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(Ancient Alchemist Delux)
11-11-04 15:19
No 541026
      Anhydrous ammonia from household ammonia     

Anhydrous Ammonia from household ammonia cleaning solutions

Anhydrous ammonia has a melting point of -77 deg. C and a boiling point of -33 C. Ammonia is regarded as a nonflammable, but mixtures with Oxygen can ignite.. It is a corrosive alkaline gas that is very soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, chloroform and ether. Liquid ammonia is a good solvent for many elements and compounds like Na and Li. Ammonia is sold OTC in water solutions.
Preparation of anhydrous ammonia from house hold water ammonia solutions with lye and acid
(by products from reaction is sodium chloride or sodium or potassium sulfate)

156 grams Of 10% household ammonia
100 grams of 35% hydrochloric acid or 47 grams of 98% sulfuric acid
3.38 grams of sodium hydroxide or 53 grams of potassium hydroxide
4.38 ml of tap water
35 or 40 grams of grandulated oven dried sodium sulfate and a ball of cotton

Summary: Anhydrous ammonia can be prepared by treating an ammonium salt with a warm solution of sodium or potassium hydroxide. In the following procedure the ammonium salt is either ammonium chloride or ammonium sulfate which are prepared by the reaction of the household ammonia with the corresponding acid. Thereafter the resulting ammonium salt is then treated with sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide to yield ammonia gas which is then dried to yield the anhydrous gas.

Procedure: Place 156 grams of 10% ammonium solution into a flask and then rapidly add 100 grams of the 35% Hcl or 47 grams of 98% sulfuric acid while stirring. After the addition of acid, continue stirring for 10 min. Then simply boil off the water recrystallizing the ammonium salt. After all the ammonium salt is collect and vacuum dried place in a two neck round bottom flask. Next prepare a solution of sodium hydroxide by dissolving 38 grams into 38 ml of water, or 53 grams of potassium hydroxide into 53 ml of water. After cooling add this to the ammonium salt drop wise over a period of about 30 min. (Addition funnel) The ammonium gas will be steadily evolved. This gas is passed though a cotton plug holding grandulated anhydrous sodium sulfate from the second neck of the flask.. Keep the tubing run short as possible to the drying tube and the stopcock on the top of the addition funnel closed during the addition.

Tighten Up!  (UH)
11-11-04 16:26
No 541041
      well i'll be...     

Nice one Jacked. Moving to birchland is looking pretty good these days but I have a question. Swim has read that the birch can be dangerous but can anyone be specific about how one goes about blowing one's self up? Ignited lithium is mentioned in mr cleans recipe....So what actually happens? The litium catches fire and...........
(Hive Bee)
11-11-04 16:31
No 541042
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      water reactive     

li/na are both water reactive elements, so if your thf or NP isnt totally dry you runthe risk of explosion. if you would like to see, take a small piece of lithium and toss it in a bucket of water.. this is not safe to do but it will show you how violent the reaction could bee. ... this post will now bee down-rated

Don't you think if I had something intelligent to say, it would bee in my post?
11-11-04 16:45
No 541045

I don't have any lithium handy so; Is this a rumbling volcano sort of reaction or a BANG!!! type situation.
(Ancient Alchemist Delux)
11-11-04 16:46
No 541046

Na reacting with H20 also produces hydrogen I think.
 Anhydrous ammonia and Oxygen will ignite as well.. But seriously I've never herd of anyone blowing themselves up doing a birch. Most of the time its from evaping alcohol on a stove top with a gallon can of toluene or acetone on the counter next to the stove and a Pyrex casserole dish on one burner after they have been up for a week. Recipe for disaster. It seems to only happen out west in small trailer parks to x lawnmoor mechanics with the amount of brains to teeth ratio being about even.
 I knew a hillbilly that caught a charge after a law enforcement officer moved a big glass flask with water and toluene and some undissolved Na hung right above the water line and it exploded but only with enough force to send a few small peaces of glass in his leg. P2M was the hillbilly and it was not intensional, Thats the story I got.

Tighten Up!  (UH)
11-11-04 18:08
      What was the net return Bro??
(Rated as: hazardous)
(Wonderful Personality)
11-11-04 20:54
No 541077
      What a nonsense     

You can also heat ammonium hydroxide to an ultra high temperature

Ammonium hydroxide is household ammonia, a solution of ammonia (NH3) and water (H2O). Of course can the ammonia be driven out of the water by heating, but this yields no anhydrous ammonia without good drying in several steps.
"Ultra high temperature" - what a nonsense. Water boils at 100°C.

The old chemists used high-concentration ammonia water, 50% and up. Household ammonia of 10% strength is completely useless for this and even the strong variation of 28% is not very good.

Heat dry urea (fertilizer) and anhydrous ammonia-gas is formed. If your urea is not dry or if you are not sure, mix the urea with NaOH pellets. Cool in two stages, first with ice-water and then with dry-ice (frozen CO2) in isopropylalcohol or acetone to liquidify the ammonia.
Temperatures etc. are already posted, UTFSE.
Iron/steel is the material of choice for the vessel where the urea is destructivly distilled and for the coolers/condensors. easy, cheap and OTC.

I cant spell, I bad look, the only thing about me is I know how to cook......
(Ancient Alchemist Delux)
11-11-04 21:29
No 541082
      This was taken strait from     

This information came strait out of an E-book. I couldn't figure out how to post it for all to read. I couldn't even figure out how to copy text from the damn thing. It's protected. Someone tell me how to post this e-book up and I will..It has a bunch of cool shit in it..easy to understand to.  Chemistry, Chloroform, Iodine,
Pyrotechnics, Laboratory is the name. Anyone wanting to look at it give me an addy to e-mail it too.

Tighten Up!  (UH)
(Wizard Master)
11-12-04 04:57
No 541160
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      Na + H2O ==> NaOH + 1/2 H2     

Jacked: Na + H2O ==> NaOH + 1/2 H2  Too upload the ebook in PDF format, goto your private area and look for the upload link.
(Hive Bee)
11-12-04 06:41
No 541176
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      Like to see the book     

Jacked, SWIP would like to see the book also, if you could upload it to the Hive and post the link.

This is a very interesting idea. SWIP was wondering if you could take the ammonia gas generated with this technique and feed it into the suction side of a refrigerator pump, and reasonably hope to recover liquid ammonia if you fed the discharge through an aluminum condensor with a fan blowing through it, before collecting it. Anyone know a reason why this wouldn't work?

(Hive Bee)
11-12-04 09:01
No 541195
      May swim mention that NH4Cl is sold OTC for...     

May swim mention that NH4Cl is sold OTC for dirt cheap. eg. $10/kg.
11-12-04 14:12
No 541234
      PDF deproptection     

Jacked:  I have a pdf deprotection executable, the "famous" one, but cannot upload it to the board.

Give me an email or upload link and I'll send it to you.
(Ancient Alchemist Delux)
11-12-04 17:57
No 541260

The three pages that are typed out in Post 541026 (Jacked: "Anhydrous ammonia from household ammonia", Stimulants):

Tighten Up!  (UH)
11-14-04 17:57
No 541531

What is the expected yield of this little technique(given the stated measures)?....Also, does this scale up easily?

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