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10-24-04 03:27
No 537421
      CAS# questions     

SWIM is planning some international shopping. I am having problems figuring out which items to buy.

MDP2P- is the cas# 4676-39-5 or 28281-49-4? The DEA says the first, but then what is the second?

PPA- for 4-mar is the cas# 492-39-7 or 14838-15-4?
10-24-04 03:48
No 537423
      ARE U NUTS!!!!!!     

ARE U NUTSshocked

may the meth godz smile upon me or i shall sleep long time
(Hive Addict)
10-24-04 13:12
No 537464
      sure why not go on a shopping trip?     

sure why not go on a shopping trip? why not goto one of those asian countries who still impose capitol punishment (minus any form of non-biased trial of course) and ask for those there....

correct cas number or not who cares? they will just as easily thrown you in the slammer as the DEA would if you asked an american supplier!

Asian countries are not drug dealers/makers paradise, they are actually worse than the dea, at least the dea ask you to stop before they shoot.....

My opinion, dont bother... or you will pay dearly for your ingorance...


Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...
(Hive Bee)
10-24-04 13:30
No 537468
User Picture 

SWIM is planning some international shopping

How are u planning on getting it home?  Dont give away good secrets; but have u really thought this through?...  Every possible scenario and counter-plan
(Hive Bee)
10-24-04 15:18
No 537479
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correct cas number or not who cares?

The people who have to handle the goods between you and the supplier; I guess. Imagine you order a substance that should be stored and transported at freezer temperature and you give the CAS number for a substance that can be transported without special care. Who will be responsible if something goes wrong?

President of the Iraqi Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction Development Society
10-25-04 20:01
No 537759
      Thread subject confusion     

Thank you all for your concern.

Now, anybee know what the differences between those numbers are?
10-25-04 22:52
No 537790
      Well, I dont have a clue what the first one is     

Well, I dont have a clue what the first one is (4676-39-5 - doesn't show up on chemfinder, are you sure it's the right number?).  The second (28281-49-4) is 3,4-methylenedioxypropiophenone (MDP1P).

As for the second part, both 492-39-7 and 14838-15-4 appear to refer to phenylpropanolamine...

Key the numbers into, you'll see what they are.
(Hive Addict)
10-25-04 23:53
No 537805
      Hey saddam, i didnt mean who cares for when...     

Hey saddam,
i didnt mean who cares for when hes packing it, i meant it as you wouldnt be able to get it through customs in any country (i think) even if you get out of that country alive with it...
so thats why the cas # is not important... not for packing, but due to the impossibility of sourcing and exporting it....


Its just my opinion, but no-one listens to me anyway, and rightly so...
10-26-04 04:07
No 537842
      both appear to refer to...     

Yeah, that was my problem, too. Had another problem with platinum oxide coming out as a few different numbers.

Chemfinder, MSDS searches and gov/dea sites were all used(cookie free, public wifi).

Who cares about the cas? Cas#s translate much better than chemical names. Speaking of that, which chemical name do you use? Which do they use?

Ahh, the memory of changing chem suppliers! "I need 20L of dcm and..."
"What is dcm?"
"Uhh, a solvent."
"What do you need it for?"
"Uhh, plastics... fusing plastics."
"Are you sure it´s not methylene chloride? What´s the cas?"
"Uhh... Yeah, I think that´s another name for it."
"Ok, lets double check. What´s the cas#?"

Yes, that sucked.

Anyhoo! Just FYI, Asia, Russia and Southern Europe ARE a drugmakers paradise. The harsh punishment and enforcement along with out of work/money former spys has built an amazingly powerful network of organized crime. So powerful in fact, that they, with the help of gangs and the system, reach right into our prisons and find old designer cooks on their way out with no options going in a fucking halfway house of BTL mofos hell bent on busting you back and the system set on recidivision...

So yeah busta, this wood can get it done. It only took one batch of the most beautiful meth crystals they have ever seen to hook up the "Whatever, wey!" (Thx Geez! No money to set up the hydrogenator, your LWR ran as advertized. Pure monkey bu$iness!)

On another note, fridge temps? How much ketone have you left sitting around? I can tell you that clean ketone doesnt "poof" into other shit in a day or two. Sure, loaded full of oxidiser/cat/wtfever, your milage may vary, but from the plant, our most sacred of ketones is clear goodness. Handled carefully, repacked, a long hop in a freezing aircraft hold and whala! 20L at a time. That´s what they say, at least. We will see. Problem is, the guys doing the shopping arent chemists, so they need the absolute, positive, "that is the shit" way of knowing what to get. Me? travel? That´s a little tough. I don´t even drive. Riding in towncars is better, anyway. I sure would like to visit those places some day. All my favorite call girls are check, pol and russian!

So what is two or more lab days of your time worth? I bet it´s a lot! Now, to scale up my old ss milk container/hydrogenator...
(Hive Addict)
10-26-04 08:25
No 537879
User Picture 
      4676-39-5 is the CAS for MDP2P.     

Whenever chemfinder can't find what you're looking for, try ChemIDPlus (, their database is the most extensive I know of.

11-08-04 06:07
No 540364
      It is not easy to get those Asian chem ...     

It is not easy to get those Asian chem suppliers to sell you some precursors.  They usually sell in large quantity (i.e. 200 liters drums).  Most of the precursors and other chemicals are on Schedule List and you will most likely have problems with customs.  Usually small quantities shipped in small parcel would get through the customs and would be adequate for home consumption.  However, it is diificult to find sources that sell them in small quanties (safely and quietly).  For chemical reference including properties and CAS#, I found one website that provides very useful information but they are also bulk quantity supplier which I am not sure if revealing the name will be considered as naming the source.  (I don't think that our fellow bees wanting to make honey for personal consumption would buy anything from them)
(Hive Bee)
11-08-04 07:12
No 540381
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      farkin duh!!     

I am not sure if revealing the name will be considered as naming the source.
what the fuck else would it bee? naming the source is revealing the name, giving the mane, posting the name.
did you see how quick that sas thread got yanked as soon as you mentioned naming a source? get a clue!mad

Don't you think if I had something intelligent to say, it would bee in my post?
11-08-04 07:46
No 540382
      I am soory for having caused trouble to fellow     

I am soory for having caused trouble to fellow bees.  I tried to be helpful to fellow bees. There is no bad intention and I will keep my mouth shut on the subject.  I got the clue.

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