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  No new posts   ALEPH-2 as an anxiolytic?   Rhodium   666   2   05-08-04 20:37  
  No new posts   Synthesis and Evaluation of MDC & MDMC   imp   1007   4   05-06-04 05:35  
  No new posts   Anhydride quiz   Barium   629   3   05-05-04 17:54  
  No new posts   Shulgin: 90 pages of Psychedelic SAR   Rhodium   950   3   05-05-04 12:20  
  No new posts   Easy P2P reductive amination with NaBH(OAc)3   tetraedr   Thread moved to Novel Discourse  
  No new posts   phenethylamines from benzoic acids ?   xxxxx   Thread moved to Newbee Forum  
  No new posts   MDMA/MADAM-6 Synthesis/Biodistribution   Rhodium   584   1   04-21-04 15:37  
  No new posts   Trip Tolerance: Neurons Swallowing own Receptors   Rhodium   1923   28   04-10-04 08:49  
  No new posts   propenylbenzene to amphetamines via isocyanates   ning   704   8   04-08-04 17:19  
  No new posts   LSD Neutrino Equations   Vibrating_Lights   Thread moved to The Couch  
  No new posts   Opioid Analgesics   Rhodium   1025   4   03-19-04 22:30  
  No new posts   Structure-Activity Relationships in Cannabinoids   Rhodium   940   1   03-16-04 19:45  
  No new posts   Possible new precursor for synthesizing cocaine   TheMaster   Thread moved to Newbee Forum  
  No new posts   Converting heliotropin to isosafrole or safrole   lastchance   Thread moved to Chemistry Discourse  
  No new posts   Route for aromatic substitution on pyridine   Bandil   585   5   02-24-04 01:29  
  No new posts   The short “use the overvoltage” FAQ   Nicodem   613   2   02-21-04 00:58  
  No new posts   Clandestine Synthesis of Tadalafil (cialis)   fanofshulgin   1806   6   02-10-04 02:02  
  No new posts   Making history – RSC journals archive goes live   Rhodium   531   2   02-01-04 16:38  
  No new posts   Hydrogenation of benzylcyanide to phenetylamines   hest   1436   12   02-01-04 12:52  
  No new posts   3-Propananilidotropanes   Cyrax   929   6   01-26-04 11:26  

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