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(Wizard Master)
03-20-02 00:18
No 285060
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      Notice to all.     

I have noticed more and more large graphic pictures being used and it's SLOWING things-up. The bandwidth and time to read a post in a thread is being slowed by large pictures of 100 kb or more.

NOTICE: I will begin to delete threads that consume too much time and bandwidth on the server that have large graphic pictures, or multiple large graphic pictures in one thread.
(Hive Prodigy)
03-20-02 01:41
No 285096
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      Notice to all.     

Don't delete the entire thread unless it's useless, please Mr. WizardX.

Can you just change the tag from an [img] to a [url] thus changing the large picture to a link to a large picture. The file will still be accessible for viewing, but at the reader's discretion, and will not be forced upon the loading of the server.


Vivent Longtemps La Ruche!
(Hive Bee)
03-20-02 09:11
No 285261
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So does the server pull the images through it's own buffers rather than send the browser off to the other location for them? Who thought that would be a good modification to wwwthreads anyway, an obvious way to make life unpleasant for the operators of the server. I'm quite sure that's a mod anyway, dmtworld does it via hotlinking. Makes it a pain for users having to click 'i don't care if some of the page is insecure' all the time, but doesn't cost the server zip in bandwidth. Other solution is to ban the img tag. Bummer for people like wareami, but hey, pictures waste bandwidth and cost the server operators. What's wrong with having to click a link to open a picture anyway?

I know naaaathing.
(Title Entitled)
03-20-02 10:15
No 285295
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I don't use pictures..can't recall ever having done so. Anyway, I was wanderin if there was a way to search for all the posts that have pictures. If there isn't, then someone should edit the mod for picture thing so that it will put a small keyword or number directly below the picture or at the bottom of the page. That way we can search them all and delete the useless ones, so there will be less load on the server. Just an idea..sorry if it's stupid.

Fuckin ...

Fuck Fuck Fuckin Fuck
(Hive Bee)
03-20-02 11:03
No 285313
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      Post deleted by Rhodium     

(Hive Bee)
03-20-02 11:06
No 285314
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      Post deleted by Rhodium     

(Line Monitor)
03-20-02 11:37
No 285325
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      Locked threads     

Just wondering why a thread of interest to me was locked up. What's up? There isn't any photos.

..Optical Mineralogist in training..
(Hive Bee)
03-20-02 15:55
No 285395
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Scarface will reframe from doing so.... he tends to that a lot. SORRY

(Chief Bee)
03-21-02 03:47
No 285654
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Large pictures of products and other stuff are always nice, but- as suggested - use the URL tag instead of the IMG tag so that they won't have to bee loaded continously.

For your own security we cannot allow anything else than "dragging the pictures" through our picture-proxy, as inline image files could be used to log all the IP's of people reading the thread - and with a little bit of intelligence connect that to your username. As it is now all the owner of the site hosting the picture can see is the IP of the hive server, and not all of yours.
03-21-02 04:23
No 285665
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      notice to all     

Would maybe deleting flingers threads help?
(Bear With Me)
03-21-02 20:46
No 286005
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Can you just change the tag from an [img] to a [url] thus changing the large picture to a link to a large picture.

Great suggestion; I'll make a note of this...


Put your left leg down - your right leg up,
Tilt your head back - let's finish the cup!
(Hive Bee)
03-22-02 13:40
No 286395
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      Flinger's Posts     

Hell, last night I could actually understand one of Flingers posts.  I wonder if he um really like talks like um that. 

ANYWAY, wanted to bitch a little about these fuckin' locked threads.  It's been a while since there have been such a plethora of stupid idiotic posts.  Howabout givin' us a shot at some of these fuckin' lamers, huh?  That is to say, you're robbing us of a cheap thrill that as of late has been all too rare, So lighten up on the freakin' locked threads, will ya?

When In Doubt, Whip It Out
(Hive Addict)
03-26-02 21:50
No 288253
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      ah nuts:     

It's another conspirancy: I finally figgerout howto post a pic and now its outlawed...


04-03-02 20:03
No 291919
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      The Hive has upgraded     

I was here back in 1998 lets say when nothing was so ornate... It looks nice now by the way.  I just happened to bump into this thread.  Sorry if it's off topic.  I had no idea you guys were allowing pictures.  Like the prev. can I go to TFSE and in quotes type "threads with pictures" and get a list?  I'd like to see some.  I hate forgetting names and passwords.  Anyone remember Janus?  I was pretty "small" back then..
04-03-02 20:37
No 291936
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      posting pictures     

Reasonable sized pictures are still welcome, just remember that not all have up to date connections frown See   and Post 267520 (PrimoPyro: "Re: posting pictures", The Server Room) & Post 267542 (PrimoPyro: "Re: posting pictures", The Server Room) recently  for instructions smile
(Hive Bee)
04-06-02 18:55
No 293346
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gheewizzz-= can I ever relate to that.

OTEECEE & meeeee!!!!
(Hive Bee)
04-06-02 19:51
No 293356
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      save the old hive...arkhive
(Rated as: insignificant)

You  are the great thinker da best dive arker.
(Hive Addict)
05-21-02 19:47
No 312050
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      Couldn't be bothered ?     

Can you just change the tag from an [img] to a [url] thus changing the large picture to a link to a large picture. The file will still be accessible for viewing, but at the reader's discretion, and will not be forced upon the loading of the server.

Very good sugestion, but it seems from thread deletions I have noticed that this was just too simple to do

Don't cry for me I'm the cleaner
06-16-02 00:53
No 321906
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      Having formal network study stuffed in this ...     

Having formal network study stuffed in this brain, I am guilty, no more details .

 Please take heed of the (Wizard Master) Post 285060 (WizardX: "Notice to all.", Stimulants) and its reply’s

Those who don’t will compromise themselves.

Static IP Address’s is that you ?

Be aware other shit going on also Microsoft Passport to Trouble

Read spliced below and more at

It is possible to use these design flaws and implementation holes to effectively steal a user's Passport in certain situations. One example scenario that I have put together to demonstrate these flaws consists of:
1. User has a Hotmail account, and stores some credit card information in the Passport Wallet associated with that Passport account.
2. User logs into Hotmail and, within 15 minutes of logging in, reads an email message sent to them by an attacker.
3. The attacker has now stolen all the information in the user's Passport Wallet, including full credit card numbers. The user does not know this has happened, and did nothing other than read a mail sent to their Hotmail account.
There are many variations on this attack possible, limited only by the number of sites using Passport and the features they offer.

Aussie (dingbat, in the past tense) Sun is out Champaign day I’m off out
07-18-02 04:48
No 333950
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      I am not around the stimulants forum constantly ...     

I am not around the stimulants forum constantly like before. Can someone give me some post numbers of threads that have some recent nice products pics??
(Chief Bee)
07-19-02 01:53
No 334382
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      Q: How do I search specifically for posts ...     

Q: How do I search specifically for posts containing pictures?

A: Picture searching is very easy - all posts with pictures has the [img] tag somewhere in the message body, so if you include it in your search, TFSE will only return posts containing pictures.
(Hive Bee)
07-19-02 06:17
No 334474
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      It's not that simple,for example ware has img tag ...     

It's not that simple,for example ware has img tag in every post.(That peace of the reaction stuff after each posting)

A friend with speed is a friend indeed
(Chief Bee)
07-19-02 20:21
No 334696
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      Then omit wareamis posts from the search.     

Then omit wareamis posts from the search.
(Hive Addict)
07-20-02 07:31
No 334976
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      Searching isn't easy...     

That's why it's called searching!laugh
But thankfully, The Hive has a good search engine.
I've found that certain search terms bring back Mountains of posts and a simple scroll or click of the mouse ALWAYS returns the treasures I look for!
I think they call that "Hand to Eye Co-ordination"!
Most pictures of note can usually be found on Rhodiums Site and any new ones...worthy of bees attention, will bee made available in that same way as those are the things that Rhodium looks to include there! Because they do get buried here as time goes by.
I don't post many picturesshocked
You know what I mean....unanimated!smile
But when I do include graphics...I use photoshop to compress them in size when they are large.
So if using the [img] tag when using TFSE®, to search for pics, then I agree with Rhodium about using the "and not wareami" in the search field!
Now I must go and bandage UP my E-GO!laugh

And as Lugh points out...before deciding to include images, it's good to know that the storage server will be up for a long time or there will be an "image not found" displayed

Peaceof the reaction

Everything Ibee says should be taken with a Large Grain of Sympathomimetic Amine Salt

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