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10-31-04 17:05
No 538925
      IT'S OK TO JUST LYE AROUND!!!!!     

here's what's goin down..

swix took 1 box of 20x120mg generic pills from wally world and did the following to them...


1. recorded total pill mass which in this case was 42g's (2.4g's of phed and 39.6g's of whatever)

2. added pills to grinder with 39.6g's of Naoh(lye) and grinded up to a fine powder.

3. put pill powder in a glass jar and added 5ml of 91% IPA per 1g of phed so that would be 12.5ml in this case.

4. now swix added 2.5ml of dh2o per 1g of the what i called whatever which was 39.6g's so swix will  add 99ml of dh2o.

5. with glass stiring rod now stir to mix everything up really good.

6. add 50ml of naptha per box of pills. place on heat source and stir until it begins to boil.

7. remove from heat source and filter off naptha through charmin filter into a clean jar.

8. add 30ml of naptha to jar with pill mass in it and repeat steps 6-7.

final step.  take your now collected naptha and if u see phed starting to form in the jar heat it up until it's disolved and then pour the naptha in a glass pie pan and put in freezer for 1hr.  remove and collect phed freebase.

this was tested with all kinds of wally world pills and burn test was clean and cooked up with very good yeilds.

its ok not to believe but its not ok not to try anything new.
(Ancient Alchemist Delux)
10-31-04 20:34
No 538952

You started out with weights and measures why didn't you Finnish the post with weights and measures. What was your final yields

Tighten Up!  (UH)
(Ancient Alchemist Delux)
10-31-04 20:36
No 538953

You have turned a waterless A/B into a water/alcohol A/B..

Tighten Up!  (UH)
11-01-04 15:33
No 539086
      final weights     

swix has been getting right around 1g freebase per box of pills sometime 1.25g's but most of the time its only 1g per box of 20x120mg wally world pills.
11-02-04 01:44
      see whats the point of this post, its a waste!
(Rated as: off-topic)
(Ancient Alchemist Delux)
11-02-04 01:46
No 539145

Thats less than 50% yield. I understand it is freebase and not the heaver HCl as was started with..
 Swim has seen 1G FB from a 40 count 30mg when using KOH and 91% IPA with no need for a non polar solvent to render clean product, This averages in the 70% range. Few years back one could expect an 80 to 85% yield from a plane old fashion A/B, Anymore water is avoided unless hydrolysis is being carried out.
 There are a lot of post in festers thread with low yields when NaOH was employed instead of KOH.. I don't understand why people are still trying to substitute NaOH for KOH armed with this information.. Both Hydroxides are sold side by side and are not watched chemicals. They are used to make soaps and lotions, at home even..
 After 20 or 30 boxes of pills with a loss of 20% of starter material per box adds up to a lot of wasted gear. With your ass on the line every time you do this I would think you would want to maximize your rewards.
OK to make a positive out of a negative and to make a point from this thread so as not to wast space.. (NewBees Do not wast preshes precursors like pseudo, if you lived in Oz you would be shot for disregarding that much of a yield discrepancy. If you could even get a box of 120s like that.

Tighten Up!  (UH)
11-02-04 10:12
No 539201
      getting 1g of freebase out of a box of ...     

getting 1g of freebase out of a box of 20x120mg pills isn't that bad..when straight to bee came out that is what almost everyone was getting. so 1g of freebase phed isn't bad for one box...the reason why swix uses NaOH instead of KOH because in his neck of the woods KOH is really hard to find and im sure that other bee's would agree.. so lets just make it simple and use NaOH that everyone already has.

clean and simple way to clean phed..
(Hive Bee)
11-02-04 16:42
No 539225
User Picture 
      This Bee disagrees...     

Jacked is correct as usual about obtaining KOH, not difficult at all.  Also, NaOH just doesn't work the same as KOH, who knows what is being left behind after the hydrolysis.  Swit_c uses the KOH method and yields are generally around 70% when performed exactly by the thread.

Tina Craig worked for me!!
(Ancient Alchemist Delux)
11-02-04 22:05
No 539268

so lets just make it simple and use NaOH that everyone already has

Keeping it simple, how much more simple does it get? Damn its the computer age. order the shit!!

getting 1g of freebase out of a box of 20x120mg pills isn't that bad..when straight to bee came out that is what almost everyone was getting. so 1g of freebase phed isn't bad for one box.

Strait to Bee?? I've never herd of strait to bee. And who is everyone? If you are happy with that yield then by all means do as your doing but to be honest with you that is a shitty yield and I don't think "everyone" would be happy with that..
I'm stating this not to change your mind about anything, I'm stating this for the newbee happing across this thread and think 1g from a box of 120's is good and maybe mistaking your A/B for a one pot shot at cleaning pseudo..

Tighten Up!  (UH)
11-02-04 22:56
No 539276
User Picture 
      straight to bee     

for some reason, swis thinks he means "straight to E"tongue

may the meth godz smile upon me or i shall sleep long time
(Hive Bee)
11-02-04 23:20
No 539279
User Picture 
      From Rhodium's page     

He is probably talking about

It is by VideoEditor and Straight to Bee is the title.  Swim has never actually tried it.

Makes me stand UP/move around

11-03-04 00:54
No 539289
      swix don't order shit off line.     

swix don't order shit off line.  just wanted to share this with the hive if u don't like it then dont try it..thanks jacked for ur input on this subject everything u said HAS been takin in. for all who want to try this and give ur thoughts do so and post ur results.
(Of Counsel)
11-03-04 03:10
No 539327
      Straight to Bee     

STB was my favorite extraction method before the orange gakks, and after them. Straight to E before the Eudragit gakks shut it down as an effective method was the only thing that for a time worked better. Straight to bee is in my opinion a great pseudo a/b extraction method, particularly if you want freebase pseudo. You need to incorporate steps to deal with the gakks introduced after its posting... and one could incorporate KOH hydrolysis as part of the method.

mostly harmless
11-03-04 10:09
No 539407
      STB was my favorite extraction method also so...     

STB was my favorite extraction method also so swix kinda went off that and U.fester's KOH extraction. instead of KOH swix used NaOH which worked well for him.  if smaller amounts of naptha was used maybe better yeilds would of been recoverd. like in the STB method.
(Hive Bee)
11-03-04 12:10
No 539417
      things at first are often deceiving     

you remind me of swibb back when he first started *tear*

truth is you prolly have never seen really clean dope. swibb was guilty of thinking it was clean at the beginning of using the hive but soon figured out that what he thought was clean wasn't very clean at all. i suspect you'll find this to be the case. or your yields may be incredibly low. if you aren't getting back 50% of final product out of initial available pre extracted psuedo then you're getting low yields. swibb has many times done the same sort of extraction and these days it isn't good enough especially for swibb's taste.

of all the methods that swibb liked, strait to e was the easiest and yielded the most consitently high results. if you didn't have a way to contain or manage the fumes howeer it was brutal. trade offs, eh? it was also pretty much error proof unless you didn't dry or didn't heat enough. but then again all methods are pretty error proof if you just follow the directions.

it looks like festers method is still the way to go currently but i've been gone for a while and am sure i have missed a few things.

hi to anyone that knows me.

i'm back.

oh and if, IF, there are an members of clan of the dead cow here and reading this, thanks for your help.

(Balanced Ego)
11-03-04 12:15
No 539418

> swibb was guilty of thinking it was clean at the beginning of using the hive

then why doesn't the stimulants crowd fuckin' take melting points!?
it's so damn easy and tells a lot!

11-03-04 21:13
No 539498
      the thing is swix started about 5yrs ago so im     

the thing is swix started about 5yrs ago so im not new i just don't post here alot so it says im a newbee. and 1-1.25 g's of freebase is more then 50% return from a 20x120mg box of pills. correct me if im wrong and show proof so i can see where im wrong.

can someone just try this to prove me wrong?? freebase phed is cleaner then phed hcl isn't it??
(arrogant bee of the day)
11-03-04 22:01
No 539508
User Picture 

freebase phed is cleaner then phed hcl isn't it??
Well . . . it has less salt. . ..

It's not really me, it's Android in disguise!
11-14-04 21:19
No 541555
      so its been awhile     

so its been awhile and now im on page 5 with over 400 views just wondering if any bee has tried this simple and easy to obtain chemical freebase

xtc is for fun but crystal is better:P
11-14-04 22:52
No 541566

If you could yield 1 gram Pfb from 20 x 120mg Phcl that would be 50.86% return, 1.25 gram Pfb would be 63.57% return.
  I see in a previous post on this thread where you can yield 1 gram Pfb from 40 x 30mg Phcl with KOH and 91% IPA. That's 101.7% return. I think I'll wait til I can get some KOH

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