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04-09-03 20:08
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      Please use the DOI for citations
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The DOI is an identifier for digital objects, e.g. scientific publications. DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier and every (new) journal article has such a number. With it you can access (and download...) the fulltext version of that article with one click (at least if you are trying that from your university library and the university has paid for it).

You can go to our Links ( page and type the DOI into the form field to jump directly to the online version of the article.

Additionally we have the new markup tag [doi]10.1007/s002650050476[/doi] which results in: DOI:10.1007/s002650050476. There is also a [doi] button below the new post input field.

We urge you to use the DOI markup tag for every citation here on the Hive!

For more information you can visit And beside that: I really like that acronym... wink
(Hive Addict)
04-10-03 07:49
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      A most interesting idea!     

A most interesting idea indeed! I wish many other places were as well organized as the Hive. They for sure can learn something from this place. And its not just a promise, [DOI] tags also really work! wink

The faster you run, the quicker you die.
(Hive Addict)
04-10-03 08:22
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      where does one get it?     

how do i make the "beilstein reference" --> "doi" transformation?
04-10-03 11:00
No 425360
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      Just wait a few years until they add the DOI...     

Just wait a few years until they add the DOI crazy
05-21-03 01:55
      DOI... DOI... is that like Synthing under the...
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(Chief Bee)
07-06-03 23:24
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      Free DOI Lookup     

Here is a wonderful tool to find the DOI for an article!

If you have bibliographic data for a journal article and would like to find the DOI, please use the form at the page linked below. The form is a guest query interface to the CrossRef system for individual DOI retrieval.
(Chief Bee)
07-07-03 02:05
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      Add a DOI Resolver Button to Your Browser     

Add a DOI Resolver Button to Your Browser

With this DOI Bookmarklet ( you can now resolve a DOI in a displayed document by highlighting it and clicking on the DOI Button in your Internet Explorer Links toolbar. If you click on the button without selecting a DOI, a dialog box will prompt you to select a DOI to resolve.
03-18-04 17:31
      well said, GC_MS [smile]
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