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(Chief Bee)
11-10-04 10:44
No 408293
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      The Stimulants Forum FAQ
(Rated as: excellent)

This is a digest where I will collect links to posts which contain answers to the most frequently asked questions in this forum.  It is always a good idea to read the rest of the posts in the threads from which the posts below come from to learn as much as possible.

Please do check back from time to time, as this FAQ will be continuously updated with new material as I find it. Also, if you know of a post you believe would fit in this listing, then please PM me about that so that this FAQ becomes as complete as possible.

Lab Technique

Chemical Data
Post 384104 (WizardX: "Chemical Calculation Packs.", Stimulants)
Post 343523 (Rhodium: "Solvent Miscibility Chart", Newbee Forum)
Post 412384 (Rhodium: "pKa values of amphetamines & ephedrines", Stimulants)
Post 403782 (mr_pyrex: "Drying agents and their compatibilities", Stimulants)
Post 399804 (badbody: "The Prequel - Solubilities of Pill Inactives", Stimulants)
Post 420364 (pikkolo_z: "solvent info", Stimulants)
Post 423043 (Stonium: "Some dissolution animations", Stimulants)
Post 491759 (Osmium: "Excellent book about Povidone", Stimulants) (Added 03-04-04):
Post 532634 (Zen: "Triprolidine", Stimulants) (Added 09-22-04):
Post 532650 (Zen: "Triprolidine HCl", Stimulants) (Added 09-22-04):

Post 408135 (geezmeister: "What a condenser is, and what it is good for", Stimulants)
Post 287031 (Porn_Starrr: "mason jars should NOT be heated", Stimulants)
Post 492242 (SHORTY: "My ghetto gassing apparatus.....", Stimulants) (Added 03-04-04):

Acid/Base extraction, Recrystallization & other purification methods
Recrystallization Technique (
Post 45545 (Worlock: "Re-crystallization via Dual Solvents -Leap Ahead", Stimulants)
Post 399723 (Chicken: "MSM", Stimulants)
Post 391280 (cthulhujr: "Simple Descriptive A/B for Newbees", Stimulants)
Post 310129 (VideoEditor: "Easiest Post Rxn Steam & Clean for RP/I", Stimulants)
Post 350970 (hypo: "Steam volatility of meth, amph and ephedrine", Stimulants)
Post 238802 (geezmeister: "Re: Acetone Crashing", Stimulants)
Post 428962 (Osmium: "RP/I2 post-reaction workup: The short version", Stimulants)
Post 428987 (Osmium: "Saving solvents: Countercurrent extraction/washing", Stimulants)
Post 443179 (Rhodium: ""Overgassing" and how to avoid it", Stimulants)
Post 457259 (WizardX: "Making Methamphetamine Oxalate", Stimulants)
Post 468353 (Rhodium: "Recrystallization is always required", Stimulants)
Post 468473 (Rhodium: "Rxtal all Meth for the sake of your health", Stimulants)
Post 473343 (lugh: "Crystallization/Recrystallization", Stimulants) (Added 02-10-04):
Post 492977 (lugh: "Column Chromatography", Stimulants) (Added 03-04-04):
Post 490581 (SHORTY: "Steam Distillation of Meth - With Diagram", Stimulants) (Added 03-04-04):
Post 515347 (Bandil: "Dual Grade Recrystallization", Stimulants) (Added 08-15-04):
Post 539989 (WizardX: "Recrystallization", Stimulants) (Added 11-06-04):


Post 109151 (Osmium: "Home-made I2", Stimulants)
Post 311336 (geezmeister: "I2 from tincture", Stimulants)
Post 323416 (Rhodium: "Iodine (Tincture) FAQ", Stimulants)
Post 450132 (SHORTY: "Recycling Iodine", Stimulants)
Post 463056 (VideoEditor: "Another look at Iodine recovery...", Stimulants)
Post 496756 (elfspice: "stochiometry!", Stimulants) (Added 04-24-04):
Post 507866 (mr_pyrex: "Iodine from KI - Working Procedure", Stimulants) (Added 07-02-04):
Post 508148 (SHORTY: "Iodine from KI: This recently worked for me", Stimulants) (Added 07-02-04):
Post 75211 (Stonium: "Your Iodine/Phosphorus Everything", Stimulants) (Added 09-12-04):

Hydriodic Acid
Post 271993 (Argox: "Hydriodic Acid--Step by Step Write-Up", Stimulants)
Post 271994 (Argox: "Hydriodic Acid--Step by Step (Part 2)Write-Up", Stimulants)
Post 288929 (Rhodium: "Hydriodic Acid From Pinene and Iodine", Stimulants)
Post 399133 (Rhodium: "New ways for making HI", Stimulants)
Post 372746 (WizardX: "HI from I2 + Ascorbic acid", Stimulants)
Post 378488 (WizardX: "N2H4 + 2I2 ==> 4HI + N2", Stimulants)
Post 413245 (WizardX: "SYNTHESIS OF HI VIA DIRECT H2 and I2 OVER Pt.", Stimulants)
Post 446436 (SHORTY: "Trying the above HI preparation procedure", Stimulants)
Post 492369 (Kinetic: "Stabilising HI", Stimulants) (Added 03-04-04):
Post 499563 (Rhodium: "Gmelin on HI", Stimulants) (Added 04-07-04):
Post 527686 (navarone: "HI from DECALIN !!!!", Stimulants) (Added 09-04-04):

Red Phosphorus
Post 339095 (SQUIDIPPY: "Red Phosphorus - Read this first!", Stimulants)
Post 327978 (Elementary: ""Pre-firing" Red Phosphorus", Stimulants)
Post 449232 (not existing)
Post 468895 (Osmium: "Strong H2SO4 might oxidise some of your rP,...", Stimulants)
Post 474484 (WizardX: "Phosphorus", Stimulants)
Post 480857 (SHORTY: "Allotropes of Phosphorus", Stimulants)
Post 481068 (SHORTY: "From the Merck Index", Stimulants)
Post 481112 (SHORTY: "The discovery and production of phosphorus", Stimulants)
Post 493157 (Rhodium: "Determination of Red Phosphorus Content", Stimulants) (Added 03-05-04):
Post 537269 (gsus: "Phosphorus and some of its inorganic  compounds", Stimulants) (Added 10-23-04):

Hypophosphorous & Phosphorous Acid
Post 402830 (WizardX: "Phosphorous acid, H3PO3", Stimulants)
Post 344306 (foxy2: "H3PO3, phosphorous acid", Stimulants)
Post 344334 (Rhodium: "Phosphorus/Phosphoric Acid FAQ", Stimulants)
Post 344921 (WizardX: "The Electrochemistry of H3PO2 & H3PO3", Stimulants)
Post 438307 (hypo: "mono-phosphoric acids", Stimulants)
Post 451057 (SHORTY: "Many improvements….", Stimulants)
Post 456171 (halfkast: "Extracting H3PO3 from phosphite foliar solutions", Stimulants) (Added 06-30-04):

Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine & Stereoisomers
Post 401416 (Rhodium: "Hermann Emde's Ephedrine Chemistry Treatise", Stimulants)
Post 443176 (Rhodium: "More articles about Ephedrine/Pseudoephedrine", Stimulants)
Post 400338 (Rhodium: "Resolution of dl-Ephedrine", Stimulants)
Post 444361 (Rhodium: "Pseudo(ephedrine) Optical Isomers", Stimulants)
Post 403935 (Rhodium: "Clarification/Correction", Stimulants)
Post 403734 (Rhodium: "Why racemate?", Stimulants)
Post 404085 (Organikum: "the distributor racemisation story", Stimulants)
Post 404474 (Rhodium: "Better pictures", Stimulants)
Post 422275 (badbody: "Pseudo/Ephedrine Derivatives", Stimulants)
Post 422168 (Aurelius: "US Patent 4277420  (Ephedrine and the like)", Stimulants)
Post 422837 (Aurelius: "US Patent 1799110 (Ephedrine Analogues)", Stimulants)
Post 422067 (Aurelius: "Ephedrine Compilation", Stimulants)
Post 432344 (geezmeister: "pseudo precipitation technique", Stimulants)
Post 475656 (Rhodium: "Chou: Properties of (pseudo)Ephedrine", Stimulants)
Post 482808 (Rhodium: "Synthesis of all pseudo/ephedrine isomers", Stimulants)
Post 400342 (Rhodium: "Synthesis of dl-Ephedrine", Stimulants) (Added 04-12-04):
Post 516974 (Rhodium: "Synthesis of (1S,2S)-pseudoephedrine", Stimulants) (Added 07-02-04):
Post 402198 (Rhodium: "Merck Index 13 on Ephedrine", Stimulants) (Added 10-13-04):
Post 535588 (Rhodium: "Early descriptions of (pseudo)ephedrine chemistry", Stimulants) (Added 10-13-04):

Ephedrine Alkaloids from Ephedra/Ma Huang
Post 2657 (Worlock: "Ephedrine research docs", Stimulants)
Post 454886 (Rhodium: "Ephedra (Ma Huang) -> (pseudo)Ephedrine", Stimulants)
Post 364245 (hermanroempp: "Isolation of l-ephedrine from ephedra", Stimulants)
Post 422144 (Aurelius: "Ephedra Species List", Stimulants)
Post 489536 (Rhodium: "Recent Review Articles on Khat & Ephedra", Stimulants) (Added 02-18-04):
Post 499668 (Rhodium: "Analysis of Ephedrine Analogues from Ephedra", Stimulants) (Added 04-08-04):
Post 535382 (Rhodium: "Determination of Ephedra Alkaloids", Stimulants) (Added 10-13-04):

Phenylacetone (Phenyl-2-Propanone, P2P, BMK)
Post 410768 (zorohydride: "Here's my favorite BULK synthesis", Stimulants)

L-Phenylacetylcarbinol (L-PAC, (R)-(-)-1-Phenyl-1-Hydroxy-2-Propanone)
Post 507915 (Rhodium: "Benzaldehyde -> L-PAC -> PPA", Stimulants) (Added 05-18-04):
Post 505265 (Organikum: "Benzaldehyde -> L-PAC -> Ephedrine", Stimulants) (Added 05-18-04):
Post 44728 (LaBTop: "Patent Collection: L-PAC Synthesis", Stimulants) (Added 05-18-04):
Post 199197 (Jacked: "Biosynth: Homebrewing Ephedrine", Serious Chemistry) (Added 05-18-04): (Read entire thread))

Anhydrous (liquid) Ammonia
Post 469984 (TURNTABLIST: "AMMONIA: THE APPARATUS V2.1", Chemicals & Equipment)

Post 435996 (WizardX: "Lucas Reagent", Stimulants)
Post 470980 (Rhodium: "Iodoephedrine a.k.a. Iodomethamphetamine", Stimulants)
Post 487660 (Rhodium: "Chlorination reactions of ephedrines revisited.", Stimulants) (Added 02-10-04):
Post 484741 (Rhodium: "(+)- or (-)-Chloroephedrine", Stimulants)
Post 392817 (Rhodium: "Toxicity of chloropseudoephedrine/chloroephedrine", Stimulants) (Added 03-05-04):
Post 498300 (Rhodium: "Chloroephedrine Irreversible CYP2D6 Inhibition", Stimulants) (Added 03-31-04):
Post 499052 (Rhodium: "Meth Synthesis via Chloroephedrine", Stimulants) (Added 04-04-04):
Post 515690 (moo: "Chloroephedrine electroreduction at a lead cathode", Stimulants) (Added 06-30-04):

Pill extraction
Post 468062 (ahgreich: "The Tetra Trap: Your Route to Clean Pseudo!", Stimulants)
Post 480575 (SHORTY: "Methanolic 'Tetra Trap' worked for me", Stimulants)
Post 440177 (VideoEditor: "New Straight to E -- a novel extraction tech.", Stimulants)
Post 444086 (geezmeister: ""Straight to E" extraction: Yield report", Stimulants)
Post 346240 (VideoEditor: "Universal Extraction Technique: Straight to Bee", Stimulants)
Post 408142 (geezmeister: "Yields on a modified STB", Stimulants)
Post 337420 (geezmeister: "Extraction Technique: The Full Turps Cure", Stimulants)
Post 333934 (geezmeister: "Extraction  Technique: Waterless A/B", Stimulants)
Post 421767 (wareami: "The Egull & IDEA Methods", Stimulants)
Post 479526 (Kinetic: "Solvents", Stimulants)
Post 492676 (geezmeister: "the new gakk has arrived", Stimulants)(Added 03-04-04):
Post 498819 (foxy2: "New GAKK Patent", Stimulants)(Added 04-02-04):
Post 535119 (evilscripter69: "Ghetto FB extraction w/ 80% + returns", Stimulants) latest addition (11-10-04):

Reduction of (pseudo)Ephedrine to Methamphetamine

Post 448094 (geezmeister: "and the disadvantage", Chemicals & Equipment)
Post 455584 (geezmeister: "I've made the same arguments", Stimulants)
Post 395834 (Osmium: "Do you guys have an idea how frustrating it is...", Stimulants)
Post 384321 (Osmium: "It's kinda fun to read all that poetic waxing ...", Stimulants)
Post 389448 (Osmium: "> He was also one that would turn his nose up ...", Stimulants)
Post 362337 (geezmeister: "meth is meth", Stimulants)
Post 412403 (Osmium: "Thanks for the nice example you provided...", Stimulants)
Post 428410 (geezmeister: "The post-reaction workup: a cook's summary", Stimulants) (and the subsequent four posts)
Post 443818 (ragnaroekk: "Reference on HI reductions", Stimulants)
Post 468495 (geezmeister: "note on reflux crystals", Stimulants)
Post 479948 (geezmeister: "Think of it like Congress", Stimulants)
Post 362724 (Rhodium: "Methamphetamine impurity identity profiling", Stimulants)

Reaction Mechanisms
Post 468813 (Rhodium: "Final Word on the HI/RP Mechanism", Stimulants)
Post 403712 (Rhodium: "more pathways", Stimulants)
Post 415909 (Rhodium: "Red Phosphorous isn't a catalyst!", Stimulants)
Post 489549 (geezmeister: "yields from the LWR", Stimulants) (Added 02-18-04):
Post 443818 (ragnaroekk: "Reference on HI reductions", Stimulants) (Added 03-10-04):

Using Red Phosphorus
Post 357300 (geezmeister: "About failed rP/I2 reactions", Stimulants) (Read the whole thread)
Post 395387 (Osmium: "Lowjack: NO! We do not want the whole shebang...", Stimulants)
Post 299072 (thelostpacket: "An experiment with GAA", Stimulants)
Post 410730 (Coitus: "RP / I / GAA", Stimulants)
Post 468162 (jackhole: "Successful [Large] RXN", Stimulants)
Post 534545 (geezmeister: "on ratios and envelopes", Stimulants) (Added 10-05-04):

Using Hypophosphorous Acid
Post 411130 (SHORTY: "Success with Sodium Hypophosphite", Stimulants)
Post 344446 (Rhodium: "Hypophosphorous acidÂŻiodine: a novel reducing ...", Stimulants)
Post 493831 (SHORTY: "New procedure for hypo rxns!", Stimulants) (Added 03-08-04):

Using Phosphorus Acid
Post 344011 (Rhodium: "Recycling of HI + new RP substitute", Stimulants)
Post 400482 (geezmeister: "Phosphorous Acid Trial", Stimulants)
Post 400849 (geezmeister: "Phosphorous Acid Works", Stimulants)
Post 428160 (Scottydog: "Swim's 32g (4 hour) H3PO3 rxn", Stimulants)

Using a modified Birch Reduction (Li/NH3)
Post 433092 (Xavl2: "Safe Nano Fumeless Home Birch", Stimulants)
Post 396293 (Rhodium: "Birch reaction mechanism", Stimulants)
Post 496241 (Rhodium: "Lithium and amine dissolving metal reduction", Stimulants) (Added 03-20-04):
Post 532303 (Rhodium: "Lithium in Ethylenediamine, Birch-Benkeser etc.", Stimulants) (Added 09-23-04):
Post 532762 (Rhodium: "Birch (over)reduction of (-)-Ephedrine", Stimulants) (Added 09-23-04):

Through Catalytic/Transfer Hydrogenation
Post 393077 (Rhodium: "(pseudo)Ephedrine to Meth w/ Raney-Nickel", Stimulants)
Post 500286 (Rhodium: "Ephedrine O-Phosphate -> Meth", Stimulants) (Added 04-12-04):
Post 500632 (Rhodium: "Catalytic Hydrogenolysis of Benzyl Alcohols", Stimulants) (Added 04-13-04):
Post 507994 (Rhodium: "Catalytic Hydrogenation of Ephedrine to Meth", Stimulants) (Added 05-18-04):


Post 490112 (praeseodymium: "Styrene to P2P, Amphetamine, Meth & Ephedrine", Stimulants) (Added 03-04-04):
Post 516479 (Rhodium: "P2Pol by benzyl grignard addition to acetaldehyde", Stimulants) (Added 06-30-04):
Post 459611 (Rhodium: "Reduction of Phenylalanine to Phenylalaninol", Stimulants) (Added 09-27-04):
Post 459750 (Rhodium: "Phenylalaninol, exact procedure", Stimulants) (Added 09-27-04):
Post 533044 (WizardX: "strecker degradation", Stimulants) (Added 09-27-04):
Post 540244 (Dope_Amine: "PAA -> P2P 76% yield", Stimulants) (Added 11-07-04):

Amphetamine (Benzedrine)
Post 402025 (Rhodium: "Ye olde Benzedrine", Stimulants) (Added 04-29-04):
Post 503731 (Rhodium: "L. Edeleano - The Discovery of Amphetamine", Stimulants) (Added 04-29-04):

Mythology & Meth Lore
Renegade's Amphetamine FAQ (
Post 471411 (methyl_ethyl: "(Pseudo)Ephedrine in Salt Licks? Pure Myth.", Stimulants)
Post 408858 (Rhodium: "P2P in photo supplies", Stimulants)
Post 91450 (EllisDTripp: "Red Phosphorus and TVs", Stimulants)
Post 485391 (Rhodium: "Transformer Oil = PCB =/= P2P", Stimulants)
Post 307959 (Rhodium: "DEA investigation of Ephedrine in Chicken Feed", Stimulants)
Post 474577 (Rhodium: "Bioavailability of intranasal and smoked meth", Stimulants)
Post 494026 (Rhodium: "Metabolic Precursors to (Meth)Amphetamine", Stimulants) (Added 03-09-04):

Methcathinone & Cathinone
Post 502560 (Rhodium: "Methcathinone & Analogs: Synthesis & Analysis", Stimulants) (Added 04-24-04):
Post 289412 (foxy2: "Cathinone from L-PAC", Stimulants) (Added 04-24-04):
Post 289410 (foxy2: "Methcathinone and ephedrine from propiophenone", Stimulants) (Added 04-24-04):

Separation of (Meth)Amphetamine Optical isomers
Post 534472 (Rhodium: "Pope-Peachey Optical Resolution of Meth", Stimulants) (Added 10-05-04):
Post 539130 (Rhodium: "Methamphetamine Tartrate Resolution Theory", Stimulants) (Added 11-02-04):

Racemization of (meth)amphetamine and ephedrine derivatives
Post 447791 (Aurelius: "US pat 2797243 Racemization of l-Amphetamine", Stimulants)
Post 447792 (Aurelius: "US patent 2608583 Racemization of Amines", Stimulants)
Post 480362 (Rhodium: "Na alkoxide racemization of (pseudo)ephedrine", Stimulants)
Post 480374 (Rhodium: "Racemization of Optically Active Ephedrines", Stimulants)

Using The Search Engine
Post 59149 (Unobtainium: "how to 'power search' with a search engine", Chemicals & Equipment)
Post 450147 (LaBTop: "UTFSE:  How to - USE THE FUCKIN SEARCH ENGINE - !", Newbee Forum)
Post 450168 (LaBTop: "Rhodium's posts on search engine usage", Newbee Forum)


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