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(Wizard Master)
04-04-02 02:28
No 292121
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      Major Deletion of Threads     

NOTICE: I am looking too soon delete many threads in the Crystal Meth Forum.

There are many old and useless threads that are repetative, wrong and simply crap.

I am looking for your input to what should be kept or deleted.

(Hive Addict)
04-04-02 03:56
No 292144
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      OK: try this...     

Well, firstly, have the courtesy
 to advise those whose current posts you delete
of the reason.

As I so clearly and impotently pointed out
several months ago,
all you would have to do is originate a code
of some type
which would enable feedback to the transgressor
or space waster
so that they may modify their behavior or whatever..

It's not as if you would have to write
a long note: it could be programmed ;;

EXAMPLE: You select a post to be deleted
and select a number for the reason:
the author of the deleted post gets a message

post #:  567892
deletion key: 7

1.  off topic
2.  redundant
3.  totally wrong

4.  flame not allowed
5.  uneccesary accolade
6.  mark up color distasteful

7.  my english is not good enough
to accurately discern analogies,
or similies, 
and the fact that the post was "leading edge"
totally went over my head.

8.  i just love exercising the mudane power
 to delete threads just because I can,
or because I don't get no respect at home,
or my mommy weaned me too soon,
or you know,
like whatever dude.

Secondly, it would be far better to start BACK in time
for unused threads to be scrutinized for "salvage" first: they take up the same room don't they?


i could go on,
but think of the space wasted!!


04-04-02 11:37
No 292291
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      I liked one     

After much reading and much trial and error, I read about a P/P by a mr-pyrex that was really helpful. I will see if I can find a post number or title.
(Hive Bee)
04-04-02 19:44
No 292424
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I started at the very end going through useless threads and pm'd about 60 threads to Rhod.  Been a little too busy, but will continue to do so to help with server space.  Do you want me to send the threads to you that are redundant or useless or just continue the way that Primo suggested? KM 

chemgrrl you will always be in my thoughts! KM
(Chief Bee)
04-04-02 22:16
No 292493
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      spring cleaning     

Send the results of your work to the moderator of the forum you are doing the cleaning in - I have too much to do as it is. Thanks for your cooperation.
04-10-02 07:17
No 294933
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I am looking for your input to what should be kept or deleted

All posts in CM forum made by LoW_JacK would be a good

All immoral laws regarding drugs should be disobeyed and ridiculed..
(Chief Bee)
04-10-02 08:36
No 294955
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      kept or deleted?     

I can assure you that any posts made by you will be kept or deleted, Low_jack, no need to ask us. wink
(Hive Bee)
04-10-02 17:55
No 295056
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      just the numbers     

if the numbers of the threads to be deleted would be posted some time before thus is going to happen. That would be enough for me and not too much work for the Mods as I see it.
No discussion about is necessary.
Who wants to keep something may safe it by himself.

Heralding before deletion - no discussion, this I would like to be done all over the HIVE.

so easy

"I hope I'm becoming more eccentric. More room, you know.
 More room in the brain."
(Wizard Master)
04-14-02 01:37
No 296622
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      First major deletion date.     

On the 16th April, I will be performing the first major deletion stage targeting all RP, HI/RP, Matchbox RP, and anything associated with this synthesis.

I will not be deleting all threads on this synthesis, ONLY the crap and repetative ones.
(Hive Prodigy)
04-14-02 01:46
No 296628
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      You Go, You.     

Sounds like a good plan to me. smile

Vivent Longtemps La Ruche!
(Hive Addict)
04-15-02 22:31
No 297384
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      Good plan     

When doing a search awhile back something like; mbrp or mb r/p or mbr/p or m/b rp.

I came up with 2000(limit reached), of which the ones that I scanned, 90% were, redudant,mis-information or just plain ignorant!

So ya, I say that you've got a pretty good plan.

Sometimes,.... I wake up grumpymad.....Other times, I just let her sleep.smilelaugh
(Wizard Master)
04-16-02 04:43
No 297544
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Nexted threads to be targeted are Ephedrine pill extraction, A/B, pills, and birch.
(Wizard Master)
04-18-02 01:19
No 298398
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      Deletion date.     

The nexted deletion date is Monday 22nd April. Save the threads you want before deletion.
(Line Monitor)
04-18-02 12:25
No 298636
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If I may, I have always hated the post that ask about CUT. Also the ones that give prices of this and that. To me the hive is about quality not quantity.

  The harder it is the more you'll appreciate it.
(Hive Addict)
04-29-02 18:33
No 303067
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Go wizzard!
 It has been said that quantity has a quality all its own. Not in this case. Viva le del key!

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