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(Wizard Master)
11-28-02 01:40
No 384072
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      Forum cleaning time again.     

Fellow bees! It looks like the Stimulants Forum needs another mass deletion of closed and repetative threads.

Possible forum date clean-up of closed and repetative threads on 1st December.

At this moment, I'm very busy with work commitments, and hope to spend more time moderating and writing-out some of the posts I promised. Hopefully, after 26th December.
(Hive Addict)
11-29-02 15:24
No 384593
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      I think one could just erase whole Stimulant ...     

I think one could just erase whole Stimulant forum content,info that has any use at all has made to Rhodium site already.

A friend with speed is a friend indeed
12-02-02 06:07
No 385353
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      there are pros and cons to everything     

Wipe to much of the slate and a whole slew of "same fucking questions" will infest the reading, won't it?
Kind of a dammned ifn you do dammned ifn ya don't...crazy

All I wanted was a pepsi, just one pepsi, and she wouldn't get one for me...
(Chief Bee)
12-02-02 06:22
No 385355
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      Half of the forum could be deleted and we ...     

Half of the forum could be deleted and we wouldn't notice any increase in repetitive questions. It's not like anyone uses the search engine...
12-02-02 07:06
No 385372
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      Content over Righteousness     

I use the search engine constantly, and have found the biggest discouragement to using it, is that invariably I'll get a huge number of posts to wade through of which 95% will be threads rotating around the theme ‘UTFSE’ instead of the answers they should contain. It seems ironic that the efforts of the ‘UTFSE’ proponents appears to have done more to dilute the useful content of the forums that the ‘newbees’ and there 'repetitive' questions.

 If people simply answered with a contentful reply, or didn't reply at all, instead of thumping the UTSE-bible at every chance, maybe more could be obtained from using ‘TFSE’. Even if the rate of repetitive questions didn't get reduced, at least I'd save a few hours every time I used the search engine as all the threads would be content filled instead of idealistic and obviously pointless ‘UTFSE’ thumping.

 Personally, I have no problem wading through 100 content filled posts; I do however get extremely frustrated wading through 100 variations of ‘UTFSE’ threads. To give an example, in my latest search for the g/ml solubility of pseudoephedrine in various solvents I found several threads filled with ‘UTFSE’ discussions. These were subsequently shown to be unwarranted, as the answers to the solubility questions had in fact not been presented previously in any useful fashion, other than a useless reference to Merck which stated it was soluable in water, alcohol and chloroform.

 How about an acceptance of human nature, and a more realistic attempt to keep threads content filled, albeit repetitive, rather than contentless and righteous.

 In other words, it would seem more logical to simply answer the repetitive questions, or refer to a content filled post, rather than create another pointless thread full of righteous chants of ‘UTFSE’. This is a message board aimed at providing information after all, not a utopian attempt to alter the fact that most people are lazy.

(Chief Bee)
12-02-02 08:00
No 385403
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      Then I suggest that WizardX UTFSE for the term ...     

Then I suggest that WizardX UTFSE for the term "UTFSE" and delete the threads with only questions in during the upcoming cleanup. 
(Hive Addict)
12-02-02 16:12
No 385522
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      About that UTFSE...     

Let's make it graphic so it would be more dumb-user-friendly.

For those about to synth,we salute you
(Wizard Master)
12-04-02 00:12
No 385949
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      Running behide!     

I'm running behide, so stage one of the cleanup will be coming Monday.

I'll start with what boss Rhodium said, and randomly delete repetative threads.

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