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11-13-04 00:01
No 541302
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      Private communication with a friend     

I was conversing with a friend from a Flatland-ish state
located in the middle of the country:
he bewailed the state’s having gone 2 to one
for God’s Appointed leader.

The reply follows:

Flatlanders, never having to drive
any way but in a straight line,
don’t know how to turn,
and even when the signposts
indicate a curve is up ahead,
a good % of them will commit sewer-cide
rather than face the fact
that they mis-pointed their voyages
to begin with.

Thus, then:
the results you have described.

Good, simple, stalwart people of the earth:
they put their faith in
rather than use their cognitive powers
to apprehend reality....

But do not think
I have come here to pile on:
I could talk about the drooping appendage
which is
the penile member called “Florida”:
the lack of backbone there is apparent,
or tumescence, as the case may be.

Tumescence: second time in ten years,
that I’ve had occasion
to encounter that word
in dialogue:
how arcane these expostulations are.....  “:<)

likely they are, and this is, in code,
to keep the Regal Right
from discerning "inner meaning."

Meaning? Content?
Thought? Cause and effect?
How strange and formidable
these concepts must be
to those who deny
the meaning of science:
those whose depth
is measured in microns:
awaiting THE LORD’s benediction
to take them to Heaven
where they RIGHTfully belong,
of course.

[purple]But not for thee:
and not for me:
these Pearly Gates await:
the heat of HELL
(and ScreAmS as well...)
Aye: this must be our fate.

You do not ken
the depths of SIN
to which we both have fell:
we think: we look:
we read a book:
I’ll see you friend,

Here’s hoping you join us there.wink

11-14-04 08:39
No 541493

plz help me find jesus, i need him in my life :-p
(Hive Bee)
11-14-04 14:32
No 541511
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      Faith, just in case     

Wonder how many so called "christians" are going through the motions just in case there is an afterlife?

...a little bit 'o meth goes a long way

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