting” was coined by David Allen, who also collaborated
on approximately 11 pages of the 239-page text, as follows: ITAA
meeting: Author Bev Harris obtained info on the meeting from her sources and
gave Allen the time, phone number and password. Allen taped the meeting, and
provided the detailed notes in Chapter 16. Harris provided the ITAA document
quoted in Chapter 16. Harris and Allen collaborated on the commentary on the
meeting. Allen wrote part of the 2-page Internet voting section, and contributed
his comments on a Talbot Iredale memo in Chapter 13: Volusia County.
All research and writing for the remaining 228 pages is by Bev Harris with the
help of 75 sources, 22 of whom are computer professionals.

When we started digging around on this story, we expected to find
the odd body part or two. Little did we know, we were digging in a
graveyard. Suddenly, the dead bodies were piling up so fast that everyone
was saying “Enough, enough we can’t take any more!”
This book was originally designed to be a handy little activism
tool, an easy-to-understand introduction to the concept of electronic
voting risks. It was to contain a history, interviews, and a discussion
of theoretical vote-rigging. But as we were plugging along, researching
the subject, it got a little too real — even for us.
C’mon over. No time to waste. We have a republic to defend.


If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
(Hive Addict)
11-12-04 13:50
No 541232
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      Putting UP or Shutting UP!     

Dear ********* *******,

This email message is sent to you from to confirm
your signature as "********* ****(TF)***:ю"<---(hehehe J/K...used real sig) on the online petition:

   "A Petition to Congress requesting an investigation into the
Presidential Election of 2004"

hosted on the web by our free online petition service, at:

Your signature on the petition is already complete, and there is no
need to reply to this message.

Your signature number for this petition is *****.

At, we host the petition you've signed, but we
didn't create it. If you would like to comment on the petition, you can
contact the author of the petition by email, at:

   Richard A. Gagliano,

If the shoethrows fits...Ware Itout
11-14-04 08:34
No 541491

neat test, ammusing when on dxm, i did indeed sign the petition

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