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11-12-04 06:16
No 541169
      inprovements of SRV/KRV?     

SWIM was hoping someone could help him out here, Swim wants to build a SRV/KRV ( for production of MDP2P. After much study he has decided it best to attempt to mount the valve of a bicicle innertube to the insise of the cap (as appose to a tire valve inside the bottle neck) he does this for ease in removing the valve for changing of the gas and for easy addition/sutraction of chemicals. Now the question: Will the cap it self have a good enough seal (with the excess rubber from the inner tube on the inside of the top part of the cap) to hold 40 psi?  has any one attempted this before? SWIM was also thinking of chucking 3-4 stir-rods or perhapse some boiling chips into the vessle to facilitate agitation. Is this a good idea? is this a good idea in general? (using a SRV/KRV) any input on this would be greatly appriciated. thanks!

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