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04-26-02 02:14
No 301458
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      Spitball's Final Mailing Info     

Here is Spitball's new address:
John Pierson #09161-041
C/O FCI waseca
PO Box 1500
Waseca, MN 56093

He will be here for the next 10+years.  PLEASE write to him.
He is very relieved to finally be where he is going to be.  He can work, go to treatment, see visitors one on one....
He will be fine.  He is only 1 hour away from most of his friends and family.  His sense of humor will see him through.  I will let you know anything else that comes up.  

Ant Bee
(Hive Prodigy)
05-04-02 22:56
No 305000
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      Visiting Details     

Do you know the details of the visiting procedure, or know a phone number to contact the prison for such information?

Do they require you to be on a name list to be admitted, or can anyone request audience with an inmate?

I'd like to see him in person sometime.


Vivent Longtemps La Ruche!
05-05-02 00:34
No 305029
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      Phone Number

CAD Drawings of all the air conditioning and duct work of this Prison

Contracting Opportunities/Inside Acess

How to fly a helicopter
(Hive Addict)
05-05-02 02:36
No 305052
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      hrm, maybe someone could volunteer to be the ...     

hrm, maybe someone could volunteer to be the official hive "retriever"

Ya know.. someone to go get any members that are incarcerated due to BULL SHIT! Fuckin goverment makes me sick when I think about the bee's doin time. If I ever end up in such a dillema, you can bet your ass I teach every single inmate what I know. Prolly should of left well enough alone, huh?! Now you got cell block C ready to get out so they can buy their first flask.

If it ever happens, hopefully it will be alot farther down the road, and by then my knoledge will be greater than it is today. Seems like you REALLY DO learn something new every day. Fuck with me, and Ill grab a magazine and use it as a megaphone. mad

Clitoris: Erectile organ visible at the front junction of the labia minora in the vulva.
05-05-02 14:43
No 305138
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      You do have to be on a list.     

You do have to be on a list.  They have to do a check on you I am sure.  I have to fill out a whole form and submit a copy of my I.D.  You do get to see them in person for up to 8 hours though.  Weekday eves and all day weekends. 

Ant Bee
05-07-02 17:32
No 305838
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      Far off reality... i feel sometimes when i am here but posts like this wake me up again. Fuck, its too risky to sleep.

MfG MacRaney
(Chief Bee)
05-08-02 13:16
No 306230
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      A note from prison     

A note from prison: Post 305910 (fonziecat: "A note from prison", The Couch)
(Hive Bee)
06-22-02 18:49
No 324078
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      Projected Release Date :12/26/2014     

Projected Release Date :12/26/2014

A friend with speed is a friend indeed
(Resident Smart Assium)
06-22-02 19:30
No 324091
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      Jesus, does that INCLUDE time off for good ...     

Jesus, does that INCLUDE time off for good behavior, and the fact that inmates usually only serve 1/2 to 2/3 of their sentence, and all that shit?

If so, that really sucks! That's a long time, and the world will be quite a different place when he gets out.

    ф¿ф    --  Anger management? Fuck that!
(Distinctive Doe)
06-22-02 20:56
No 324124
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Someone correct me if I'm wrong

Federal Prison = No Parole

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
06-22-02 22:43
No 324185
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there is no parole or good time with fedral . and you searve at least 80 % of your time .so sorry

06-23-02 00:35
No 324222
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      Fed Time     

The rumor, in state facilities, is that federal prisoners must serve 80-85% of their sentence before their parole eligibility date.  State inmates serve 1/2-2/3 of their sentence, depending on the state, before their parole eligibility date.  Sometimes, one can get into community corrections, (a 1/2 way house), before even seeing the parole board.
At times, it is beneficial for the inmate to waive their parole hearing for a later date, usually so they can complete classes or other similar shit to make them more rehabilitated, or ready for the community.  The decisions of the parole board often go through cycles.  Some months everyone gets paroled, other months are different.  If you are denied parole, the parole board decides how long you must wait to see them again.  It varies from 1 month to 12. If you were to get in a fight a month before seeing the board, it would be better to waive your parole hearing a few months to show your remorse and shame, rather than risking a 12 month setback. 
The hearings are once a month.   Seeing the parole board doesn't guarantee release to parole. The members of "the board" have bosses, quotas, and other sting pullers.  Inmates have a case manager that they must see at least once a month,like a PO on the inside.  I believe that they can greatly influence the outcome, but I have seen situations where great effort from a case manager hasn't swayed an ornery board.  There is also a place in your file where all employees of the facilitities you're in can comment or write opinions.  You are never supposed to see these, but they are there.  Anyone reasonably intelligent should know how to act, and to what to say.  You'll have plenty of time to think about it.  Just play the game, well.  Don't let them see you playing it, and don't over-do it.  If you handle yourself fine you'll have no problems.  Just stay positive and fine tune your people skills, learn Spanish, study everything, get cartell connections, hit the weight pile, and plan, plan, plan.
06-29-02 17:50
No 326843
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      Doing Time     

What most, if not all of you, know about prison could maybe fill one standard 8 X 11" sheet of paper. What I know about prison and prison life could (unfortunately) fill books. I have served a total of approximately (don't know for sure) 17 years behind bars. Three years in the fed at FCI Butner for a federal firearm rap, most of the rest in Florida's gladiator school playgrounds, and a piddling assed 18 months for a total bullshit charge in NC. Some of you know about that one. I told them to stuff probation and pissed off the PTB.

Now, Spitty ain't in for no joy ride, BUT as long as he plays cool and doesn't do anything stupid there are benefits to federal prison. The food and living conditions beat the hell out of state prison, any state prison. Also, most states now have policies in effect that require an inmate to serve 85% of their time. No more parole. Those states that have adopted this system patterned it almost exactly after the fed.

He can work for UNICOR, the fed's prison industries. Pay ain't that great until you been there a while, but what the fuck, it's something to do. Considering you can get jobs in optics, sewing factories and other fields of manufacture, depending on which prison you're at, and it ain't fucking backbreaking chain gang work on the side of the road or in cane fields (I did three strait years of that shit in Florida.), it really ain't that bad.

The bad thing about the fed is that they won't put up with any bullshit,and with the recent Supreme Court ruling in
Sandin vs. Conner U.S. 115 S. Ct. 2293, 132 L. Ed. 2d 418,
they can now do just about anything they want with your ass and you have very little recourse. This ain't the age of Aquarius anymore people. These mother fuckers are not playing.

Anyway, the reason I know all this is that among other things I used to be a damn good jailhouse lawyer.

If you do fuck up they'll transfer you someplace like FCI Terra Haute. But first you'll enjoy air fed to Talladega and you may sit there for several months. You may also get sent around to some of the other transfer camps like Talladega and then end up back in Talladega. This is what is fondly known as the "merry go round". Fuck up and they just stick you on the merry go round for eighteen or so months besides putting you in the hole (segregation).

That's for the mild offenders. Really fuck up and you get to go to such nice places as FCI Leavenworth and FCI Marion.

If you guys have any questions, post them here and I'll come by and answer them when I can.

I got Spitty's address and I'll write to him.

One last item: Custody. Inmate custody levels range 1 through 6, six being the highest security custody level. Level one custody has two levels: one in and one out. If you are 1 out level custody you can get work release, home passes, and attend college at the warden's and your program manager's discretion.



Out here on the perimeter there are no stars. Out here we is stoned immaculate.

Jim Morrison
(Title on BackOrder)
07-01-02 03:07
No 327461
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      one sheet of notebook paper     

What I know about prisons probably could fit on an 8.5x11" sheet of notebook paper, but what would be written on the first line is that Butner FCI is an institution for the mentally insane.  What did your lawyer have to do to get you in there on a firearms rap?

All paths are the same: they lead nowhere
07-01-02 09:00
No 327541
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      Not a whole lot...     

Not a whole lot. LOL. Nah, there have to be other inmates there to cook food, serve food, take care of the really poor, sick bastards, although I quit that after a while because going up on "the hill" into the lockdown segregation area fucking creeped me out so bad. That's where they house the Hannable Lechter types.

Also, FCI Butner is a big fucking prison. The psyche ward only comprises about a third of the whole. The also have two UNICOR facilities and a lot of other inmates. Back in the early days before they went to what is known as "controlled movement" it used to be fairly sweet as such places go. I worked in the optics plant as a top technician manufacturing difficult eyeglass lenses that had to be ground special. Stuff the regulars couldn't do.
That got me into some shit for a while with some of the long timers there because I rated a higher pay scale and more benefits and I hadn't been there long at all. So, I made a counterfiet official eyeglass stamp and started stamping eyeglasses and sunglasses for the older cons and showed them how to do it. It was cool too because the fucking hacks couldn't catch me. I made the stampers out of "blocking alloy" that has a relatively low meltdown temperature. If they walked up on me I just went to the nearest water fountain with my coffee cup, dumped the metal alloy stamper in there, filled it with hot water and dumped the whole thing down the drain. Voila! Yes, and what can I do for you today Mr. Fucking Hack? Drove em' fucking nuts.

So, as to your inference as to whether I am insane: maybe. ;)

Out here on the perimeter there are no stars. Out here we is stoned immaculate.

Jim Morrison
07-09-02 03:13
No 330204
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      SWIM had the opportunity to sample UNICOR ...     

SWIM had the opportunity to sample UNICOR furniture in a "different" endevour.  The stuff is actually quite sturdy and well-made, better than 99% of the commodity furniture found at retail chain stores.  We always got a laugh reading  those white "labels" attached to the furniture, but somehow it doesn't seem that funny anymore.

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