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(Comandante A)
11-14-04 09:17
No 541496
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See you later guys.

You are all cool people.

even the ones I had differences with.

A special big thanks goes out to the people who keep this place running. Your contribution to freedom of speech and freedom of thought has never been taken for granted by this person.

I'm gonna miss you guys.

Over and out.

(Hive Bee)
11-14-04 14:38
No 541512
      aw, shucks     

this is no fun
(Über-Führer die Ironie)
11-14-04 14:42
No 541513
      Ok, abolt, see you later...     

Ok, abolt, see you later... come back some day and say hi... don't think too much about the moroness of the 99% of the population or you will go crazy, just laugh at the morons...
11-14-04 14:47
No 541514
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Abolt, I certainly hope this is in regards to the short term shut down of the hive, and you will be back upon re-start.

I hope I am not already talking to a ghost,

you were the first to ever pm me....

I have appreciated all of your contributions to the hive,  and it will not be the same if you do in fact decide to abandon us.

I hate to see  people leave this place.... frown

     Unipolar Mania, It's good for life... laugh
(Hive Bee)
11-14-04 15:20
No 541515
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      Why the decision to leave...     

unless you are referring to the temp. hiatus the-hive will be experiencing.

Abolt, if you are gone from cyberspace here forever, then I can only wish you the best.  To boot, I love reading the Abolt vs. Dwarfer feuds.

You will bee missed, if you are never coming back. Remember, "all men are equal when their memory fades"-Motorhead "Stone Deaf Forever"

...a little bit 'o meth goes a long way
11-14-04 16:52
      No free speech here (and lots more!)
(Rated as: shut the fuck up)

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